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2010 Volkswagen Jetta / Golf / GTI Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by joerauch



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Reviewed: 2010 Volkswagen Golf

2dr Hatch turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed manual FWD

Why the 2010 Volkswagen Golf?

Powertrain performance

The 2.0L turbo is a peppy thing in the GTI. The torque curve peaks out early and the lack of really noticeable turbo lag makes for a fairly fun motor, even if it does seem underpowered compared to other hot hatches in the segment. In VW's quest for cabin comfort, there isn't the same engine note you'll hear from other raspy 4-bangers, but the tradeoff is worth it I think.

Interior styling

The interior is clean and organized, though some might say it borders on boring and Spartan. Greys and blacks abound, save for the plaid seats, which are fun, but also do a decent job of staying clean over the long term. Going on four years, the seats aren't showing noticeable signs of wear.

Driving position & visibility

The driving position and visibility are, on the whole, solid. The main complaint is a rather thick rear hatch pillar that makes for a driver blind spot on the passenger rear quarter, but otherwise the visibility is excellent compared to the slit views of other cars, that seem more like German pillboxes on Normandy. My girlfiend, whose limbs do not have near the same proportion I do, has some trouble getting into a decent driving position, and attributes this to a layout built more for taller folks than shorter. Trade-off is I can't fit into the driver seat of her MX-5. Horses for courses.

Materials & workmanship

Cargo capacity

With rear seats up, the GTI fits an admirable amount of stuff for its size, and while the rear seats don't fold completely flat, the resulting cargo bed only has a slight rise. There are pockets everywhere for stuff, including a rather smart 1L cupholder in the door well, and room in that same pocket for an umbrella or emergency hi-viz vest/jacket.

Why Not the 2010 Volkswagen Golf?

Cargo capacity

Not an exact fit, but my primary complaint has to do with the roof rack. Cannot resolve a door seal leak as a result of a roof rack. Tried everything, and still it persists. Unreal given how well everything else was designed. Am considering going to a hitch rack instead.� Avoid the roof rack like the plague.

Price or payments

Like any European import, be prepared to pay for maintenance. It's not cheap, but the alternative of fixing a major problem is even worse. Thankfully, VW is now recommending service only at 10k intervals for oil and minor filters, with major service every 40k, so the hit to the pocketbook doesn't seem as steep as it used to be. Still...

Color choices

Exterior styling


Overall, exceedingly happy with the car. It's a joy to get into at the end of a workday, fun to drive yet still practical enough to live with on a daily basis, as any good hot hatch should be. 

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