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2008 Toyota Yaris Reviews at TrueDelta: Final review PROS: Excellent mileage! Even going full bore you would get mid 30?s for MPG. Being careful, mid 40?s and driving for best mileage well into the 50?s. I kept t by jfenning22

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Reviewed: 2008 Toyota Yaris

2dr Hatch 106-horsepower 1.5L I4 5-speed manual FWD

2008 Toyota Yaris Love Letter

Not the best looking vehicle. It was easy to find when parked!


Very satisfied with the Yaris. I would recommend to anyone wanting basic transportation and excellent mileage at a resonable price. Comfortable for two people. Back seat not great at long distances but fine for short trips. Plenty of storage room with the back seat down. Could fit 16 2x4x8' boards. Hauled anything that fit in the back. Not a huge payload for weight. Perfect little transportation vehicle for one person and two active labrador retrivers.

Interrior not the best design. Central dash bad and difficult to see. I put a Scangauge 2 on the steering column and it worked excellent. I would have liked gauges in it.

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