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Crankshaft pulley failures

Ask the People Who Own One: photograph by Michael Karesh

2014 - 2016 Toyota Highlander
A member in Pennsylvania, United States

I own a toyota Highlander XL plus 2015, I had my serpetine belt come off. I took it to Lancaster Toyota where I was informed that my crankshaft pulley broke wrecking the water pump,altenator, raditor, and idler pulleys. Has anyone else had a pulley fly apart on their toyotas?

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Response from Member72

8:45 pm September 9, 2017

We have a 2015 Highlander. No problems with crankshaft pulley at this point. Car has only 21K miles and is still under warranty.


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Response from Member5080

10:38 am September 10, 2017

Frankly, your dealer can tell you better than anyone if this is a common problem. And it is really doesn't matter. Only matter that you still have warranty. My Highlander is 2009 and it had bad water pump. And it was made in Japan, unlike yours. In 2009 Toyota bought a batch of bad water pumps and all models that had this pump, including Camrys, had to go to warranty repair. Does it do any difference to me - no. It is better to know if there is any pathology in later times. Some cars have hereditary problems later - to know these is more useful.


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