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2012 Toyota Prius Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: My 2012 Prius- by stephenabelson

A member in Minnesota, United States


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Reviewed: 2012 Toyota Prius

4dr Hatch 98-horsepower 1.8L I4 Hybrid CVT FWD

Why the 2012 Toyota Prius?

Fuel economy

This is the obvious number one reason to buy a Prius. Unlike Ford, Nissan and others who make hybrid vehicles, the Toyota usually came out ahead in MPG- even in the freezing cold winter of Minnesota. The mileage ranged from 42+ in the winter to well over 59-62 in the spring-fall. My best tank was 601 miles to a tank of regular Costco gas.

Ride smoothness

The ride smoothness was also a top factor. I really enjoed how quiet it was, even under acceleration going on the highway it was pretty quiet. Very smooth and composed ride.

Reliability & durability

High level of reliability. Best in class. Never had a single warranty issue with the Prius.

Why Not the 2012 Toyota Prius?

Interior styling

I am 300 lbs (ok, maybe a bit overweight) and 6 ft tall. I found the drivers seat to be pretty uncomfortable for long rides. Anything over 45 minutes was a bit of a pain. I also noticed that my right leg rested on the side console which became uncomfortable even quicker due to the fact that the item was a hard plastic. The rear seat legroom was fine for an adult, but I have two enormous carseats & booster in the back seat and my kids had very little legroom, even on passenger side.

Interior storage compartments

Not a lot of interior storage, with the exception of the hatch, but even the hatch was limited on Costco runs. Even just having a thing of toilet paper, 32 cans of Diet Coke and paper towels proved to be a chore for the hatch. Pay attention to height clearance of when and where the glass comes down on items.

Front seat support & comfort

Mentioned this before, but should be mentioned again and again. It's a compact ecoonomy car with luxury under-the-hood technology.

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