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2008 Volkswagen Jetta repairs by problem area

Engine (37%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (5%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (9%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (30%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (13%)

Other (4%)

Chart based on 128 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2008 Volkswagen Jetta.

2008 Volkswagen Jetta repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (11%)

$500 - $999 (8%)

$100 - $499 (33%)

< $100 (49%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 101 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2008 Volkswagen Jetta

Engine not specified

Volkswagen Jetta in Texas, United States
Dec 2013 - Jan 2014
Jan 2014

US $1000
Air bag malfunction. Replaced a spring and the driver airbag. 

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2008 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

twincharged 140hp 1.4L I4 6-speed automated manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Finland
Apr 2013 - Jan 2015
Jul 2013

60340 mi
Turbocharger and N75 valve replaced under dealer warranty. 
Mar 2014

70060 mi

Combined waterpump and compressor clutch replaced under manufacturer warranty. Had to pay online the drives. 

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2008 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Massachusetts, United States
Mar 2016 - Dec 2017
Jun 2016

120000 mi

US $350
Replaced both rear springs 

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2008 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 200hp 2.0L I4 6-speed automated manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Ohio, United States
Jan 2014 - Jan 2014
Jan 2014

113000 mi

US $100
went to dealer cause of a check engine light, turned out it was a faulty fuel pump. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Quebec, Canada
Jan 2010 - Oct 2011
Mar 2010

29140 mi
Replaced door handle mechanism. Rear passenger door could not be opened from inside. Rough downshifts of the DSG transmission 
Apr 2010

30380 mi
The iPod interface stopped working Radio was replaced 
Jun 2010

32240 mi

C $80
Rear armrest cupholder broken. 
Feb 2011

40240 mi
Engine idle erratic. PCV valve replaced 
Jun 2011

44640 mi
Worn out wheel bearing Wiring harness had to be changed in passenger door. Door lock working intermittently. 
Jul 2011

45570 mi
Outside temperature sensor failed. Replaced.  Outside temperature sensor failed. Replaced. 
Sep 2011

46500 mi
Window molding rusting 
Oct 2011

46500 mi

C $500
Window molding was replaced. Did the front brakes at the same time. 
Volkswagen Jetta in South Carolina, United States
Apr 2008 - Oct 2009
Nov 2008

9000 mi
The panel on one of the rear doors popped loose near the top. It almost looked like someone had tried to pry it away, but there was no sign of friction. The dealership said they'd seen a few do that. Replaced some interior clips and its good as new. 
Volkswagen Jetta in New Jersey, United States
Jun 2008 - Sep 2013
Dec 2011

42000 mi
Check engine light came on. Code was P2432 for the secondary air injector system. I brought it in, they did diagnostic tests, and saw a sensor went back. They ordered the part and replaced it the following week. 
Jul 2013

75800 mi

US $1600
Rear main seal leaking oil, plus 2 additional oil leaks found. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Alberta, Canada
Nov 2012 - Dec 2015
Dec 2012

86800 mi

C $1850
Brake caliper siezed. This caused the stretching of both emergency brake lines which then had to be replaced. Brake system had to be flushed. Wiper spray motor quit functioning, also car accessory plugs died. A control module was the problem. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Ohio, United States
Sep 2011 - Jun 2013
Jun 2013

76000 mi

US $1000
New springs, struts, tie rods, rear lower control arm bushings 
Volkswagen Jetta in Massachusetts, United States
Jul 2014 - Oct 2015
Sep 2014

85000 mi

US $5
Carbon buildup in the valves 
Dec 2014

88000 mi

US $180
Coil shorted 
Volkswagen Jetta in Indiana, United States
Nov 2010 - Feb 2016
Jun 2011

40000 mi

US $600
Engine light R&R component 
Dec 2011

52000 mi
pax visor light inop 
Dec 2013

77000 mi

US $250
Lights in visor 
Sep 2015

106000 mi

US $1400
Volkswagen Jetta in Illinois, United States
Oct 2008 - Jun 2018
Feb 2009

6000 mi
Door sill plastic panel loose. Probably present at delivery but I didn't notice it until the 5k mile maintenance. Replaced for free under warranty 
Dec 2010

43000 mi
Took car in for 40k service, 20 minutes after i got it back CEL went on. Took it to dealer replaced the following: cracked air filter housing, crank case breather, cracked vac line. 5 days out of service with a rental, all under warranty. 
Aug 2012

91700 mi

US $15
misfire on cyl4, bad plug. cost to replace:$15, time: 30-45 mins. 
Oct 2012

95800 mi

US $120
Replaced rear shocks 
May 2013

113000 mi

US $400
Clogged catalytic converter, whole unit from after the turbo to resonator/muffler replaced. Dealer diagnosed for $125 and wanted $1400 to fix it. Did it myself, cost ~$400 in parts and installed it myself. 
Jun 2013

115000 mi
HPFP went out. 
Apr 2015

165000 mi

US $85
Engine idled rough (lumpy). Bad PCV valve. Replaced with new PCV. 
Sep 2015

170000 mi

US $60
2 bad coil packs 
Feb 2016

173600 mi

US $400
Mechanical intake valve cleaning 
Volkswagen Jetta in New Jersey, United States
Apr 2009 - Mar 2016
Aug 2014

26000 mi

US $1500
Car refused to start sometimes, starter replaced. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Texas, United States
- Jul 2009
Mar 2009

45 mi
Replaced front grill due to rusting 
Apr 2009

150 mi
Car returned again to the dealer due to having to replace a missing battery cover Drivers side door would not open, and had to be adjusted Car was out of alignment from factory and had to be aligned 
May 2009

500 mi
Drivers door would not open had to be adjusted. Sun roof was broken. 
Jun 2009

200 mi
Drivers door would not open, and passenger window leaked water. 
Jul 2009

3000 mi
Drivers door would not open, and passenger window leaked water. Same repairs performed again 
Volkswagen Jetta in Colorado, United States
Mar 2015 - Aug 2016
Feb 2016

81000 mi

US $120
Replaced front right dipped beam bulb 
Volkswagen Jetta in Minnesota, United States
- Jul 2008
Jul 2008

10983 mi
MIL came on - random multiple misfire. Melted spark plug in Cyl #3 

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2008 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

170-horsepower 2.5L I5 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in South Carolina, United States
Aug 2012 - Jun 2015
Sep 2012

54000 mi
AC becoming progressively less effective. They replaced a faulty sensor and ordered another compressor. Car is "Certified Preowned" so repairs were made under warranty (after 2 trips and 5 hours/trip). 
Volkswagen Jetta in Ontario, Canada
Nov 2012 - Dec 2013
Dec 2012

69440 mi
Left mirror blinker; LED array needed replacing 
Volkswagen Jetta in Arizona, United States
Nov 2015 - Sep 2018
Nov 2015

127000 mi

US $700
Squeaky noise when driving. Rear Brake Caliper not releasing properly. 1 caliper, both rotors and both brake pads replaced. Brake Flush. 
Dec 2015

127000 mi

US $450
CV Boots replaced due to ripping Radiator leaking, replaced fully with cooling flush Vacuum Pump Oil Leaking 
Feb 2016

130100 mi
Windows Retaining Pin went 
Apr 2016

133000 mi
Brake fluid leak required a replacement of the brake caliper. 
Jun 2016

138000 mi

US $310
AC Compressor leak Engine belts and Alternator pully 
Aug 2016

141400 mi

US $279
Control Arm Lower Ball Joint 
Nov 2016

149800 mi

US $471
Key got stuck on "on" position and would not allow car to be turned off. Steering column lock assembly had to be replaced. 
Aug 2017

168000 mi

US $250
O2 sensor failed and caused a check engine light, requiring replacement. 
Volkswagen Jetta in California, United States
Aug 2015 - Sep 2015
Aug 2015

87000 mi

US $1157
AC intermittently ran very hot or cold. Emissions CEL turned on. Car overheated once. Mechanic found both radiator fans had failed and were replaced. AC ran properly. Thermostat read 110 C. Car driven 50 miles on flat terrain. Car overheated on steep grade mountain at constant 3,000-3,500 RPM. Car cooled down. Thermostat read 90 C. Mechanic replaced radiator valve thermostat. AC intermittently ran hot. Mechanic replaced defective radiator fan. Horn not functioning. Airbag CEL turned on. Mechanic replaced clock spring. Transmission jerked while downshifting when braking. Mechanic reported failing transmission valve body and recommended replacing transmission within two years. Mechanic reported front outer CV boots are split. 
Volkswagen Jetta in California, United States
Aug 2013 - Oct 2017
Aug 2017

113000 mi

US $40
PCV Valve failed. Is built into valve cover. Removed and replaced with aftermarket part for 10% of cost shop wanted to replace entire valve cover. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Rhode Island, United States
Feb 2014 - May 2018
Jul 2015

40300 mi

US $220
Rear Windshield exploded and fell into rear passenger area on highway for no apparent reason 
Nov 2015

45100 mi

US $65
The Satellite radio stopped working - we took it to the dealer and the module appears to have failed - did not repair to costly - just paid $65.00 to have it checked 
Oct 2016

58000 mi

US $90
The Satellite radio failed - a receiver module I am told - To costly to repair - Had to pay diagnostic fee 
Dec 2016

58000 mi

US $580
The battery had gone dead and was the original so we replaced it and as soon as we did the car had a skip or miss in cylinder #4 - local shop could not find a problem so we took to VW dealer and they replace fuel injector #4 
Sep 2017

62000 mi

US $135
Small radiator cooling fan - Car has 2 (1 large and 1 small) both in 1 assembly 
Volkswagen Jetta in New York, United States
Jun 2013 - Apr 2015
Aug 2013

52800 mi
Had one week & the key suddenly refused to enter ignition cylinder; stuck in front of friend's garage at night. A flat bed brought it to dealer where it's been since then (10 days+) awaiting parts. Under 30 day NYS used car warranty. 
Volkswagen Jetta in New York, United States
Dec 2014 - Dec 2014
Dec 2014

80000 mi

US $600
auxiliary fan replaced 
Volkswagen Jetta in Mississippi, United States
Apr 2012 - Jun 2018
Sep 2014

61000 mi

US $110
Rear passenger door lock malfunctions at times. 
Mar 2015

65000 mi

US $110
Vacuum pump leaking oil 
Oct 2015

69300 mi

US $110
Coolant bottle was leaking. Replaced successfully. 
Volkswagen Jetta in California, United States
Nov 2010 - Feb 2017
Sep 2012

42000 mi
Air vents (right front and center rear) were replaced under warranty due to breakage. 
Jan 2014

54000 mi
Valve body replaced under warranty 
Mar 2014

57000 mi
Air vent recirculation valve motor replaced 
Jan 2016

76300 mi

US $248
Accessory drive belts, tensioners and pulleys changed due to squeeling. 
Volkswagen Jetta in South Carolina, United States
Oct 2009 - Apr 2014
Dec 2009

23000 mi
Ipod connector not working 
Jan 2010

25000 mi
Had part installed. Repair successful 
Jul 2011

60500 mi
Horn not working when setting alarm. Sensor replaced in rear door. 
Nov 2011

68000 mi
Clicking noise when turning steering wheel coming from suspension. Bushings needed replacement. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Brazil
Sep 2009 - Sep 2011
Jun 2011

26660 mi
Left rear door does not open sometimes. If I insist on the remote 3 or 4 times, the door will eventually open. The dealer claims that the "electrical motor" of the door lock is defective. I contacted VW to demand a (denied) free replacement 
Sep 2011

26660 mi
Door lock still not working well when sold. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Manitoba, Canada
Jul 2009 - Oct 2011
Aug 2009

15500 mi
Driver Side Door trim Rattles and Squeaks when Listening to Music, they Hot Glued the door Trim, its Better but still rattles at times. 
Oct 2009

16120 mi
After third visit, they agreed to replace the full interior drivers side panel. Replaced it and now much better. 
Dec 2009

17360 mi
Front end was noisy going over uneven or Bumpy road, found Tsb on Bushing's needed to be replaced. 
Mar 2011

28520 mi
Control Arm Bushing's were once again making noise, they replaced them under Mfg Warranty, 
Volkswagen Jetta in Washington, United States
Dec 2010 - Apr 2014
Nov 2013

61100 mi

US $25
Drivers side headlight out. Replaced both headlight bulbs. 
Apr 2014

64000 mi

US $300
Ignition Relay defective and replaced (About $20 for parts). Rest of cost was labor for diagnosis and install. Ignition cylinder defective and replaced. Ignition had small part that would not stay in place, preventing key from being inserted. 
Volkswagen Jetta in California, United States
Apr 2011 - Jun 2011
May 2011

31000 mi

US $150
The car would not start in hot weather. Ignition coil was replaced, but since it hasn't been hot out I'm not sure whether that actually fixed it. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Texas, United States
Jun 2016 - Jul 2016
Jul 2016

88000 mi
Water leaked from shark fin antenna. 
Volkswagen Jetta in New Hampshire, United States
May 2012 - Jun 2016
Nov 2014

91100 mi

US $400
Loud noise while driving at highway speeds. Right front wheel bearing replaced. 4 wheel alignment required. 
Sep 2015

98000 mi

US $272
1 of 2 radiator fans inop, remove and replace the failed fan. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Michigan, United States
Jul 2014 - Jun 2018
Jan 2017

73000 mi

US $140
Replaced driver's door latch module to address faulty "door open" microswitch. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Tennessee, United States
Sep 2013 - Apr 2015
Sep 2013

122000 mi

US $1500
Replaced all 4 door lock actuators. 

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2008 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

170-horsepower 2.5L I5 5-speed manual FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Utah, United States
Jul 2015 - Jul 2016
Jan 2015

80000 mi
Breaks needed to be replaced again 
Volkswagen Jetta in Virginia, United States
Nov 2015 - Oct 2016
Jan 2016

131000 mi

US $112
Bought the car "As is" from dealer. Drove about 200 miles and transmission wouldn't shift into 5th gear. Had them realign and lube the cables. Now vehicle won't shift into R. Dealer "suspects" bad fly wheel. 
Oct 2016

147000 mi
We had another local shop realign the cables (February) after the dealer did and that fixed our Reverse issue, but this continued to be a problem for us. Car would intermittently struggle to shift into 5th gear for as long as we owned it. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Nevada, United States
Jul 2012 - Mar 2013
Mar 2013

55000 mi
I had a spring break in my lumbar support. they fixed it and it is great now. Engine running rough. Especially noticeable at stop lights when idling. I started using 91 octane fuel thinking it was pre-ignition without effect. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Oregon, United States
Nov 2009 - Mar 2010
Dec 2009

13000 mi
ignition switch malfunction. replaced. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Minnesota, United States
Oct 2009 - Apr 2010
Apr 2010

41000 mi
bypass valve in fuel system replaced Bypass valve replaced under warranty and check engine light turned off. It is part of the evaporative emissions system connected with the fuel tank.  
Volkswagen Jetta in Pennsylvania, United States
May 2015 - Oct 2017
Nov 2016

73000 mi

US $10
Ignition dust tab was stuck, could not put key in ignition. Bought a screwdriver and dw40. Was able to pop plastic tab back into place. Continues to happen. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Michigan, United States
Jun 2012 - Jun 2015
Jul 2012

49200 mi

US $300
Passenger side radiator fan failed. 
Feb 2014

78000 mi

US $100
Airbag light on. Mechanic cleared and problem has not resurfaced. 
Volkswagen Jetta in Massachusetts, United States
Feb 2008 - Jun 2012
Aug 2011

80000 mi

US $430
Replaced Drivers front coolant fan 
Volkswagen Jetta in Colorado, United States
Feb 2008 - Jul 2015
Jan 2009

10000 mi
Creaking of suspension. 
Aug 2009

19000 mi
Cigarette DC power outlets wouldn't work anymore. Were replaced with new fuse. Vent grille replaced in back console Check engine light came on, indicated that O2 sensor needed to be replaced. 
Jun 2010

30000 mi
Airbag light was on. Sensor needed to be replaced. 
Dec 2010

36000 mi
Driver door lock indicator would display that door was still locked even though door was physically open. This behavior was inconsistent. 
Jan 2011

68800 mi
Gas cap light came on, signifying leak in emission valve... 
Dec 2013

75000 mi

US $260
Engine fans alert light, beginning to fail. Replaced faulty driver's side seat belt latch due to airbag light turning on and disabling airbag due to airbag light. 
Jun 2014

80000 mi

US $120
AC wasn't getting cold anymore. Checked AC system and recharged/filled up with new freon. 
Jul 2014

80500 mi

US $1130
Engine fans would run loud when AC was turned on. Replaced failing engine cooling and AC cooling fans. 
Jul 2015

93000 mi

US $1022
Leak in evaporator. Evaporator replaced. New recharge. 
Volkswagen Jetta in New Jersey, United States
Jun 2009 - Jul 2011
Jul 2009

24000 mi
Rear doors failed to lock. 

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2008 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr Sedan

115-horsepower 1.6L I4 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Volkswagen Jetta in Lebanon
Apr 2012 - Mar 2013
Nov 2012

68640 mi

Change of 4 door locks. 2 doors won't lock, 1 won't unlock, 1 was OK. 

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2008 Volkswagen Jetta 4-door

4-cylinder manual 2WD

Volkswagen Jetta in California, United States
Dec 2012 - Jun 2015
Oct 2013

73700 mi

US $1100
Feb 2015

86900 mi

US $600

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