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2011 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI repairs by problem area

Engine (38%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (4%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (5%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (29%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (13%)

Other (8%)

Chart based on 266 repairs.

2011 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (6%)

$1000 - $2499 (6%)

$500 - $999 (38%)

$100 - $499 (50%)

< $100 (0%)

Chart based on 16 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2011 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI 4dr Hatch

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed manual FWD

10000 mi Installed "clip" on wastegate actuator rod to eliminate rattle that could be heard between ~ 2k and 3.5k RPM. 
37000 mi Replaced intake manifold under warranty after check engine light came on. Dealer noted "intake valves have excessive carbon on them", but would not clean them unless I agreed to pay for this this. I refused, as I see this as a VW issue. 

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2011 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI 4dr Hatch

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed automated manual FWD

3000 mi "Low oil pressure. Do not exceed 4000 RPM" was displayed on dashboard. Dealer could not replicate the problem but changed the oil filter. Dealer speculated that the valve in the oil filter was faulty. 

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2011 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI 4dr Hatch

turbocharged 140hp 2.0L I4 Diesel 6-speed manual FWD

21080 mi Hard start and loss of power due to intercooler icing. Wanted to apply VW TSB for issue, dealer refused, "unable to reproduce" (problem arises under very specific conditions) 
27280 mi Hard starts when cold due to intercooler icing/water ingestion from melted ice. Well-documented problem with Mk VI TDIs 
57040 mi

C $1900
Car would occasionally lose power at approx. 3000 rpm during vigorous acceleration. High-pressure fuel pump not performing to spec. HPFP replaced. Not covered by powertrain warranty. Complained, VW paying 2/3 of cost 
60420 mi Car occasionally and suddenly loses all power at 3000 rpm during acceleration. Car still in the shop, VW unable to diagnose issue (HPFP changed in June for same issue-repair unsuccessful). VW HQ involved; 3d attempt to solve issue. 
65100 mi Hard start in near freezing conditions, power loss. Dealer found intercooler hose choked with ice. TSB already carried out did not cure problem. Removed air intake duct to draw intake aire from engine compartment instead of outside. 
68200 mi Exhaust flap failed, check engine light on. Fixed under VW TSB and extended warranty for the part 
9080 mi Diagnose and replace intercooler with redesigned cold weather model. Currently condensed water pools in intake, leading to MIL and limp mode. Parts on order; should arrive in 5-6 weeks. 
16120 mi Intercooler replaced with a cold weather model incorporating a bypass to prevent ice buildup under near-freezing conditions. 

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2011 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI 4dr Hatch

turbocharged 140hp 2.0L I4 Diesel 6-speed automated manual FWD

6820 mi

C $4
Coolant reservoir sensor replacement Coolant reservoir sensor replaced 

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2011 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI 4dr Hatch

170-horsepower 2.5L I5 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

11500 mi Replaced defective fuel pressure regulator valve. 

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2011 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI 2dr Hatch

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed manual FWD

Engine rattle which has no fix as of yet per Volkswagen North Scottsdale (TSB 211001). "Silenced by more than 50%" but is still present. 
7000 mi Engine vibration/rattle when accelerating between 2,000-3,000 RPM. VW released a TSB over the summer of 2011 to attach a small metal clip onto an engine component. The rattle/vibration is nearly gone, just barley audible now.  
41000 mi

US $85
Radiator failed and leaked coolant 
20000 mi Intake manifold flaps were broken, resulting in illuminated check engine light, replaced entire intake manifold. Wastegate rattle at low revs under load (heavy throttle). Replaced wastegate actuator rod clips per TSB. 
61000 mi Check engine light came on, scanned and pulled code P2015 - Intake manifold flaps. Dealer replaced intake manifold at no cost under VW's extended warranty (10yrs/120k miles) for this part. Second time it's been replaced. 
16000 mi CEL came on. Took car to dealer. Faulty part related to turbo intercooler was fixed. Loose passenger door was also fixed. 
10000 mi Wastegate rattle 
25000 mi Misfire cylinder 4 
45000 mi

US $140
Engine misfire. Coil pack replaced 
66000 mi

US $623
Check engine light. Low high side fuel pressure sensor. 
66000 mi

US $6300
Oil pick up clogged. Engine needed replaced. All regular maintenance followed to a T prior to failure. 

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2011 Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit / GTI Engine Problems

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