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2008 Ford Taurus repairs by problem area

Engine (16%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (7%)

Brakes and Traction Control (12%)

Suspension and Steering (21%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (33%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (6%)

Other (5%)

Chart based on 187 repairs.

2008 Ford Taurus repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (17%)

$500 - $999 (23%)

$100 - $499 (50%)

< $100 (10%)

Chart based on 48 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2008 Ford Taurus

Engine not specified

Ford in Texas, United States
Dec 2007 - Mar 2010
Jan 2008

2000 mi
Paint chipping off around wheel well. 

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2008 Ford Taurus 4dr Sedan

263-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed automatic FWD

Ford Taurus in North Carolina, United States
Jul 2008 - Dec 2015
Oct 2008

5000 mi
Suspension noise during turns. Car has a TSB describing the problem. Lubricated suspension per TSB. Time will tell if problem reoccurs. Car will sometimes idle very rough. No codes, but sometimes enough to believe a miss occurred. So far only occurs in park. More prevelent when not cold nor hot. Shop could not reproduce, found no ECU updates. Shop wants to wait and see. 
Aug 2009

19000 mi
Rough idle in park only. (TSB in system this time. When they did not have TSB -- said could not duplicate). Reflash improved problem but still noticable. 
Apr 2010

28000 mi
Water pools in door during rain. Water falls on door opener when opened after rain. 
May 2013

85700 mi

US $1000
Power steering failed without warning in parking lot. Steering rack needed to be replaced. 
Nov 2015

122000 mi

US $300
Normal brake wear. Replace pads, and turn rotors. 
Ford Taurus in South Dakota, United States
Feb 2009 - Mar 2014
Mar 2009

18000 mi
Drivers door window was inop, Sun/Moon roof was inop, Mirror would not auto dim at night. Dealer replaced motor for drivers door window, and installed new mirror and new motor for sun/moon roof and then found that it was only a fuse for the mirror and sun/moon roof. The front struts were squeaking. Dealer tried to say they couldn't replicate but I showed them the TSB and they went ahead and lube the struts per the TSB. 
May 2013

70700 mi

US $18
Actuator (located behind the glove box) that controls Re-circulating inside air or allowing outside air to come in had broken teeth. Not allowing it to work correctly. 
Ford Taurus in California, United States
Jan 2009 - Dec 2012
May 2009

15000 mi

US $100
Squeaks in front struts. Repaired under warranty/ recall notice with special lubricant, etc. 
Aug 2011

58000 mi

US $325
Electric seat heater for passenger front seat failed; was replaced 
Mar 2012

68000 mi

US $1000
Driver's seat heater quit working. Had to replace unit. Speedometer needle dropped down so speedo was reading 25 mph slow. 
Ford Taurus in Iowa, United States
Aug 2008 - Jan 2015
Aug 2008

2800 mi
TSB- Front struts lubed because of noises coming from the front end when hitting bumps. 
Sep 2008

2000 mi
Front struts would squeak when you went over a bump when turning or backing out of a driveway 
Jan 2010

9000 mi
Noticed while braking from high speeds, a rumble or noise coming from front brake area. Ford dealership confirmed and my front rotors were warped with only 9,080 miles on the car. Dealership replaced/turned rotors and problem fixed. 
Feb 2011

11000 mi
In dash digital display where the odometer and other read outs are went out and could hardly read what was displayed. Took into dealership, replaced with new display, good as new 
Jun 2011

13000 mi
Noticing clunking and squek sounds coming from right front suspension area when going over bumps. Dealerships confirmed problem, and replaced both struts and strut plates on both sides in the front. Problem fixed. 
Mar 2012

17000 mi
Rattling from front suspension area when going over large bumps in road. Dealer replaced struts and strut plates again and lubbed area where needed. 
Jul 2014

44000 mi

US $140
Had to replace rotors on front two tires as they were already warped with only 40,000 miles 
Ford Taurus in Virginia, United States
Jun 2008 - May 2011
Jul 2008

47000 mi

US $744
CV joint on driver side worn out! 
Nov 2008

63000 mi

US $463
Replaced rear pads. While this might fall into the category of "wear parts," the front pads were 50%. So, we are watching these pads to make sure there are not any other issues contributing to this unusual wear.  
Jan 2010

114000 mi

US $6
High mount center brake light along with both license plate bulbs-- replaced bulbs. 
Jul 2010

136000 mi

US $6
Return of the front suspension "squeak". One can of silicone lubricant and I was on my way. I guess every 100K miles is not too bad. 
Sep 2010

143000 mi

US $309
Car was hard shifting under a moderate load at speeds between 40-60 mph. Was not consistent but was happening at least once a day. Was able to replicate for the dealer. Did transmission flush and computer update. 
Nov 2010

151000 mi

US $716
Shifting problems continue. Dealer believes that the transmission is beginning to fail. Has contacted Ford to discuss high mileage transmission issues.  Prior "transmission repair" did not correct shifting issue. Took mechanic on test drive to replicate the problem. Turns out problem was misfire due to two failing coil packs on cylinders one and three. Also replaced all six plugs.  
May 2011

169000 mi

US $1211
Front struts replaced Three coil packs replaced 
Ford Taurus in Michigan, United States
Mar 2008 - Mar 2010
May 2008

2000 mi
TSB for creak/groan of front suspension. 

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2008 Ford Taurus 4dr Sedan

263-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed automatic AWD

Ford Taurus in Massachusetts, United States
Jul 2009 - Dec 2015
Aug 2009

14000 mi

US $2
driver side heat element built in seat needed to be replaced something wrong with steering wheel i need to hold steering wheel tight around turns or it will go off road. my arms are sore after my arrival. 
Sep 2009

15000 mi

US $1
Replaced the steering part ordered during the previous visit. 
Aug 2010

19000 mi
replace passenger heater seat element steering problem parts replaceed went to pick up at dealer started up car engine souding like diesel engine. left car at dealers went home 
Sep 2010

20000 mi

US $40
problem with steering when apply brakes at times car pulls quickly to right, alignment keeps going out, front tires seem to need high speed balance, ignition key just touch it, and drivers seat goes back and forth air conditioning compressor too loud driver door weather stripping deteriorated ( holes and cuts) Order parts will call when in. Called 2-3 weeks latter return to dealership parts were replaced 
Nov 2010

24055 mi

US $113
another alignment 5th one transmission banging noise at low speed hit brake car pulls to right lane problem with steering when apply brakes at times car pulls quickly to right, alignment keeps going out, front tires seem to need high speed balance, ignition key just touch it, and drivers seat goes back and forth sice 2008 my sync telephone will not allow me to terminate call by tapping steering whell button. only way to end call is to take eyes and hands off steering wheel and hit end call on nav screen. contary what fords states in ads , another alignment, dashboard under teck and speedometer moving away causing 1/2" gap dealer said nothing they can do.upgrade of 911 assist and health report. bang in transmission tsb already done however car pulss when apply brake  
Dec 2010

26000 mi
Told loud AC compressor not a problem. 
Mar 2011

28500 mi
In dealership one week finally after 4 times there they made me leave car overnight and found yellow light on showing air bag driver side warning light. Dash board where speed and odometer are years of complaining, collision center inform  
Aug 2011

29000 mi
Sep 2011

31000 mi
started when car was delivered new 3 years and ford states nothing can be done. i cannot hire a lawyer. 
Dec 2011

33000 mi
left car 8;00am came back next day at 10;00am dealer and Ford said i need to take eyes and hands of steering wheel to end phone call. i am so P----. i purchased taurus for the sync safety driving. and they say that to me 
Mar 2012

34000 mi

US $100
trunk lid pumps needed replacement, very dangerous condition, trunk w/o these pumps made lid come down with tremendous force , hitting head, if your fingers were in there they would be cut off 
Jul 2012

35700 mi

US $858
due to shifting problem since purchased i decided to pay for new transmission fluid change. NOW it shifts much better no hanging up with revs when shifting. brought in for this problem on warranty. they found no problem. Ford is tough replaced new battery replaced brake pads 
Dec 2014

48000 mi

US $2000
struts all 4 
Ford Taurus in Washington, United States
Sep 2007 - Sep 2014
Jul 2008

4000 mi
One touch up/down stopped functioning after car was taken in for the 1st warranty item, replacement of the battery by the dealer which was determined to be defective. It was determined that the driver's window motor was faulty and the dealer replaced it. When I was changing the oil and filter at home noticed the threaded shaft that the filter screws onto was itself loose and partially unscrewed from the block. I took it in to have it secured to factory specs. 
Mar 2010

14000 mi
Paint peeling off nose of car. Dealer removed nose and repainted it. Transmission clunks under acceleration and provides little power to move the car. Followed TSB 07-21-11 for codes and replaced turbine shaft speed sensor and engine speed sensor. 
Apr 2010

14300 mi
Cars rolls back on incline. Dealer performed TSB 08-01-08, PCM recalibration, at my insistence. Slight improvement. 
Jul 2010

15000 mi
Paint began peeling again where plastic nose meets the netal fenders. Dealer said there was a TSB for this paint rubbing problem. 
Jan 2013

24300 mi

US $55
Immediate failure (seized)of power steering pump. Failure of pump contaminated steering gear. Both power steering pump, steering gear rack and v-belt were replaced. Front passenger seat heaters stopped working. Dealer diagnosis found both heaters in seat inoperable. Both elements replaced. 
Apr 2013

25300 mi
Battery failed and was replaced under waranty. This is battery #4. Excessive with only 25k on the car. 
Jan 2014

30700 mi

US $1757
Oil leak reported to dealer. Dealer found trans fluid leaking. Dealer replaced RH axle seal and needed to remove PTU assembly and replace inner seals. Also replaced PTU to transmission seal. Rear pads and rotors needed to be replaced. 

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2008 Ford Taurus 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

Ford in Virginia, United States
Sep 2007 - Mar 2010
Jan 2008

3000 mi
Rear brake lights to stay every now and then when the brake pedal was released. The dealer fixed by changing the sensor under the brake pedal. 

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