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Hyundai Sonata Problems and Repair Histories

1330 TrueDelta members own a 2000 or newer Hyundai Sonata. 496 of these members (37.3%) have reported repairs for their car. A total of 1159 repairs to Hyundai Sonatas--an average of 0.9 per vehicle--have been reported.

See our lemon odds and nada odds page for more details. To see how frequently Hyundai Sonata problems occur, check out our car reliability stats.

Want to read about specific problems behind these stats? Jump to the Hyundai Sonata problem descriptions below.

Don't infer Hyundai Sonata problem frequency from what you see on this page. Many lucky owners have had no repairs, and their cars are not shown.

Percentage of Hyundai Sonata repairs by problem area

22% of the Hyundai Sonata repairs were to the engine, 7% to the transmission, 11% to the brakes, 10% to the suspension, 30% to the electrical or air-conditioning systems, 13% to the body and trim, and 7% to other areas of the vehicle.

Chart based on 1159 repairs.

Hyundai Sonata repair cost distribution

Of the Hyundai Sonata repairs that were not covered by warranty and were not do-it-yourself repairs, 19% cost less than $100, 55% between $100 and $499, 18% between $500 and $999, 6% between $1000 and $2499, and 2% more than $2500.

Chart based on 246 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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Repair costs are in local units.

2007 Hyundai Sonata 4dr Sedan

234-horsepower 3.3L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Hyundai Sonata in Colorado, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Jan 2007 0    
0 the car only had 400 miles on it and I have three issues with the car's performance along the lines of steering, suspension, gas tank and other noises coming from the front/back end. 
3000 0 struts on backwards 
Hyundai Sonata in Arizona, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Jan 2007 3000    
13000 0 overhead console rattle. Warranty replaced but rattle still there. Only way to stop is to not have sunglasses in there. 
34000 0 Drivers side sunshade was broken. Dealer replaced both sunshades as they had a recall for the both of them.  They also replaced a sensor/switch for drivers side elec seat. Original battery was replaced for a prorated $87 
50000 0 auto up feature located in drivers side door no longer worked. Door switch still worked fine though. Not a bad issue but since I was getting battery replaced, I decided to get it taken care of. no cost as under warranty. 
54000 0 left/right movement of exterior drivers side mirror stopped working. Dealer ordered part, had it received painted and installed. 
60000 0 After a few weeks, problem with mirror resurfaced. Switch only in door was replaced and seems to have cured problem. 
91000 0 leaky valve cover gasket. Covered under warranty. 
104500 430 Valve covers replaced at 90K under warranty by dealer. Need replaced again after only 10 mths. Dealer says no longer under warranty. Replaced at 3rd party shop for $430. Don't trust Hyundai dealer (Chapman)any longer. 
1250 Replaced valve cover gasket that the dealer replaced less than a year ago. Also has plugs replaced as well which requires the removal of the plenum to access the rear 3 plugs. Replaced upper control arms. (Making noise). Replaced all 4 shocks. None were broken or leaking but they were giving a worse ride and they were on sale, buy 2 get 2 free. Ride is noticeably improved as the shocks were original equip. 
Hyundai Sonata in Nebraska, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Oct 2006 0    
4000 0 Rear strut mounts knocked (knock was noticeably worse at low speeds and less noticeable as speed increased) 

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2007 Hyundai Sonata 4-door

4-cylinder automatic 2WD

Hyundai Sonata in Alabama, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Oct 2006 0    
1000 0 Water leakage from SRS cover on left side of windshield. Repair of water leak from SRS cover on left side of wind shield. Faulty windscreen seal. Replacement of windscreen seal. 

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2006 Hyundai Sonata 4dr Sedan

235-horsepower 3.3L V6 5-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Hyundai Sonata in South Carolina, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Jun 2006 11000    
21000 0 Door striker needed adjusting. Door sometimes would not close without adjusting lock mechanism. 
35000 0 Very small paint chips on hood, fender numerous scratches under drivers door handle. Reported because paint warranty was about to expire. Dealer denied warranty coverage, claiming road hazards (rocks from road, gravel trucks etc) hot covered. Showed ho 
40000 0 Motorist stopped me--No brake lights AT ALL. Switch problem suspected as all three lights did not work. HOwever all three bulbs were indeed burned only 18 months after I bought a new car. Dealer replaced left and right ones at no charge. However I did 
51000 480 Brakes were making a grinding type noise when braking firmly. Brake pads (particularly rt. one) was worn to thickness of anickel. Brake pad chirper had broken off. New pads, rotors trued and turned. Transmission flushed. 
81000 500 Throttle assembly had bad sensors and had to be replaced. There were two other problems:Brake light switch and air bag sensor. The air bag problem was covered by warranty Brake light switch problem. ESC and ABS lights kept coming on. Front brake pads and rotors were almost in need of repair again, so I had it done on this trip. Only got 30,000 miles out of this set 
109000 600 Left front valve gasket cover brittle and leaking oil into alternator. Discovered when brought in to have spark plugs replaced at 107,000 miles (spark plug removal requires removing the intake manifold) 
118000 0 Car died today without warning while driving . Thought it was alternator, but wasn't that. Crankshaft won't even manually turn. Plenty of oil, battery good. Won't repair or replace engine due to high mileage and cost.Will junk car. 
Hyundai Sonata in Massachusetts, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Apr 2006 6000    
17000 0 Airbag light on -> broken clock spring in the steering wheel clock spring fixed 
33000 350 Front brake pads AND rotors need to be replaced. Fixed relatively heavy vibration under heavy braking. Unacceptable that also rotors wear out at 33000 miles. That's why one has soft pads... 
52000 0 Engine belt tensioner pulley replaced 
59000 400 Rear brakes and pads worn out at ~58k miles. Clearly Hyundai Sonata rotors are of low quality. Rear rotors last ~60k. Front rotors replaced at ~30k, and now going again at ~60k. 
59000 450 Front brake pads and rotors worn out. 
63000 0 Gasoline engine sounds like diesel, making a clacking sound, when started cold. Lasts for 15 minutes, and is not simple cold start issue. This has been around for the last 4000 miles. My guess is some valve issue, perhaps no proper lubrication.  
64000 900 Electronic throttle assembly and related electronics 
73000 0 screeching sound from the engine compartment, owner's guess probably the alternator or water pump screeching sound from left front, owner suspects wheel bearing... 
77000 475 Harmonic balancer replaced. Earlier complained to the Service as 'loose belt', but 'could not reproduce'. 
93000 200 Suspension damage?, steering pulling left at 70MPH. Dealer can not pinpoint the broken part in the suspension, nor can they adjust anything. Randomly changing bits would become too expensive, so no repairs... 
104000 1300 Power steering rack cylinder leaking. Replaced the whole rack w/ a new one. 
105000 150 leaking valve cover replaced 
109000 0 Looseness in the steering since November 2011 replacement of the whole steering rack. Diagnosis: the new steering rack is faulty, dealership replaced the steering rack under 12 mo OME warranty. 
Hyundai Sonata in Minnesota, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Dec 2005 0    
13000 0 Rear shocks were replaced because of manufacturer defect. Shocks were noisy (made thumping noise). 
41000 0 Electronic stability control sensor replaced. 
48000 0 electric door lock actuator replaced 
101000 1100 Replaced right front upper and lower control arms, 4 shocks and shock mounts, and the brake pedal ESC/ABS switch. 
108000 740 Replaced rotors, pads, brake fluid. 
116000 200 Replaced parking brake shoes. 
Hyundai Sonata in Connecticut, United States
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Mar 2006 0    
11000 0 Car emitted a groaning sound when starting up from first gear. The sound was intermittent and occurred only for a few seconds before the car shifted to second gear. There was a TSB issued, but the technician at the dealer said he could hear no sound. 
34000 0 I don't know the exact name of the part that failed, but it was some sort of acceleration pedal "link" that was faulty from the factory (or so the tech said). It caused the car to have 1/4 of its usual power and could not be driven faster than 30 mph. 
39000 0 The motors for both outside power mirrors needed to be replaced after I noticed that neither of them worked properly. The dashboard cracked in two places along the outline of the passenger airbag. This appeared to happen spontaneously; I had never placed anything on it nor applied heavy pressure when cleaning the dashboard. 
46000 0 Check engine light came on & stayed on. Brought car to dealership. The service department could find no reason for light to come on & reset system. 

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2006 Hyundai Sonata 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

Hyundai Sonata in Ontario, Canada
Date Odometer
(in miles)
Cost Problem/Repair Description
Dec 2005 1240    
20460 0 Low coolant level in expansion tank. 2nd time this has happened. 

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