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2007 Saturn AURA repairs by problem area

Engine (17%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (5%)

Brakes and Traction Control (10%)

Suspension and Steering (24%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (24%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (10%)

Other (10%)

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Chart based on 731 repairs.
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2007 Saturn AURA electrical repair cost distribution

$2500+ (4%)

$1000 - $2499 (13%)

$500 - $999 (15%)

$100 - $499 (35%)

< $100 (33%)

Chart based on 46 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2007 Saturn AURA

Engine not specified

34000 mi cars brakelights on while driving and off while braking. Brake switch issue 

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2007 Saturn AURA 4dr Sedan

252-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

38440 mi Connector behind dash came loose, flickering lights. Dealer covered all.. very happy 
54000 mi

US $120
the remotes both quit working. was not battery related in the remotes. 
38000 mi

US $43
Drivers power seat stopped working.  
38000 mi

US $65
passenger air bag would sometimes turn off even though passenger was seated. Eventually the check air bag light came on. Found wiring under drivers seat ripped out from loom and pass. seat connector undone. Wiring repaired. 
50000 mi

US $160
new key fobs 
12000 mi Radio replaced. CD player made skipping or tracking noises, started suddenly overnight. Fine one day, noisy nextday. called dealer, they ordered radio, said it would be a few weeks, it was a few days! replaced radio, washed car and no other troubles. 
14000 mi

US $120
front 12 power outlet wasnt working . fixed .  
31000 mi speaker rattle. replaced under warranty. 
24000 mi Two buttons on the radio and the eject button stopped working. 
27000 mi Airbag light would come on all the time. They replaced the sensor in passenger seat. Radio would drift. Replaced antenna module. 
30000 mi Passenger presence module for airbag system. 
19220 mi HVAC stopped working one very cold morning for approx. 1 minute. It came back on, and never happened again. Technicians couldn't find a problem, so replaced entire HVAC control unit, as it was under warranty. 
39680 mi Squeeky HVAC fan - blower motor replaced. 
88660 mi

C $800
Driver-side headlight connection shorting out - connection replaced. 
90520 mi

C $1350
Right headlight cutting in and out periodically. Replaced high/low bulbs and 4 wiring connector terminals reinstalled. 
98820 mi

C $1081
Trunk wouldn't open. Found open wire and repaired. 
16000 mi Remote control did not work sometimes. Replaced remote (in stock), problem solved. 
22000 mi Passenger seatbelt alarm beeps when no passenger in seat. Dealer reset computer. 
16000 mi Right front channel of stereo stopped working. Tech decided to replace radio. Radio ordered. 
17000 mi Radio replaced and owner notified to pick up vehicle. Owner discovered that original problem still exists. Tech didn't even check to see if all speakers were working after installing new radio. And they call this "service"? 
17000 mi Right front stereo speaker replaced. 
18000 mi Failure of remote tire pressure sensor. Sensor replaced but has since failed again within two weeks. 
19000 mi Recurring failure of tire pressure monitoring system. New visit, new excuses, no fix. 
21000 mi Failure of Body Control Module (BCM) resulting in loss of brake light function. 
107000 mi

US $200
Radio totally failed 
37000 mi

US $49
Passenger seat dead. They said the wiring harness had disconnected. They reconnected it. Seat now OK 
211 mi Cabin roof leaking. Dealer replaced Satellite Antenna and gasket. Under Warrantee. 
12000 mi Wife's remote keyfob not working. Replaced battery and noticed that battery connection was detached inside the unit. Took to dealer and they examined, ordered a replacement, as they had none in stock. Dealer replaced keyfob, working fine. 
39000 mi Passenger front side window regulator replaced. Covered under extended warranty 
25000 mi

US $98
Dead battery 
6200 mi replace noisy starter affected by cold temp, replace strut mounts due to noisy right front suspension. the problems still exhist after parts replacement 
100 mi climate control unit not adjusting fan speed. fan would remain on high at all times in auto fan mode. the fan speed would never lower itself as the in car tempeture was met. dealer replaced entire climate control in dash unit. works great now! 
22000 mi Steering Wheel Button Control Module Replaced -Cruise Control side. 
14322 mi Oil change. Airbag light coming on. Faulty trace found, repaired PPS connector contact. Moldy smell in AC continues. Prev. owner claims Transmission clunks into gear. Not able to reproduce. 
35000 mi Motors for windows, seats, etc., repair 
72540 mi

C $70
Both low beam headlights were gone. I had to removed the entire bumper to replace this bulbs as well as the parking/ sider light 
77000 mi

US $81
Center hi mount brake lite inop. Thought to be part of recall. Lite is LED on some vehicles, this car has LED lite. Still awaiting new unit from Gm-parts direct. 
69000 mi

US $100
Air bag sensor replaced 
55180 mi

C $600
driver side auto door lock doesn't work. Replaced whole lock module. 
119000 mi

US $85
Headlight and front driver blinker needed replacing. 
125000 mi

US $134
Replace old battery 
20000 mi Onstar phone would not connect - intermittant problem. 
32000 mi Headlight shorted out 
2000 mi Driver Express down did not work. 
3000 mi On-Star transmitter failure. 
4000 mi Info and Reset buttons on steering wheel intermittently fail to work. Dealer could not reproduce, so not fixed. 
13000 mi Steering wheel mounted audio controls not working properly intermittently. Volume up sometimes lowers the volume. Volume down sometimes changes to next radio station. Problem duplicated and new steering wheel switch ordered. 
14000 mi Although part was ordered during previous visit for steering wheel controls, dealer never called. But strangely part was not needed because when they originally removed and reinstalled the control it started working normally again. 
6000 mi Service traction control warning 7 times, trans op. erratic. Map sensor replaced plus damaged wiring harness for bsm module from factory repaired. 
2480 mi Changed defective speaker. 
35740 mi

C $90
replace tire sensor 
14000 mi Same as previous but occurring more frequently and with greater engine drag. (Service traction light) 
11000 mi Key fob lost programing. 
18000 mi Seatbelt light intermittent. key fob lost programming 
20000 mi Passenger seatbelt light and warning tone malfunction Fob doesn't retain program or code. 
26000 mi Both fobs not working. Made an appointment to get the fobs reprogrammed and an oil change. Service manager said that, despite the appointment, he was too busy to get to the car. 
28000 mi Airbag sensor malfunctions. Passenger seatbelt won't activate or deactivate with the ignition on. When someone gets in the car, you have to turn off the ignition and restart to activate the passenger bag. No code thrown = dealer clueless. Both fobs quit working AGAIN - both replaced. 
6000 mi Heated seats come on randomly. They could not find the problem so they disconnected the switch by the seat While on vacation heat for both seats came on and could not be turned off because switches were disconnected. Stayed on for 2 hours. I hooked switches back up. Had to turn off at switch 2 more times. Dealer could not find issue. Pulled main fuse for heat. 
14000 mi remote control does not work all the time. Replaced both remotes and still does not work all the time, will have to return. 
14000 mi remote would not open door or work remote start. the dealer had the car 5 days and could not repair. Still happening 
16000 mi Remote would not work. They said they could not duplicate the issue. Kept car 1 week, gave it back unfixed. Car went back in 3 days later for 4 days. Still not fixed. Remote - Car went back in 3 days later for 4 days. Still not fixed. 
19000 mi still could not get remote units to work.... 
21000 mi remote stopped working. both replaced again 
5000 mi top part of onstar antenna separated from the base due a broken piece (bolt?) Dealer replaced the antenna and all is well- no charge to me. 
8000 mi ECS and ABS lights on. Bad sensor on right front wheel for abs/ecs due to "frayed wire" Unit was replaced and all is fine. 
25000 mi Radio fading out - dealer replaced radio. 
108700 mi

US $465
Instrument panel gage needles did not light up - replaced instrument panel cluster 
52000 mi

US $116
Tire pressure light stays on. Dealer found no signal from tire pressure monitor. Replaced tire pressure indicator sensor under extended warranty.  
62000 mi

US $100
Replaced right door lock actuator that was causing error message light to go on--cleared light error message 
18000 mi Right rear passenger window was not fully opening. It bound up approximately 1/3 of the way through it's downward travel, but could be raised back to fully closed. Was fixed under factory warranty at same time as 18,000 mile scheduled maintenance. 
29000 mi "sharkfin" antenna broken while brushing snow off the windshield & roof. Replaced with new antenna that dealer had in stock. Overall, spent approx. 20 minutes at the dealer while employee searched the storage rooms for the correct part. Radio works... 
42000 mi

US $50
Automatic HVAC controller not working as designed. Would blow cold air when set to 60 deg F (expected), but would blow hot air when set to 61 or higher... even when outside air temp was 80+ deg F. Fixed by replacing entire HVAC controller/head unit. 
99000 mi

US $458
Headlights - one went out, replaced both. Required removal of front bumper to access rear of headlamp assembly. Both key fob transmitters stopped working, replacement batteries did not solve. Replaced both transmitters. 
110000 mi

US $173
Left front turn signal bulb burned out. Replaced both Left and Right turn signal bulbs. 
1000 mi Center high-mount brake light was out - bad harness which was replaced. 
5000 mi Air conditioning did not work. 
75700 mi

US $275
Alternator replacement 
21000 mi Every time I would turn the air conditioning on their was a pulsating noise coming from the engine compartment. When I would turn the air conditioning off the noise would go away. The passenger side panel turn signal light was burned out. The dealership discovered that the pulsating noise when the A/C was running was the A/C compressor clutch seizing. The dealership replaced the A/C compressor and the noise went away. The new turn signal light bulb that the dealership installed did not work so they now need to replace the wiring harness for the light. 
23000 mi The light now works after the dealer replaced the wiring harness. The pulsating noise that my air conditioning was making before came back. Previous visit dealership replaced air conditioning compressor which solved the problem temporarily. Now the dealership discovered a leak in a air conditioning hose. Parts are on or 
24000 mi AC system low on R134 due to leak at compressor discharge hose at crimp fitting. Replaced hose and recharged the AC system. 
20000 mi Lower tone horn malfunction and needs to be replaced. 

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2007 Saturn AURA 4dr Sedan

224-horsepower 3.5L V6 4-speed automatic FWD

89000 mi New battery died (last straw) possibly because the windows were left down and the inside of the doors got wet in the rain. That started the electrical issues (ie doors locking/unlocking randlomy - had to remove the door lock fuse). 
86800 mi Center brake light out. Replaced LED & circuit board R/H brake light out. Replaced LED & circuit board L/H headlight out. Replaced bulb 
5000 mi Service air-bag light came on. Found to be a loose connection in the door, (was a side air-bag.) 
19000 mi AC not cooling as before. Part had to be ordered. Part replaced and AC now working. Had a rental car for the day. 
23000 mi Instrument cluster display sometimes inoperative Cruise control got stuck and car kept accelerating. Cruise switch sticking so was replaced. 
76000 mi

US $95
Replace broken tire pressure sensor. 
57300 mi

US $65
Cleaned out clogged AC/Heater tubes. 
1860 mi dome light switch stopped working because the plastic inside was warped/melted. Saturn ordered new dome light and installed in less than an hour. The dome light was fine before I took the car into another dealership for a tint, so I'm thinking it may ha dome light switch stopped working because the plastic inside was warped/melted. Saturn ordered new dome light and installed in less than an hour. The dome light was fine before I took the car into another dealership for a tint, so I'm thinking it may ha 
50 mi intermittent radio reception 
109700 mi Trunk latch release button not working trunk won't open. checked connections, swapped relay. can here relay switching so button and electrical connection good. inspected wiring to latch no obvious damage. Next will replace mecahanism 
110000 mi

US $60
Replace passenger side headlight. Major pain Blown speaker passenger door, removed panel and replaced speaker 
4000 mi a/c intermittent ops.Dealer replaced controller. 
91000 mi

US $99
CD changer stopped working a long time ago. Finally got around to having it replaced with another factory 6-disc changer. 
94000 mi

US $42
Master power window switch on driver's door would lower but would not raise passenger window. Replaced master power window switch. 
99000 mi

US $100
Car failed to start after sitting for a few days. Battery tested and found defective. Replaced battery. 
4788 mi Radio update (poor reception) 
17360 mi Three radio buttons unresponsive (incl. Eject). Whole head unit replaced. 
31620 mi Faulty dome light, loose switch Wrong part ordered (dome light) Part replaced 
38440 mi Sensor errors on passenger seat, then driver seat Sensor replaced, problem returned same day Sensor issue was finally a battery issue (had not been checked) 
39680 mi Cruise control would not stay on. Second time in three years. Bad reception on radio after cruise control repair. Amp and cable replaced. 
41540 mi Noticeable ticking noise from passenger side heater. Dealer attempted to lubricate parts. Problem returned within a day. 
42780 mi Cruise control failed again (third time in 3 years), this time with brake lights either turning on on their own or not turning on at all. 
43400 mi Radio, then amp dead. 2 weeks to replace radio, then 2 weeks to replace amp ! 
43400 mi Right side heater still making ticking noise when sold. 
21000 mi Both keyless entry remote fobs had broken battery terminals due to poor soldering. Took fobs apart and resoldered using good quality flux and solder. They are working fine after repair. 
27000 mi Air bag system gives false service required message. 
28000 mi replaced faulty passenger seat airbag sensor 
36000 mi

US $50
Computer had to be reprogrammed after losing all coding for most accessory functions including lights, remote access, pedal control. 
29000 mi "Info" button on steering wheel stopped working. 
32000 mi Windshield wiper switch on steering column did not operate in all positions. Removed and replaced by dealer under warranty. 
46000 mi Passenger side airbag does not turn off when passenger leaves. Passenger side seat belt warning continues to flash & periodically ding without passenger in seat until car turned off and restarted. Could not replicate at dealer. Moisture collects in driver's side tail light assembly. Previously replaced passenger side tail light assembly for same problem. Told not a problem, they all do that, so long as it dissipates on its own and does not collect in bottom of tail light. 
3000 mi Experiencing poor FM reception with the radio. Stations drift. Radio is basic Aura radio (no XM, no multi-disc CD player. Dealer ordered an antenna amplifier to attempt to improve reception. Install scheduled for 12/13/06. 
4000 mi Problems with poor FM radio reception since delivery. In November the dealer identified it and agreed it was a problem and ordered an antenna module. It was installed, but problem isn't completely gone. Better, though. 
11000 mi Window control on drivers door for back rear right window would not work. Had it replaced. 
16000 mi Remote to unlock the car was not working. The circuit board was bad. They replaced the remote for me, under warranty. 0 charge. Very pleased. 
11077 mi Radio had weak reception. There was a technical bulletin on the problem. Dealer replaced at no cost. 
73000 mi

US $1100
Windshield washers stopped working. dealer replaced pump motor. Covered under extended warranty. 
22000 mi Power window button sticking. Button replaced. 
16000 mi Both keyfob's battery brackets broken at solder joint. Keyfobs replaced. 
53000 mi Heater switch on the drivers seat 
54000 mi Heated seats would just turn on while you are driving 
37000 mi I have had to replace the battery twice about a year apart. The first time it went dead I had to get a jump start to get to work and it shorted out my audio system nothing else just the radio. Still not fixed!  
62000 mi

US $100
Blower motor made ticking noise. Dealer replaced blower motor. Now there is a loud roar and vibration that can be felt in the wheel and pedals. Repair was worse than original problem. 
66000 mi

US $100
Replaced heater core. Coolant smell went away for 2 weeks, and then showed back up. Will call shop and schedule a follow up appointment. 
79000 mi

US $100
Air conditioner condensation dripping on floor. Cleaned A/C drain. 
84000 mi

US $100
Condensation dripping on passenger's side floor mat. Dealer allegedly unclogged A/C drain. Problem not fixed. Tried another dealer. Found cracked evaporator housing. Repaired. Problem solved. A/C would not cool down very quickly. Would occasionally not turn or or turn off. Found A/C system was overcharged. Purged and refilled A/C system. Now operates as designed. 
88000 mi Evaporator housing cracked again. Replacement ordered. 
90000 mi Replaced cracked evaporator housing. A/C no longer drips on floor but cabin fills with antifreeze vapors. 
94000 mi Three dealers could not fix antifreeze fumes leaking into cabin. Made me sick, stopped driving car. 
31000 mi replaced broken key fob 
92000 mi

US $60
Wiring faulty causing various problems;most annoying is seat warmer turns itself on ALL the time. They can never find it,& I doubt they try:/ They charged me for diagnostics, even tho they fixed NOTHING! I complained,but they made me pay 
99000 mi Dash Information Cluster would not reset or change 

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2007 Saturn AURA 4dr Sedan

164-horsepower 2.4L I4 Hybrid 4-speed automatic FWD

500 mi Purchased the car on 05/19/2007 Returned car to dealer 05/23/07 due to warning light from the driver information center saying "Service Hybrid" Dealer replaced blown fuse related to Hybrid powertrain controller. 
12000 mi The main fuse for the Hybrid system blew again necessitating this time due to a problem in the fuse block. The service group replaced the fuse block. 
19000 mi A blown fuse caused the transmission control unit to lock the car into 2nd gear. The problem was caused by a short in the wiring. The wiring was restrung which resolved the short. 
97000 mi

US $1000
The compressor had failed and required replacement. 

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2007 Saturn AURA 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

29000 mi Drivers side seat heater switch short - heater would turn itself on randomly resulting in hot buns 
4000 mi wiper blades would stop in the middle of the downward sweep, then use that position as their "park" 
29000 mi The lock on the rear passenger door would not automatically lock or unlock. Had to order the part. 

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2007 Saturn AURA 4-door

4-cylinder hybrid automatic 2WD

4000 mi Also returned next day (<5 min) to have tire pressure sensors retrained- flashed. 

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