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2013 Mazda Mazda3 Reviews at TrueDelta: Great daily driver by pacgasel



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So far I can't find another vehicle that can replace my Mazda3 iGrand Touring in terms of gas mileage, comfort, driving dynamics. The biggest surprise was the great gas mileage which is currently in the high 37mpg to mid 38mpg.

Reviewed: 2013 Mazda Mazda3

4dr Sedan 155-horsepower 2.0L I4 6-speed manual FWD

2013 Mazda Mazda3 Love Letter

Other than the demented clown grin of the front grill the external styling is ok, not that exciting but not that unfortunate looking either. The back end could be a little sleeker but then the pay off is in cargo capacity so I can live with it.


I keep comparing this car to new models but have yet to find a better alternative that will match it in price or equiptment or fun to drive quotient.

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