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2010 Volkswagen Tiguan repairs by problem area

Engine (43%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (0%)

Brakes and Traction Control (1%)

Suspension and Steering (6%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (30%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (13%)

Other (7%)

Chart based on 137 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2010 Volkswagen Tiguan.

2010 Volkswagen Tiguan engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (2%)

$1000 - $2499 (12%)

$500 - $999 (14%)

$100 - $499 (24%)

< $100 (48%)

Chart based on 50 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2010 Volkswagen Tiguan

Engine not specified

89000 mi

US $400
Problems with turbo Turbo needs to be replaced 

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2010 Volkswagen Tiguan 4dr SUV

twincharged 150hp 1.4L I4 6-speed manual AWD

35840 mi

Bad compression in one cylinder ! Will stay away from VW in the future ! Its been many years of troublesome Tiguan ownership and VW Sweden not even interested of helping out in any ways :/ 

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2010 Volkswagen Tiguan 4dr SUV

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

40500 mi

US $100
Car would stall after starting. Would eventually start. 1st time in the shop, dealer replaced the fuel pressure sensor. Day after I picked up, car stalled again. 2nd trip to dealer, with VW Tech help replaced fuel pump and control module. 
87000 mi

US $100
Air intake valve closed. Car was making loud whistling noise. Advised fairly common and was an easy fix. 
33700 mi My check engine light came on. I took it to dealer, they replaced the intake manifold. This was fixed under the original manufacturers warrenty. 
51300 mi

US $100
Turbo had a leak/fault and so did one of the valves 
11632 mi

US $5300
Oil leak: a few drops under the car, daily. Dealer found a faulty pressure relief valve on cylinder head. To fix they disassembled&replaced: cylinder head, ignition coils, cat converter, head gasket, camshaft adjuster. Thankful 4 warranty! 
26700 mi Fuel Pump Relay went out; car shuddered, check engine light came on, smoke poured out exhaust. 
60000 mi

US $700
Fuel injector, x2 
20500 mi

US $545

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2010 Volkswagen Tiguan 4dr SUV

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

17360 mi EPC and check engine light came on while accelerating onto highway. Car went into limp mode so that I could pull off and have car towed to nearest VW dealership. Throttle cable replaced. 
20116 mi EPC failure light again. Throttle body replaced. 
26240 mi EPC light shows up while driving or in idle. EPC light on again. All electrical for engine connections changed out as per VW 
34720 mi throttle needed to be replaced. 
40700 mi The coolant was leaking (empty) due to a water pump that went bad. The dealer replaced the water pump under the drivetrain warranty. 
47000 mi The PCV valve had a leak which altered the pressure in the engine causing misfires and made the engine light turn on. Repairs were charged to me (the owner) but then reimbursed because VW covered it under the powertrain warranty. 
53000 mi Engine shut down at the end of an freeway off ramp. I started it back up, pressed the accelerator to keep the RPMs up while in park, and then switched to drive as the RPMs dropped. Dealer replaced the intake manifold. Car shut off again at the end of a different freeway off ramp. Had to restart it. Dealer said there was something wrong with the fuel pump and the cylinders needed to be cleaned of carbon build up. Engine was still not running smoothly and needed to be kept for a full diagnostic. Dealer found a problem in the fuel supply. 
72000 mi

US $200
replaced spark plug coils 
74000 mi Unknown cause resulting in unpredicatable CEL and limp mode occurances 
74000 mi Unknown cause resulting in unpredicatable CEL and limp mode occurances 
49000 mi CEL light on. Diagnosed as "intake runner flap motor defective" Intake manifold replaced. While in for CEL light, tech found water pump leaking. Replaced water pump. 
76000 mi

US $1000
Driver received loud alarm and Coolant warning light 
76000 mi

US $2000
Waste gate on turbo failed, causing CEL light. Turbo unit replaced. 
78000 mi Recently-installed water pump failed. 
49000 mi

US $889
check MIL light. CODES P0300,P0301, P0302. Cylinder 1 & 2 misfire due to carbon build up in intake valves. Replaced gasket, repair kit, reset readiness code 
51000 mi

US $461
Oil separator/PCV valve failure code P2187 
69000 mi

US $1834
cam cradle reseal with new breather and vaccum pump 
20000 mi Check engine light on intermittently - technician found vacuum leak at injector seal; replaced all injector seals an intake manifold seal 
57000 mi Valve in intake manifold not operating, causing MIL light to come on. Dealer replaced intake manifold under warranty 
61000 mi

US $1000
Water pump leaking 
86000 mi

US $1700
PCV failed, causing vacuum leak and blown rear engine seal 
100000 mi Timing tensioner failed, causing timing chain to slip, resulting in damage to valves and pistons. New cylinder head needed. 
21700 mi Vehicle was taken in for diagnosis due to check engine and EPC warning lights. Fuel injector was found to be leaking and was replaced. Repair was covered under warranty. 
79360 mi

C $300
Camshaft position sensor needed replacing 
4000 mi Vehicle inspection found open recall for ECM update YR recall. Hooked up battery and performed ECM update. Recall complete. 
80000 mi

US $25
Turbo system had issues - dealer decided to replace entire system (over $2,500 repair) . But we had an extended warranty on the vehicle which picked up all but $25. Loaner car was provided by dealer during this episode. 
15080 mi replaced faulty ignition switch which caused door lock to not flip while key is removed. 
15380 mi intake sensor issue. 
16740 mi Replace 2 faulty spark plugs that cause idle issue. 
18340 mi Tough idle, stalling. Stalled 3 times on highway, very dangerous, I am lucky to be alive. The problem was caused by faulty spark plug and faulty injector. Both parts was replaced. 
15500 mi

C $150
Coilpack failure. 
53940 mi

C $50
2 Cooling fans needed replacement Engine light on. Sticking valves. Clean cylinder heads and injector seals. 
32500 mi Faulty intake manifold was replaced. 
56000 mi

US $326
Ignition coil replaced 
63500 mi

US $150
Diagnosis of check engine light 
71000 mi

US $850
Check engine light came on. Rough idling on cold start. Replaced spark plugs. Did not fix problem. Check engine light came on. Rough idling on cold start. Replaced ignition coils. Did not fix issue. Check engine light came one. Rough idle on cold start. Cleaned heavy carbon buildup on intake values. Fixed problem 
63840 mi

C $800
Vehicle running rough on start-up. Excess carbon build-up on valves diagnosed (apparently a common problem with VW direct injection engines). Dealer was non-committal re: an apparent design flaw with engine. Valves cleaned: cost $800. 
67360 mi

C $1100
Vehicle required replacement of air intake manifold (at 108,000 km). Informed dealer that I considered this to be unacceptable, given the relatively low mileage and age (3 years) of the car. Dealer implied that it was not their problem. 

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2010 Volkswagen Tiguan 4dr SUV

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed manual FWD

11780 mi

C $570
no fuel pressure: engine starts, but just cranks. Replaced fuel pump and module. 

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2010 Volkswagen Tiguan 4-door

turbocharged 4-cylinder manual 2WD

52700 mi The car would not start at all. The engine, clutch and flywheel were replaced by the dealer 

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2010 Volkswagen Tiguan Engine Problems

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