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Volvo xc70 302,000 miles

Ask the People Who Own One:

2008 - 2013 Volvo XC70

Looking at a Volvo XC70 with 302,000 miles. Anyone have one with high miles? What are your thoughts?

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Response from mkaresh

10:16 am June 30, 2016

In general, a European car with this many miles is at high risk for expensive repairs. The price would have to be very low to compensate.


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Response from baldeagle

12:01 pm July 21, 2016

I have an '04 with 240k miles. It's been very reliable but had to replace a catalytic converter and window regulator in the past six months. Other repairs in the past year were inner and outer tie rods. Engine, transmission, and 4wheel drive have been perfect and am planning on keeping it longer. Still very comfortable and the body is in great shape


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