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2007 Honda Accord repairs by problem area

Engine (22%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (7%)

Brakes and Traction Control (16%)

Suspension and Steering (14%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (23%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (11%)

Other (7%)

Chart based on 415 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2007 Honda Accord.

2007 Honda Accord engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (7%)

$1000 - $2499 (4%)

$500 - $999 (11%)

$100 - $499 (59%)

< $100 (19%)

Chart based on 54 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2007 Honda Accord

Engine not specified

76880 mi

Air sensor failed 

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2007 Honda Accord 4dr Sedan

253-horsepower 3.0L V6 Hybrid 5-speed automatic FWD

66000 mi Catalytic converter replaced under warranty. 
66000 mi Hybrid batteries replaced under warranty. 
33700 mi Hybrid battery sensor shows false readings - Dealer "could not replicate" 
10000 mi Car hesitates when going around slow corners and trying to accelerate (e.g. inside housing areas). Backfires upon accelerating. Taken in four times since April. Car bought back in January as a result of Lemon Law action. 
200 mi Backfire in the intake manifold. Serviced 4 times by November with no positive results. Filed under Lemon Law. Arbitration required Honda to repurchase which was concluded 1/22/2008. 

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2007 Honda Accord 4dr Sedan

244-horsepower 3.0L V6 6-speed manual FWD

105000 mi

US $145
During major service of 100k timing belt replacement, it was found that the timing belt tensioner was cracked and leaking fluid. 
47000 mi very rough idle in neutral and terrible noise with air conditioning on and just starting 
98000 mi

US $550
Replaced starter 
90000 mi

US $135
Serpentine belt making odd noises; replaced 
10000 mi Surging in 1st gear when cold. 

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2007 Honda Accord 4dr Sedan

244-horsepower 3.0L V6 5-speed automatic FWD

59000 mi

US $500
Broken engine mount was found during the "60K" service. Replaced under Certified Preowned Warranty. 
100000 mi

US $100
Radiator was leaking on top where the aluminum met the plastic. Replaced radiator, upper radiator hose, and hose clamps. 
114000 mi

US $105
Radiator cracked in the plastic on the bottom 
30000 mi fuel system 
110200 mi

US $2000
Timing belts, rear breaks, battery, spark plugs replacement, valve adjustment (needed) 
58000 mi

US $100
Rear main seal starting leaking. Owner paid for Transmission torque converter seal while engine & trans separated. 
47000 mi

US $193
Problem diagnosed as faulty O2 sensor. 
61980 mi

C $900
Replace timing belt, also replaced leaking tensioner. Timing belt was was close to replacement time under severe schedule, so I decided to have both replaced at the same time to save on labour. 
96720 mi

C $200
Sensor malfunction due to carbon buildup. Was causing problems with starting and idling, especially on a hill. Sensor cleaned, no parts replaced. 
10000 mi check engine light came on 
31000 mi

US $50
Service advisor tried to tell me this was normal due to the idle speed dropping low with load on transmission. He could give no explanation why this started after car was driven for 1 year before the problem started. 
172300 mi

US $325
Replaced one of the cylinder coils and changed all spark plugs. First tune-up since car was new. 
215000 mi

US $200
Radiator replacement 
56000 mi bad #6 fuel injector 
107000 mi

US $750
timing belt changed 
122000 mi

US $500
Needed front and side motor mounts 
41000 mi Noise in timing belt system. Dealer contacted U.S. Honda and was told they are aware of the problem and working on a fix or TSB but may require a shim in the timing belt system. Said it was only third reported problem like this in the U.S. 
85000 mi

US $600
Rattling noise in timing belt area when warm. Honda researched and advised it was caused by the timing belt pulley being slightly skewed. Potential failure (though unlikely) of timing belt pulley that could cause major valve, piston, or cylinder damage. 
75000 mi

US $5000
Car blew a spark plug and caught on fire. Was deemed a total loss. Not covered by insurance, Honda, or Carmax (dealership), or MaxCare Warranty. Still waiting to hear from Insurance Commissioner Investigator to dispute denied claim. 
66800 mi

US $235
Belt tensioner had play making belt squeal on cold starts. 

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2007 Honda Accord 4dr Sedan

166-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed manual FWD

116000 mi

US $227
Replaced rusted catalytic converter shield. 
145000 mi

US $100
Replaced air/fuel ratio sensor. 
210000 mi

US $24
Head gasket leaking coolant into exhaust 
67000 mi

US $200
Temperature sensor 
105700 mi

US $47
Replaced downstream oxygen sensor after a check engine light gave code P0141. 
126000 mi

US $460
Leaking oil pan 
82000 mi

US $60
Had to replace Temp sensor on radiator. 
43000 mi

US $48
Harmonic rattling when starting/stopping engine or clutch engaged at friction point. Exhaust clamps were replaced. 
95000 mi

US $7
Check engine light P1157 A/F sensor. Not repaired yet. P1157 code is for A/F sensor (commonly referred to as oxygen sensor), but occasionally is tripped by a faulty MAF sensor. In this case, MAF sensor was dirty. MAF cleaned with specialty cleaner made for MAF's, CEL reset and not recurred. 
84000 mi Codes thrown without apparant cause. P2183 P0111 
99700 mi

US $300
Replacement of water pump. (Leaking) 
126500 mi

US $80
Failed Coolant Temp sensor AND the connecting harness had rusted away. 
128000 mi

US $140
Heated O2 / Fuel / Air / Temp sensor fried. 
141000 mi

US $80
Coolant temp sensor. (Again) 
33500 mi Check Engine light came on. Minutes later Engine had no power. Shutting the engine and restarting it was enough to get me to the dealer. Dealer diagnosed and replaced faulty engine sensor under warranty. 
101000 mi

US $50
CEL with bank 1 catalyst issue 
32000 mi Car intermittently does not start when key turned. So far, a second turn of the key solves the problem. 
58000 mi Fix for occasionally iffy ignition would have been thirty bucks at Advance and an hour of trim work. Sold this way, new buyer wasn't worried. 
17360 mi Car started leaking oil. Defective oil pan plug seal. Replaced under warranty. 

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2007 Honda Accord 4dr Sedan

166-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed automatic FWD

179200 mi

motor mount 
91700 mi

US $150
One coil failed 
105000 mi

US $250
Temp sensor in radiator went bad 
31380 mi O2 sensor replaced. No charge.  
40300 mi

C $50
Muffler/hanger bracket weld broke. Dealer wanted $850 for new muff. pipes. Claims did not have equip for welding and liability issues. Drove to Midas. Spot welded in 20 mins. for $50. 
62000 mi Developing a "jingling" type engine sound that is likely the VTC Actuator, not uncommon in these 4cyl. engines. 
160000 mi

US $500
Leaking fuel pump 
54000 mi

US $320
Replace FSU (fuel pump). Parts only, no labor as repair was made by owner. 
95000 mi

US $360
main radiator fan not working. Main radiator fan and relay were replaced. 
114080 mi

C $687
new muffler and pipes 
123000 mi Hard to start in cold weather. Alternator wires suspected. 
43000 mi Valve cover gasket leaking same spot as previous leak. Gasket replaced. Form a gasket applied as well. Less than 10,000 Miles between leaks. Original repair was under warranty. Second repair was charged to manufacture warranty. 
112000 mi

US $350
the VTEC pump failed and needed replacing. 
92500 mi

US $89
Temp sensor in radiator failed. 20$ part, 60$ labor to fix at local shop (non honda dealer) 
102000 mi

US $230
Replace loose upper and lower catalytic converter heat shields 
134815 mi

US $405
Warning Light came on. Dealer (away from home) replace VTEC Spool Valve 
139000 mi

US $392
Replaced Mass Air Flow Sensor 
55500 mi

US $1350
60K mile service, new rear brakes, & catalytic converter heat shield replaced 
63000 mi Engine needed replacement. Cooling system failed -- tried to drive home hot and destroyed engine. 
39000 mi Needed Air/Fuel ratio sensor. Covered under PZEV warranty. 
60000 mi Check engine light pointed to emissions-related evaporative system. Covered under PZEV warranty. 
85000 mi

US $150
Pulley changed 
73000 mi

US $370
Oil pan gasket replaced and resealed. Power steering fluid flushed and replaced. 
79000 mi

US $300
Power steering reservoir was reinstalled improperly thus dealer offer to install it for free. Also had to replace top and bottom radiator hoses 

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2007 Honda Accord 2dr Coupe

244-horsepower 3.0L V6 6-speed manual FWD

65720 mi Oxygen sensor replacement 

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2007 Honda Accord 2dr Coupe

244-horsepower 3.0L V6 5-speed automatic FWD

83700 mi

US $400
Oil plan, plug, and gasket 

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2007 Honda Accord 2dr Coupe

166-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed manual FWD

69300 mi

US $500
Oxygen sensors,front and rear,causing the check engine light on. Replaced the front and light went off. About two weeks later check light came back on, so replaced the rear sensor. Running about a month now, no problems. 
127000 mi

US $754
catalytic converter 
100000 mi

US $35
catalytic converter heat shield rattling. heat shield repaired with hose clamp. car fixed. 
141000 mi check engine light on intermittently. was told that ECU threw code for low-voltage of secondary oxygen sensor. mechanic said that it will not affect performance of vehicle. will fix in future. 
162000 mi report of marked increase of burning oil in car. dealer said not to worry about it. spoke to dealer, stating that car used to only burn quart of oil every oil change, now adding 2-3 quarts per change. continuing to monitor. possible bad PCV. 
196000 mi Car diagnosed with catalytic converter performing below spec, according to check engine light. Opted not to fix at this time. 
251500 mi One of the two radiator fans no longer working. Will repair once able to do so. Car has not overheated due to continued cold temperatures. 
280000 mi

US $180
Exhaust shield bolts rotted, causing shield to rattle while engine under load during low rpms. 
295300 mi

US $120
Thermostat sticking open. 
352000 mi

US $734
catalytic converter below 95 percent threshold. oxygen sensor failed. both replaced while at shop. 

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2007 Honda Accord 2dr Coupe

166-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed automatic FWD

16120 mi oil leak from tensioner cover plate 

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2007 Honda Accord Engine Problems

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