2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 2005

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2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport repairs by problem area

Engine (44%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (10%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (17%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (19%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (4%)

Other (4%)

Chart based on 199 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport.

2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (6%)

$1000 - $2499 (13%)

$500 - $999 (11%)

$100 - $499 (28%)

< $100 (42%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 79 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 4dr Wagon

turbocharged 227hp 2.0L H4 5-speed manual AWD

129890 mi

C $1500
Radiator cracked and was leaking. Replaced radiator plus coolant flush/replacement Radiator cracked and was leaking. Replaced radiator plus coolant flush/replacement 
132680 mi

C $60
Replace tensioner pulley. It was chirping. 
98000 mi

US $25
upper radiator hose burst and was replaced. coolant refilled. 
99000 mi

US $700
Replaced leaking radiator. 
114000 mi

US $220
Replaced lower coolant hose Secured heat shields 
120000 mi

US $140
Front O2 sensor 
88200 mi

US $196
Radiator hose leak 
127500 mi

US $23
The bearings went bad on the tension pulley for the belt driving the AC compressor. It made a loud screeching sound at all rpms. Replaced with similar sealed bearing pulley from an auto parts store. 
140000 mi Coolant smell in cabin on occasion; apparent small leak above intake manifold (turbo?). No significant coolant loss. 
98000 mi

US $2500
Original engine spun a bearing so I replaced it with a JDM replacement with AVCS. Didn't go to a shop, I did the swap myself. Not including any the price of mods 
97000 mi

US $422
Non-OEM spark plugs failed. Caused one of the coil packs to also fail. 

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2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 4dr Wagon

turbocharged 227hp 2.0L H4 4-speed automatic AWD

118000 mi

US $88
AC idler pulley broke. Pulley put hole in timing belt cover. On seperate trip, ran over debris in road and destroyed tire. Took car into shop to have alignment and inspection done on running gear. 
148000 mi

US $420
Replaced fuel/air sensor 
165000 mi

US $450
Radiator replaced Top of radiator cracked, radiator replaced 
192000 mi

US $727
Replace timing belt and waterpump with idlers. Timing belt was damaged when AC idler pully broke. 

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2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 4dr Wagon

165-horsepower 2.5L H4 5-speed manual AWD

157000 mi

US $900
Replaced water pump and timing belt, and tensioner 
174000 mi

US $2800
Replaced head gaskets Replaced plugs and ignition wires Replaced clutch. Engine was out for gaskets. clutch was very worn. 
202200 mi

US $12
Check engine light came on. Went to AutoZone, had code read. Misfire on cylinder 2. Bought and used fuel system cleaner. Code cleared. 
208000 mi

US $300
Leaking radiator, replaced radiator, water pump, timing belt, acc. belts pct valve, trans axle gear oil, neutral safety switch and cabin air filter. 
166200 mi

US $223
CEL on, misfires. Replaced air filter, plugs and wires. Also changed oil and filter. 
174000 mi

US $1500
Head gaskets. Also replaced during repair: valve cover gasket, plugs, timing belt, water pump, A/C and alternator belts. Plus exhaust repair. 
221000 mi

US $1200
Head gaskets we're starting to leak, so a friend pulled apart the engine and did a complete rebuild, including all gaskets, water pump, oil pump, timing belt, plugs, wires, clutch, flywheel. 
221000 mi

US $80
Was time for a new exhaust. 
236000 mi

US $277
Changed power steering belt - was squealing 
146034 mi

US $292
Engine was misfiring due to oil leaking onto spark plugs. Replaced spark plug gaskets, valve cover gaskets, valve cover washers, ignition wires, and plugs. Replaced valve cover and spark plug gaskets to remedy misfires due to oil on plugs. Also replaced plugs. 
25420 mi radiator cap failed 
50840 mi

C $1650
Replaced head gasket to fix intermittent overheating problem. Problem may still exist though, but not to previous extent. 
108440 mi

C $2200
Oil leak, change the motor gasket and due change of timing belt. 
48360 mi

C $100
Diagnosis for over-heating on highway was leaking left bank head gasket. Diagnosis for CEL was sticking EGR valve. Parts ordered. 
48980 mi Replaced left bank head gasket and EGR valve. Still waiting on new knock sensor to fix continuing CEL. 
50220 mi Replaced knock sensor. Still received CEL after a few days, so had all connections checked. So far, so good. 
60760 mi

C $300
Car overheated on highway. Stuck thermostat replaced. 
63860 mi

C $100
Radiator cap failed, replaced to repair. 

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2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 4dr Wagon

165-horsepower 2.5L H4 4-speed automatic AWD

114000 mi

US $40
Heat shield loose. 
135000 mi

US $400
Rusting flanges on exhaust pipe. pipe replaced. 
156000 mi Fault in throttle position sensor 
83500 mi

US $200
A portion of the exhaust pipe was replaced for excessive rust. It may have to be completely replaced before Summer is over. Plus 80,000 mile check-up. 

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2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 300hp 2.5L H4 6-speed manual AWD

23000 mi Radiator began leaking on the top seam. Warranty covered 100% of the bill. 
99000 mi

US $20
Valve cover gasket replacement, passenger side 
110000 mi

US $200
Replaced power steering pump 
11000 mi valve spring 
104000 mi

US $3500
Burned exhaust valve in cyl 4 
111600 mi

US $850
replace radiator, thermostat 
100000 mi

US $6500
Piston and rings needed replacement along with the head. No compression cylinder 4. Entire bottom end replaced. 
73000 mi

US $30
Power steering/alternator belt broke while driving on the freeway. Was able to change it myself at a gas station. 
80000 mi

US $45
The ac belt broke and I replaced it. 
44000 mi Whining noise in engine heard inside vehicle. Most likely one of the belt idlers or tensioner. Could not determine which one was faulty. 
55000 mi

US $125
Engine whine noise. Mechanic says it's either a valve or valves that need adjustment, or it's something in the timing-belt mechanism. Will pursue a repair in the not-too-distant future. 
29540 mi

C $500
Radiator has small leak, replaced(upgraded) with Koyo Al racing one 
46000 mi

US $400
Differential temperature sensor replaced after false alerts on dashboard. add forums for Impreza WRX STi iwsti.com nasioc.com 
92000 mi

US $130
Radiator plastic end-tank developed a hairline crack which required the complete replacement of the radiator. 
101000 mi

US $95
Upstream wide-band O2 sensor started to fail 
103200 mi

US $45
Upper radiator hose developed a large tear. Replaced hose, refilled coolant. 
104200 mi

US $550
Passenger side valve cover gasket leak 
105000 mi

US $10
Oil filler neck gasket replacement. 
112000 mi

US $30
Evap recirculation purge value failed 
124000 mi

US $50
Radiator cap gasket failed after reinstalling once coolant flush was completed. 
128000 mi

US $500
Repaired leaky oil pan Replaced engine PCV and breather hoses, vacuum lines, etc. Many were glass hard and very brittle. Replaced PCV valve as some blow by was noticed. 
89000 mi

US $95
Oil feed line from from block, to AVCS port to turbo started leaking. 
97400 mi

US $322
Passenger side cam cover gaskets were leaking. Indy replaced both sides. 
120000 mi

US $550
New sparkplugs for the 120K service. 
54000 mi Seized water pump - blown radiator resulted in severe heat. This CAR IS AN STI AN STI AN STI overheating 247 degrees 

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2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 227hp 2.0L H4 5-speed manual AWD

64000 mi

US $15
Fixed a pinhole leak in upper radiator hose. 
65000 mi

US $5000
Spun rod bearing in engine, replaced with new OEM engine. The engine was actually replaced before but they did a bad job of cleaning up the metal fragments so over the year I owned the car the metal shavings continued to circulate throughout my engine. 

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2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 4dr Sedan

165-horsepower 2.5L H4 5-speed manual AWD

181000 mi

US $50
Timing belt failed resulting in catastrophic engine damage. Cost is for diagnosis only. Car donated to charity. 

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2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 4dr Sedan

165-horsepower 2.5L H4 4-speed automatic AWD

92000 mi Gasket blew out between oil and coolant system. 
78000 mi

US $2100
Head gaskets, timing belt, water pump. Shop detected head gaskets starting to fail through test, not detectable otherwise. 
84300 mi

US $200
Stopgap measures taken to stabilize an exhaust system needing replacement. 
90000 mi

US $1400
Exhaust pipe covers were jangling, then falling off. Then pipes as well seemed about to fail. Entire system following cat converter redone. 
118000 mi Before buying this car the used car company replaced the head gaskets (smelled burning oil during test drive) plus as preventive water pump, thermostat, timing belt, and spark plugs. 
119300 mi

US $82
Replaced leaking oil pan gasket. 
55000 mi Strong smell of raw fuel inside car. Needed to tighten fuel lines clamps on front of engine. 
117500 mi

US $1500
Head Gasket 
129300 mi Cam seal was leaking covered under warranty from the earlier head gasket repair 
138000 mi Timing belt broke and took out engine. Scraping the car 

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2005 Subaru Impreza / Outback Sport 4-door

6-cylinder automatic AWD

97000 mi

US $1400
Went in for a recall item and noisy air conditioner, was told the head gasket was leaking. Tightened belt for air conditioner, completed recall (SUSPENSION:FRONT:CONTROL ARM:LOWER ARM) 
97000 mi Traded when head gasket started to fail. I already replaced it in 2009, and decided I wasn't going down that expensive road again! 

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