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2020 Toyota Highlander Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Toyota has built another great Toyota Highlander. by dallaskenny



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Reviewed: 2020 Toyota Highlander

4dr SUV 295-horsepower 3.5L V6 8-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Why the 2020 Toyota Highlander?

Exterior styling

I'm not one to really put alot of interest in styling. The car looks good to me, but I wouldn't make that a deciding factor in my purchase. I must admit that I am quite happy with the Moon Dust color it has, as I don't recall ever seeing it on any other Toyota.

Interior styling

The interior is very roomy for the front and 2nd row seat passengers, but 3rd row seats are not really good for adults at all. I wouldn't put my worst enemy back their. Small children may have enough room, but I'm not certain that to be the case as I haven't tried that.

Color choices

I have always owned White cars in the past. The Blizzard Pearl that Toyota offers has been my go to color for the past 3 cars I have owned. When I saw the Moon Dust color with the Harvest Beige interior, I knew that was the color combination of choice for me on my 2020.

Powertrain performance

The 2020 Highlander has the same 3.5 litre engine that they have had now for many years, and it is bullet proof reliable. I am quite happy with the mileage I'm getting so far (Average 24-25 mpg) This is an AWD vehicle and I have never owned one before. It has given me better miles per gallon then my 2012 2wd. Plenty of power, smooth take off and passing when needed.


This 2020 handles a bit better then my 2012. The updated platform for 2020 seems to be much better for ride and handling. I have never had any problems in rain either, and it feels like it rides much smoother then before.

Why Not the 2020 Toyota Highlander?


My Highlander came with Michelin tires, which have always been my tire of choice when replacing tires. They ride great and handle wet roads comfortably. I haven't been in snow or ice yet, but I feel confident that they will perform well.

Rear seat room & comfort

The 3rd row seating is just not for adults at all, and I'm not certain that children would be easy to fit back there as well. I'm not sure what Toyota was thinking, even making the 2020 longer didn't make any difference at all. My one complaint is it is just TOO SMALL!

Interior storage compartments

Large storage compartments in the front and rear of the vehicle. There is a shelf in the dash that is perfect for cell phones and any other items you may need quick access to.


The towing capacity of far exceeds anything I would ever consider towing. I did have the factory trailer hitch and wiring installed just in case I may need it in the future. The OEM hitch sits much higher then aftermarket hitches.

Reliability & durability

I have always found that Toyota offers an unbelievable reliabilty not seen my many other car manufactures.

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12:46 am December 31, 2020

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