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2005 Jeep Liberty Repair Histories

2005 Jeep Liberty Repair Histories 2005 Jeep Liberty Repair Histories

112 TrueDelta members own (or used to own) a 2005 Jeep Liberty. 60 of these members (53.6%) have reported repairs for their car. A total of 205 repairs to 2005 Jeep Libertys--an average of 1.8 per vehicle--have been reported.

See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. To see how frequently 2005 Jeep Liberty problems occur, check out our car reliability stats.

Percentage of 2005 Jeep Liberty repairs by problem area

Chart based on 205 repairs.

2005 Jeep Liberty repair cost distribution

Chart based on 92 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2005 Jeep Liberty 4dr SUV

turbocharged 160hp 2.8L I4 Diesel 5-speed automatic 4WD w/low range

Jeep Liberty in Nebraska, United States
Sep 2005 - Sep 2011
May 2005   Computer reflashed due to harsh shifting of automatic transmission (2 hours). 
Jun 2006   EGR valve replaced and computer reflashed (3 hours). 
Aug 2006   Reflash computer for scan tool operation (1 hour). 
Jun 2007   Torque converter replaced due to manufacturer recall (1day). 
Feb 2008 US $75 Alternator clutch-pulley replaced by owner. Depending on the method of replacement (special tools, impact wrench if works or disassembling alternator) could take dealer up to 2 hours. 
Dec 2008   Turbo hose popped off engine causing engine to dramatically lose power close to home. Took about 1 hour to remove, clean and securely replace both hoses.  
Jan 2009   Engine cooling fan clutch failed. It took 2 hrs for me to make a special tool and 3 hrs to replace the fan clutch. Maybe 3 hrs at a dealership with proper tools counting time in and out. 
May 2010   Replaced rear Universal Joint in drive shaft. Part cost under $10.00. Took owner 2 hours to replace. 
Jan 2011   Code P0069 boost correlation error between manifold sensor and nominal atmo reading in CPU. Boost read 16.5 - 16.7 before repair and 14.2 - 14.5 after repair, nominal at idle. 
Jeep Liberty in Michigan, United States
Sep 2005 - May 2010
Sep 2005   my speed control was not turned on at the factory . 
Apr 2007   replaced torque converter and front pump on transmission under warranty. Replaced the Lower ball joints per recall repaired front grill, connecting tab broke 
Mar 2008   Replaced EGR valve. 
Jul 2008   The driveshaft was building up torque because the splines on the yoke would not slide. Lubed the splines and fixed the problem 
Apr 2009 US $100 Replaced the worn out front brake pads and rotors 
May 2009   replaced EGR valve 
Jun 2009   Replaced rear brake pads and rotors 
Aug 2009   removed and cleaned boost pressure sensor 
Feb 2010   Check engine light came on and got code 299. I removed the boost pressure sensor and cleaned it and reinstalled it and the check engine light went off. 
Mar 2010   oil pressure light came on, replaced the oil pressure sensor 
Apr 2010   code 299 again, remove boost pressure sensor and clean and engine light goes out 
Jeep Liberty in Colorado, United States
Oct 2007 - Oct 2011
Aug 2008 US $75 Navigation radio stopped working. 
Jun 2009   Check engine light. Two fault codes for transmission control module. When reset the check engine light stayed off. 
Jeep Liberty in Florida, United States
Apr 2008 - Jun 2015
May 2008 US $52 Fixed passenger rear door handle which broke from pulling on it too hard. 
Jul 2008   Blower Fan stopped working on speed 1 and speed 2. I replace a resistor that is found behind the glove box. Cost $30, before that my brother-in-law told me to check relay, which I also replaced $25. That was not the solution it was the resistor. Waste 

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2005 Jeep Liberty 4dr SUV

210-horsepower 3.7L V6 4-speed automatic RWD

Jeep Liberty in Florida, United States
Feb 2009 - Mar 2010
Mar 2009 US $2300 Light signaled a problem with the TCM, I think 0035 and 0031. Did not address issue. After 2 weeks, driving I lost forward motion, caused by transmission failure. I was told lubrication had not been making it to some part. Was told it is common w/Liberty 

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2005 Jeep Liberty 4dr SUV

210-horsepower 3.7L V6 4-speed automatic 4WD, part-time w/low range

Jeep Liberty in Ontario, Canada
Sep 2007 - Oct 2014
May 2009 C $800 Front and rear pads and rotors worn out, replaced. Rear emergency brake shoes also worn out, replaced. 
Mar 2010   Bad front drivers-side wheel bearing, hub assembly replaced 
Oct 2014   Replaced water pump and serpentine belt Replaced a/c compressor with aftermarket part due to clutch failure 
Jeep Liberty in New Jersey, United States
Sep 2007 - Jan 2010
Feb 2009 US $289 Replaced rear shocks. 
Mar 2009   Replace front struts.  Replace front brake rotors. 
Jeep Liberty in West Virginia, United States
Sep 2008 - Mar 2015
Oct 2008 US $75 Rear pinion seal was leaking. Called ChryCo and told it was NOT covered under the 7/70 powertrain warranty. Stealership wanted $140 for repair, independent shop did it for $63 + $12 for Mopar seal. 
Mar 2013   AC clutch failed. Dealer said the compressor itself imploded and metal contaminated system, but doubt that - had AC clutch fail on 02 Liberty with same mileage, same symptoms, but clutch replacement not advised - got NAPA compressor. 
Dec 2014   Oil pressure sending unit had been seeping/leaking oil for 6 months. Oil pressure light came on at every stoplight. Replaced the sending unit and solved the problem. 
Jeep Liberty in Newfoundland / Lab., Canada
Sep 2007 - May 2008
Apr 2008   Speedometer not working and engine light came on. Repair made at the dealer under warranty by replacing a speed sensor. 
Jeep Liberty in New York, United States
Oct 2007 - Jun 2015
Jan 2009   Fan switch on dashboard for heating, aircondtioning,would only operate on 4th (highest setting 1,2,3, would not operate.I have extented waranty that I paid 1200 for that didn't cover that part how convienent for the dealer or chrysler. 
Jul 2010   back rotors and calipers burnt up never heard them scraping or metal sound 
Jan 2011   leather drivers seat worn out and tore. Waiting to hear from Chrysler if they will help with repair. 
Mar 2011 US $250 Leather wore out on drivers seat then ripped leaving foam and netting. Leather seat should last way more than 5 years. 
May 2011   Sensor in ABS System had to be replaced. Brake warning light and ABS idiot light kept coming on  
Jan 2012   Blown front right speaker under warranty but still will cost money to replace 
Aug 2013   Heard a bump when I was on the highway, when I got to my exit car did not move when I steped on the gas.Had the car towed to my mechanic and he turned it over to his transmission guy said torche converter was shot and I needed a transmission 
Dec 2013   seems I only bought new battery 2 years agoShop said battery was stamped 2009 maybe i bought an old battery from Auto Zone. This summer cleaned terminals and greased them everything was fine????????? 
Jan 2014   Both headlights went out only high beams worked. Shop said needed both new headlight bulbs. 
May 2014   Tire pressure sensor was leaking air. They replaced it but lights were still on that the tire pressure was low even though they checked all tire pressures Same problem, tire pressure sensor was leaking air. 
Jun 2014   tire pressure sensor light not going off. Still has not been solved they said they ordered the part ansd have never called me to come in 
Jul 2014   Air conditioner belts and clutch bearings the whole unit that is on the compressor. 
Sep 2014   Radiator tank had to be replaced engine overheated had to push it to side of road let it cool and then drive to my mechanic. Whole radiator plus themostat and hoses had to be replaced. 
Nov 2014   Fan working but no Heat 
Dec 2014   Inside heater unit under dash had to be replaced. Heard water sounds inside dash under glovebox. 
Jun 2015   Transmission was low on fluid and started to slip didn't know was on a trip. Just made it home ,engine light came on. 

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