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2009 Honda Civic repairs by problem area

Engine (30%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (1%)

Brakes and Traction Control (9%)

Suspension and Steering (11%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (18%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (23%)

Other (9%)

Chart based on 128 repairs.

2009 Honda Civic repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (3%)

$500 - $999 (14%)

$100 - $499 (55%)

< $100 (28%)

Chart based on 29 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2009 Honda Civic 4dr Sedan

197-horsepower 2.0L I4 6-speed manual FWD

Honda Civic in Maryland, United States
Mar 2009 - Sep 2015
Oct 2009

9000 mi
clunking noise from steering gear when turning sharply and accelerating from a stop. shop re-torqued steering gear bolts. 
Jan 2010

13000 mi
left front suspension strut bad. makes clunking and squeaking noises. replacing the strut cured the problem. 
Honda Civic in Mississippi, United States
Jan 2009 - Jun 2013
Feb 2009

14000 mi
Strange rattling noise that occurred at low rpm and on startup once 18 mph was reached.  
Nov 2010

57500 mi
Loud rattling noise from plastic moulding when engine revd from 6000 to 8000 
Dec 2012

98000 mi
AC fan stopped functioning. Fixed under extended warranty. 

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2009 Honda Civic 4dr Sedan

140-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Honda Civic in Pennsylvania, United States
Jun 2009 - Sep 2015
Oct 2009

4000 mi
Driver's B pillar trim would not stay in place. Dealer ordered replacement. The driver's side passenger door gasket (top) would not stay in place. The dealer crimped and reseated the gasket. 
Nov 2009

5000 mi
Dealer replaced driver's side b pillar trim. Installed it incorrectly. 
Mar 2010

9000 mi
Repaired pealing paint on the rear bumper. Repaired paint wear-through on the trunk where the chrome trim attaches. 
Feb 2011

17000 mi
Reseated driver side B-pillar trim that was replaced during a previous repair. This is the third trip for the problem, but it appears to be right this time. 
Jun 2012

35200 mi
The driver's side sun visor was splitting along the top/bottom half of the visor. Honda indicated this is a known problem and replaced under factory warranty. 
Honda Civic in Massachusetts, United States
Dec 2009 - Apr 2011
Jun 2010

15000 mi
Front window rattle, Honda has TSB for it. Not a big deal, very minor. 
Honda Civic in California, United States
Mar 2009 - Sep 2014
Apr 2009

10000 mi

US $269
Car began to emit squealing noises, whether rolling forward or back. Could be heard even if brakes were not applied. Brakes felt weak. 
May 2013

53000 mi

US $300
When I was swapping the snow tires to summer, the technician noted flat spots on the rear tires. This led to me taking the car to Costco where I bought the tires and he said it is due to a defect in the Civic's rear A-arms 
Sep 2014

63000 mi

US $250
new pads and rotors. This was a frequent issue with the Civic. 

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2009 Honda Civic 4dr Sedan

140-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed automatic FWD

Honda Civic in Washington, United States
Sep 2008 - Sep 2015
Nov 2008

1000 mi
Intermittent rattle, probably in the exhaust system, that the dealer cannot replicate. 
Jun 2009

8000 mi
Rattle in exhaust system finally became constant and I took car to local Honda dealer who repaired it under warranty. Repair written up as "Repositioned exhaust center hanger." 

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2009 Honda Civic 4dr Sedan

110-horsepower 1.3L I4 Hybrid CVT FWD

Honda Civic in Arkansas, United States
Mar 2009 - Jan 2011
Dec 2009

13000 mi
Computer update to the hybrid system needed to increase charging rate/performance. 
Jul 2010

24000 mi
Hybrid powertrain was eratic following recent software update. Software fix "fixed" problem but still not up to original performance. 
Honda Civic in Oregon, United States
Sep 2008 - Jan 2012
Oct 2009

9000 mi
Apparently my IMA Battery (which controls the hybrid feature) started going bad and gave a IMA warning light. After the dealer tried fixing, redoing the computer settings, they decided it was a faulty battery. They then replace the very expensive battery. 
Dec 2011

24000 mi
IMA Software updated 
Jan 2012

24000 mi
IMA Battery (Hybrid battery) replaced. After battery replaced we were still not getting prior mileage. The city mileage had dropped from 40 MPG to under 30 MPG. Traded car. 
Honda Civic in Arizona, United States
Aug 2009 - Apr 2011
Nov 2009

11000 mi
needs a new hybrid battery pack, was told it sat too long in the hot AZ sun on the dealer lot. 09/08 build date, purchased 08/09 

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2009 Honda Civic 2dr Coupe

140-horsepower 1.8L I4 5-speed automatic FWD

Honda Civic in Ontario, Canada
Feb 2009 - Sep 2011
Aug 2009

7440 mi

C $30
Tight fit of the front bumper, re-adjust needed. 
Mar 2010

21080 mi
Rattle near windshield 
Sep 2010

30380 mi
Power Lock Actuator mulfunctioning (makes squeaking noise when actuator is activated) 

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2009 Honda Civic Repair Histories

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