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2015 Ford C-MAX Reviews at TrueDelta: Great Multi-Purpose Vehicle by crazyboutcars



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Bought this vehicle strictly for the seating position and comfort along with the ease of entering/exiting. I've had a couple lumbar surgeries and gone thru about 4 different vehicles over the last few years and they would seem okay on even an extended test drive but become less than that over time. I've had the C-Max for about 4 months now averaging about 1000 miles per month with no back or leg pains. Drove 720 miles (12 hrs)
yesterday with only short stops (one stop for fuel) with no back pain whatsoever. The average MPG of 44 is a great side benefit! The car is basically the correct, functional size, handles pretty good and the hybrid system works seamlessly thus far. I lucked out and located a one-year old loaded SE, factory-owned and driven with first year depreciation out of the way. Think I'll be keeping this car for a while and hopefully Ford will wise up and make the Grand C-Max available on this side of the pond when I'm ready for a different vehicle. The only minor drawback I've noticed is that cargo space is a bit limited with batteries taking up some space under the hatch.

Reviewed: 2015 Ford C-MAX

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2015 Ford C-MAX Love Letter

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