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2005 Volvo V50 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by salekseychick



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Reviewed: 2005 Volvo V50

4dr Wagon 168-horsepower 2.4L I5 5-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Why the 2005 Volvo V50?

Exterior styling

Even now after having this car for 5 years it still looks fresh and elegant. Volvo has managed to transfrom its boxy wagons into functional and pretty design.

Interior styling

Interior styling is unlike any other car. It is clean, functional, innovative and just beatuful.

Safety & braking

Brakes on my V50 are very strong (I have spot package) and they last very long time. As to safety, it is not even about airbags but each part has sefty in mind - from position of the engine to heavy reinforced doors.


The steering is razor sharp allowing to navigate narrowest road with precision and speed (I have sport package).

Color choices

At the time I bought it the color gamma was great and I got the color that I have never yet seen on another V50. I have a car that feels one of a kind. However, Volvo has brought the selection down to few very boring choicec after 2006.

Why Not the 2005 Volvo V50?

Powertrain performance

The engine could use some power considering the weight of the car and how much you can load into it. TO be fair, I have the less powerful 2.4 non-turbo.

Ride smoothness

The sport package that I have on this car makes ride pretty hard and choppy on any less than perfect road (an most of the roads are liek this lately)

Driving position & visibility

Driver position is fine the only problem is with the side visibility due to very thik A-pillars blocking the view. Also, side rear view mirrors are too small.

Reliability & durability

This car has seen lots of warranty repairs and service bulletins within the first 3 years of its life but it make much better since. This is likely because mine was the first year of production.

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