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2006 Volkswagen Jetta repairs by problem area

Engine (35%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (10%)

Brakes and Traction Control (5%)

Suspension and Steering (6%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (28%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (6%)

Other (9%)

Chart based on 668 repairs.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta repair cost distribution

$2500+ (4%)

$1000 - $2499 (16%)

$500 - $999 (21%)

$100 - $499 (51%)

< $100 (9%)

Chart based on 81 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2006 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Missouri, United States
Oct 2006 - Mar 2010
Mar 2007

13000 mi
The car wouldn't take fuel on three occasions. The trouble hasn't occured since 
Mar 2008

31000 mi
End of intake camshaft sheared off. Required new complete head assembly. 
Jul 2008

37000 mi
Lower transmission mount bolt fell out. Engine swung forward into air conditioner lines. Dealer replaced bolt and lines. 

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2006 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed automated manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in California, United States
Sep 2006 - Mar 2010
Dec 2006

13000 mi
Lumbar support in seat not working misc. rattles 
Volkswagen Jetta in Illinois, United States
Feb 2007 - Apr 2011
Mar 2007

8000 mi
Rattling/vibrating underneath passenger wheelwell during idle and braking only in warmer weather. Rar passenger side window will not operate from switch on the door itself. Can operate window from master switch, however. Dealer says could not find a problem but 1 day after in the shop window would still not work. Need to take back in. Satellite radio intermittently works. Often receive a 'NO SAT RADIO' message when I do subscribe to a satellite radio service. Radio also has frequent bass problems, where the bass is turned up to an unacceptable level for no reason. 
Jun 2007

14000 mi
Loud rattle in passenger side door when weather is hot outside. Sounds like a large piece of plastic flapping inside the door. Shop was unable to replicate. 
Oct 2007

22000 mi
Low oil level indication light, vehicle was losing oil but dealer could not determine how. 
Aug 2008

39000 mi
Replaced cam shaft, cam follower, Radio crackles, loses satellite connectivity. Fuel pump replaced. 
Feb 2011

96000 mi

US $440
airbag module  HID bulb replacement 

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2006 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 100hp 1.9L I4 Diesel 6-speed automated manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Illinois, United States
Feb 2007 - Sep 2015
Mar 2007

9800 mi

US $1
Windshield Washer tube (black corrugated plastic) broke at hood hinge. Tech repaired w/ 3" of clear rubber tubing. OEM part from VWOA was same bad plastic. Dealer offered to replace whole hose line w/clear tubing - $0 cost, but 2-3 hours. No thanks. 
Apr 2007

10500 mi
High beams re-adjusted to put light on road, not trees. Help from a friend and directions from on-line forum. 
Sep 2010

55000 mi
Told "brakes feel mushy" - shop found sticking ebrake cable, could not permanently solve problem. Lubrication didn't last.  
Sep 2011

73000 mi

US $595
Brake light flashing and beeping. Brake caliper leaked fluid onto pads, caused dragging of caliper & premature wear of pad (RR only). Replaced caliper, "carrier" (VW term for caliper bracket) and both rear pads. Took three trips. 
Nov 2011

76000 mi

US $340
Symptom: Brake fluid in garage, Pedal to the floor! Shop added fluid & gave me more, ordered Left Rear caliper and carrier ("just in case we need it"). 2 days for parts. N/C Car ended up being towed because of dead battery. While there installed new LR caliper. Didn't need carrier. 
Feb 2013

100700 mi

US $155
Heater-hoses were leaking. Replaced H-H assembly, coolant. 
Jun 2013

107000 mi
Shocks + Struts replaced. Discovered dangerously irregular tire wear; DX'd at tire shop. Took car to a brand specialist (NOT a dealer) for this repair. Got tires immediately and 5-year alignment (after this repair) from the tire shop. 
Feb 2015

138000 mi

US $350
Left front axle boot was torn; joint had been wearing badly for a long time. LF axle was replaced. 
Sep 2015

154000 mi

US $510
Driver's side front wheel making clunking noises. Wheel hub was replaced. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Nova Scotia, Canada
May 2006 - Mar 2012
Jan 2007

10540 mi
1. Replaced rear seat vent deflector (broke). 2. Replaced missing bolt which holds on right rear door skin. 
Sep 2008

44640 mi
Rear door rubbed against front door weatherstrip causing paint to wear off. Body shop adjusted door and painted. Fully covered under warranty with no hassles. 
Jun 2009

58900 mi
Transmission failed. Replaced with new transmission. 5k short of drive train warranty expiring (phew). 
Aug 2011

94240 mi

C $200
Replaced broken Surpentine Bracket, Tensioner and Belt. Entire assembly broke. $200 repair at Harrington's Halifax. Great Service. 

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2006 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 100hp 1.9L I4 Diesel 5-speed manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Oklahoma, United States
Dec 2006 - Mar 2010
Apr 2007

33000 mi

US $175
Brake caliper hung on rear disc brake, causing rotor to burn up. Caliper replaced under warranty, however, Volkswagen refused to replace rear rotors and pads under warranty citing they were "wear items". Paid $175 for independant shop to repair 
Volkswagen Jetta in Minnesota, United States
Feb 2007 - Mar 2010
Dec 2007

77000 mi
airbag light, resistance too high reading on passenger seat connection. 2nd time. reset computer. 
Feb 2008

90000 mi

US $91
Resistance too high error on airbag system right passenger seat. 
Sep 2008

122000 mi

US $1050
Three of 4 hub assemblies needed to be replaced. VW does not use bearings and whole assy was replaced. 
Jul 2009

161000 mi
two cylinders misfiring, Per dealer head needs replaced quoted $6300.00. I have kept the maintenance completed to exact measures and found this to be strange. 3rd party VW technician able to tell me mileage on car by symptoms which tells me common prob. 
Aug 2009

161000 mi

US $3000
Head job performed by independent mechanic. I have never missed a maintenance and use VW oil but it appears too much pressure and cam not being hardened enough for is causing these to fail in 2005-2006 TDIs around 150-170k. Expensive! EGR valve assembly needed to be replaced. Learned this problem during test drive of head job problem reported in previously. $800 of the total. Head job was $2,200. 

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2006 Volkswagen Jetta 4-door

turbocharged 4-cylinder manual 2WD

Volkswagen Jetta in Texas, United States
Dec 2006 - Mar 2010
Jan 2007

15000 mi
Steering box was changed due to cracking sound 

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2005.5 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

150-horsepower 2.5L I5 5-speed manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Florida, United States
May 2006 - Jun 2011
Feb 2007

20000 mi
repair electrical outlets in center console loose door panel causing bass speaker rattle on driver's side front. 
Mar 2007

20000 mi

US $200
Repair power outlets in center console. 
Jun 2007

25000 mi
XM radio quit. New Tuner module was installed. Airbag fault message. Computer was reset. 
Sep 2007

25000 mi
Driver's side leather is showing excessive wear. Color is worn off the seat after only two years. Our other car is seven years old and does not have the kind of wear experienced on this car. Currently awaiting inspection from VW. 
Mar 2008

34000 mi
Airbag fault caused by loose ground wire. 
Feb 2009

46000 mi
Transmission replaced due to internal imbalance. Very noticeable at freeway speeds. 

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