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2015 Toyota Venza Reviews at TrueDelta: Luv this vehicle! by tfruby



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Never owned a Toyota before I bought my first brand new Venza in 2011. Love the comfort and room. The only costs I incurred were for regular maintenance. I really wanted the back-up camera as I found it difficult to determine distance from the car behind me when I was parking. I didn't get it on my 2011 because I would have had to upgrade to a premium package that included sun/moon roof, leather seats, etc., which I really didn't want. Toyota had a good rebate, and considering I was looking at having to get new tires before winter, decided to upgrade to the 2015 which included the rear-view camera on the base model. If this car is a good as the 2011, I'll continue buying the Venza's.

Reviewed: 2015 Toyota Venza

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2015 Toyota Venza Love Letter


As I am in my early 60's, I found it difficult getting in and out of cars. A lot of the other SUV's are higher and require you to step up/down like a pickup. This is a perfect in-between where you just slide in and out without having to stoop or climb.

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Response from Member5607

7:16 pm June 30, 2015

An alternative to a backup camera is a Vanguard,aplastic wide angle lense you stick on the inside of your rear window.Really helpfull for backing and seeing how much distance you have froman objectbehind you.You see them on motorhomes. Get one at Camping World.


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Response from theroman

8:29 am December 22, 2015

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