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2014 - 2017 Volvo XC60
A member in Connecticut, United States

Who h car is more reliable audi q5 or vol o xc60

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Response from tinyelviss

7:20 am October 25, 2017

I have never owned an Audi Q5 so I could not possibly comment. Don't you guys screen these questions?


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Response from NormT

10:02 am October 27, 2017

I'd skip the 2018 of both the Q5 and XC60. Both have been reviewed and tested by Consumer Reports and not much has changed on the them besides fuel economy increase in the entry models. The 2017 and earlier models might be a better or a Buick Envision Premium offers AWD and similar or better performance for $10,000-15,000 less than the 2018 models.


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Response from LectroFuel

12:22 pm November 1, 2017

The Audi Q5 is likely to be more reliable than the Volvo XC60. I wouldn't buy the 2017s since they changed so many things for the 2018 year. The 2017s are quite ancient-feeling. This is where I agree the Envision is better than the 2017s of the Audi and Volvo.


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