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2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by BOPOH

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Reviewed: 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser

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Why the 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser?

Why Not the 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser?

Off-road capability

Stock form is not for off-road at all, I'm not talking about gravel roads i mean real off-road with rocks, hills, water, mud. Front Portion
  1. 1. Body mount is too close to wheel, so you can't put bigger wheel
  2. 2. Need suspension lift for bigger tires
  3. 3. Need to weld bunch of plates EVERYWHERE up front to support every component of suspension and steering
  4. 4. Lower and Upper control arms are weak and bad design - need replacement or at least armor
  5. 5. Factory armor is a joke, same as side steps will only cause more damage
  6. 6. Front inner fenders will bulge, crack and rip off-road
  7. 7. If you cross water pulleys will need replacement
  8. 8. Breathers for front diff and transmission is low, need relocation
  9. 9. Cross member is too low
  10. 10. If you lift more than 2" your CV boots will leak
Rear Portion
  1. 1. Early years 07-09 unreliable rear diffs that can't handle off-road and break
  2. 2.Hitch receiver is too low, will need a skid plate
  3. 3. Struts lower mounting exposed and weak
  4. 4. Diffs is weak and need armor
  5. 5. E-Locker is weak and need armor
  6. 6. Breathers for rear diff and locker are low, need relocation
  7. 7.Trailing arms are weak and will bend or break
  8. 8. Front mounts for trailing arms are weak and will bend or break
  9. 9. Rear trailing arm mounts are weak and will bend or break
  10. 10. Fuel tank is so small that you will need to carry extra fuel cans
Everything will need protection/armor, so much that nothing but wheels can touch ground other than armor. To really go off-road you will need to upgrade or completely replace pretty much everything underneath the body, if you want bigger tires you will need to re-gear as well. This vehicle can't take abuse in stock form. If you want to follow subarus off-road then this is perfect for you, other than that be prepared to spend as much as you paid for it.

Safety & braking

You would think 4x4 is good? Wrong, this is FJ. Normal 4x4 vehicles have central differential that allows you to drive in 4x4 mode anywhere, this is not the case with FJ. FJ doesn't have central diff, so you MUST drive in 2 wheel drive more which is only rear wheel drive unless it's slippery conditions(rain doesn't count). When have you seen conditions going from dry warm weather to snow covered roads? Rare at best. Usually there are dry patches and wet or slippery patches of snow. FJ is not meant for this road condition - only DRY or SNOW. Anything in between and you wont be able to turn wheels, drivetrain will bind and FJ will start jumping because wheels can't turn. Terrible design - not safe in Spring nor Fall weathers.

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Response from deepcam3

5:37 am May 21, 2016

I won't grace this terrible, untrue, review, with a reply.....Other than to say "Go buy a Jeep, they will fit you better and fall apart quicker!


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