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2007 Toyota Prius Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by lyluvly



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Reviewed: 2007 Toyota Prius

4dr Hatch 76-horsepower 1.5L I4 Hybrid CVT FWD

Why the 2007 Toyota Prius?

Exterior styling

I use to own an "Toyota Previa" van, which we thought was simply ungly. But, it grew on us. When we see an old one, it gets us excited, and wished we still had our one. The Prius falls in this same category. Better looking as it gets older

Fuel economy

Greediness: overall mileage/gal since day 1 is 47.2, and we hope for more

Past personal experience

We had the Honda Civic Hybrid as the 1st choice and we then traded it in for a 2007 Prius. The Prius seems to have been built more solidly; also, fewer recalls than the HCH

Cargo capacity

This is the only lift back available that we could afford in 2007 with its economic features. We got it for its ability to sleep 2, with futons as cushions. We did not want to go into a gas guzzler such as the SUVs

Why Not the 2007 Toyota Prius?

Safety & braking

We have no comment regarding its braking and safety. We have never experienced any instances whereby we felt to be in danger.

Controls and instruments

The gas gauge/gas bladder has got to be redesigned. The reservoir has got to be a larger capacity. Most of the time, good mileage shows up, then its because the bladder did not fill fully. When the mileage is low, then ist squeezing in the extra bit.

Rear seat room & comfort

no comment. We like what we have

Ride smoothness

no comment. We like what we have


No comment. We like what we have

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