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2008 Toyota Camry repairs by problem area

Engine (28%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (2%)

Brakes and Traction Control (7%)

Suspension and Steering (15%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (29%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (9%)

Other (8%)

Chart based on 95 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2008 Toyota Camry.

2008 Toyota Camry repair cost distribution

$2500+ (1%)

$1000 - $2499 (10%)

$500 - $999 (10%)

$100 - $499 (29%)

< $100 (49%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 77 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2008 Toyota Camry

Engine not specified

Toyota Camry in Texas, United States
Apr 2012 - Sep 2012
May 2012

54200 mi
The driver and passenger sunvisor are sagging down,the rolling mechanism are defective that Toyota should have recalled this,manufacturers defect is the issue here,my warranty is out but still this sunvisors should not have any problem them. 

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2008 Toyota Camry 4dr Sedan

268-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Toyota Camry in Ontario, Canada
Nov 2008 - Apr 2018
Jan 2008

6200 mi
Drivers seatbelt jammed 
Sep 2008

11160 mi
A pillar trim replaced 
Dec 2008

13640 mi
Drivers seatbelt jammed 
Feb 2010

25420 mi
Rear window needs to be replaced, one line in rear defroster was not working 
Mar 2010

25420 mi
Rear window replaced to repair faulty rear defogger 
Feb 2014

64480 mi

C $600
Car wouldn't start after driving home from from work. No indications of problem during trip. Jump started car and drove to dealer. Alternator replaced. 
Dec 2016

100440 mi

C $170
Original battery failed load test during routine service. replaced battery. 
Aug 2017

106640 mi

C $340
Vehicle was leaking power steering fluid. Return hose was found leaking. Dealer replaced. 
Oct 2017

109120 mi

C $1350
Exhaust noise got progressively louder over the week. Shop diagnosed and replaced front pipe which included catalytic convertor. 
Toyota Camry in Wisconsin, United States
May 2015 - Jan 2017
Jan 2017

US $220
Radiator heat switch needed to be replaced. 
Toyota Camry in Pennsylvania, United States
Jan 2008 - Jun 2018
Jan 2009

12000 mi
One cold morning, car wouldn't start- at cranking, car, lights, etc went dead. After multiple tries, about 15 minutes later, it did start, after holding key to start about 15-20 seconds. Was colder rest of week, started fine. Shop found no problems. V6 engine "flare". At cold start, when passing 20 mph, transmission can rev noticeably, tach shoots from 2000 to 3500 and back down quickly, car seems to lose power for a second. Told -again- it's Drive By Wire, "supposed to do that". Similar to 2007's? 
Mar 2015

78000 mi

US $460
Also replaced gas tank heat shield, knocked off by winter ice and snow on roads 
Jul 2016

88500 mi

US $1800
In for oil change, Tech noticed original Struts were leaking. Not badly yet, said needed replaced to pass Inspection. When replaced, tie rod and sub assembly on driver's side had rusted/fused, Front End couldn't be aligned. 2 diff days -This was caused by another shop's inept alignment after a previous tire purchase. That shop is now out of business. 
Jun 2018

109200 mi

US $1618
Replaced original brakes, which lasted 109,000 miles. Original rear struts, which lasted 109,000 miles 4 wheel alignment to go with new set of tires 
Toyota Camry in California, United States
Nov 2013 - May 2017
Apr 2017

90 mi
needs new gauge cluster 
Toyota Camry in Pennsylvania, United States
Nov 2014 - Jul 2017
Jun 2017

126000 mi

US $435
02 sensor was bad. It was replaced at the local Pep Boys auto. They were nice enough to give me a 15% off discount even though I forgot to bring the coupon with me. The check engine light turned on along with the traction control light going off and a fairly scary message check VSC (that message and the other indicators going off is normal for this vehicle, But I didn't know that). 

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2008 Toyota Camry 4dr Sedan

187-horsepower 2.4L I4 Hybrid CVT FWD

Toyota Camry in Washington, United States
Jan 2008 - Nov 2019
Mar 2018

238000 mi

US $1400
gert has given us 240,000 miles with only a waterpump replacement. this is the first major repair. the drivers side wheel bearing were worn out and grinding when she turned. we decided to replace the whole assembly being more expensive instead of a repair. the left side is now also starting to make noise so it will also have to be replaced soon. NO COMPLAINTS Gert has been an amazing car. 
Toyota Camry in Michigan, United States
May 2010 - Sep 2012
May 2011

59000 mi
Brought the car in for an oil change, and upon inspection, technician found the water pump was leaking. Was replaced under warranty. 
Toyota Camry in Arkansas, United States
Mar 2014 - Jun 2014
Mar 2014

63000 mi

US $900
Solenoid that controls temp in car was making an odd sound, replaced by dealer 
Toyota Camry in Arkansas, United States
May 2018 - Jun 2018
May 2018

198000 mi

US $70
Recharged the ac and installed dye pack 
Toyota Camry in Alabama, United States
Jun 2015 - Jun 2018
Jul 2016

197000 mi

US $1200
new shocks and tires 
Jan 2018

242000 mi

US $1200
brakes; also alignment on front and rea 
Toyota Camry in Texas, United States
Oct 2010 - May 2011
Nov 2010

49000 mi

US $70
Noise from engine compartment. It was a loose air filter 
Toyota Camry in California, United States
Mar 2016 - Sep 2018
May 2016

72000 mi

US $400
12v battery was not holding charge. No idea when it was last replaced. Could well have been routine maintenance. 
Toyota Camry in Texas, United States
May 2014 - Sep 2018
Jan 2017

138700 mi
Dashboard plastic became soft, sticky, and easily scratched. The dealer replaced the entire dashboard due to a recall. 
Toyota Camry in New Jersey, United States
Nov 2011 - Jun 2014
Dec 2012

55000 mi
water pump leaking, replaced at no charge under warranty. 
Toyota Camry in California, United States
Sep 2007 - Apr 2011
Mar 2008

4000 mi
CD stuck in cd changer. They are ordering new cd changer unit for us. 
Toyota Camry in California, United States
Oct 2007 - Aug 2014
Aug 2008

9000 mi
The CD stopped ejecting and then started working again, but the dealer more or less insisted in replacing it. works fine now. 
Nov 2013

46600 mi

US $350
Water pump seeping coolant. Preventative replacement. 
Toyota Camry in Texas, United States
Dec 2007 - Jun 2011
Sep 2009

30000 mi
Left rear seat belt retractor assy stuck. Replaced assy. 
Mar 2010

37000 mi
Passenger seat heater intermittent. 
Toyota Camry in Texas, United States
Feb 2008 - Dec 2013
Dec 2008

15000 mi
I had the sun visors replaced for a rattle. 
May 2011

51000 mi

US $400
Creaking / clicking coming from back of car - Turned out it was a window installation clip on the rear window. The rear window was pulled and re-installed to resolve issue- VERY quite now !  
Nov 2011

59000 mi
Steering linkage was feeling like it was making clunks,clicks, or binding when turning tight radius. Dealer troubleshot to intermediate shaft and replaced under extended warantee. Cost would have been ~$350 CD player (4 disk) was getting stuck and displaying CD Error. Intermitting issue - dealer could not replicate issue on 1st trip. Took Car in with CD Error on CD player = Dealer performed reset on CD player - Jury is still out on this as a fix. 
Toyota Camry in Washington, United States
Sep 2007 - Mar 2010
Mar 2008

5000 mi
Dealer performed:TSB_BR007-07 rear brake squeak and or premature pad wear. 
Toyota Camry in New York, United States
Sep 2007 - Mar 2018
Feb 2008

11000 mi
ABS Actuator. 
Sep 2014

89000 mi

US $300
Fuel flow sensor 
Toyota Camry in Michigan, United States
Oct 2009 - Nov 2014
Feb 2011

56000 mi

US $30
water pump leak water pump leak (warranty), replaced serpentine belt 
Toyota Camry in California, United States
Jan 2009 - Jun 2018
Dec 2012

61000 mi

US $520
all four MacPherson struts replaced. City driving? 
Jun 2013

66000 mi

US $1100
LF wheel bearing failed hood release cable stretched and hood couldn't be opened 

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2008 Toyota Camry 4dr Sedan

158-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Toyota Camry in Kentucky, United States
Jan 2008 - Dec 2009
Nov 2008

17000 mi
At the 15,000 service interval, I had asked them to investigate an ill sounding door speaker. They checked it, ordered a speaker, and it was installed. Result was a blown speaker replaced at no cost to me. For reference this is the JBL sound system. 

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2008 Toyota Camry 4dr Sedan

158-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed automatic FWD

Toyota Camry in California, United States
Mar 2013 - Mar 2017
May 2013

115000 mi

US $75
Sun visor broke. Dealer replaced visor. This later became a part of the recall. We were not reimbursed. 
Toyota Camry in Malaysia
May 2016 - Jun 2018
Jun 2016

79360 mi

Steering was stiff and clicking 
Mar 2017

86180 mi

It was making a loud noise. Turned out to be a bad alternator. Replaced. 
Aug 2017

91760 mi

One of the ignition coil went bad causing a vibration and reduced power. One ignition coil replaced 
Nov 2017

92752 mi

Replaced radiator top tank due to a leak. 
May 2018

96100 mi

one of the ignition coil malfunctioning causing the vehicle to vibrate. spark plugs and one ignition coil replaced 
Toyota Camry in Michigan, United States
Nov 2010 - Sep 2015
Dec 2012

51000 mi
Replace battery and alternator Replace water pump 
Toyota Camry in Wisconsin, United States
May 2010 - Jun 2018
Dec 2010

25000 mi
weather stripping around door was loose. they replaced it 
Toyota Camry in Rhode Island, United States
Sep 2007 - Mar 2010
Jul 2008

8000 mi
Driver side front wheel bearing was making noise and needed to be replaced. 
Toyota Camry in Illinois, United States
Nov 2014 - Apr 2018
Aug 2017

141000 mi

US $400
Warranty rebuild 
Toyota Camry in Pennsylvania, United States
Dec 2015 - Apr 2017
Jan 2016

US $1000
Rear struts needed replaced. No fluid remaining. 
Toyota Camry in Wisconsin, United States
Dec 2015 - Jan 2018
Feb 2016

102600 mi
Replaced hood supports Replaced passenger side visor 
Aug 2017

127000 mi

US $990
Water pump replacement, rear brake pads and rotors, transmission flush. $990 
Toyota Camry in Georgia, United States
Oct 2013 - Dec 2015
Sep 2014

182000 mi

US $669
Loud above 3200 rpms and lack of take off power. Cleaned throttle body and engine lubricant cleaning. What came out of oil pan looked like lumpy gravy after the cleaning. 
Dec 2015

208000 mi

US $114
Another broken lug. Mentioning it now because it is the second one on the front end. Not sure if they cross threaded or not they say it just broke but it happened the last time I had the rotors turned. 
Toyota Camry in North Dakota, United States
Apr 2008 - Oct 2013
Jan 2012

27600 mi
Vehicle battery was replaced. Dealership completely covered the cost of the replacement. 
Oct 2013

35000 mi
Left sun visor separated from mount rod. Sun visor was replaced and an upgraded mounting kit was used to replace the sun visor. Upgraded mounting kit was used to remount right sun visor. 
Toyota Camry in Florida, United States
May 2014 - May 2020
Jun 2014

116000 mi

US $500
The ABS control module is not working. Was told a $3,000 repair. Found used parts online and can get repaired for under $500 edit its been 5 years and no issues with used part. 
Mar 2016

152000 mi

US $150
Key went bad, replaced 
Sep 2016

156000 mi

US $460
Fuel pump went bad. 
Jan 2017

US $663
Replaced radiator that had a crack. Ac system also lost cooling and was filled again...so far ac is working fine maybe just needed a recharge. 
Jul 2018

177000 mi

US $100
The rear hatch was replaced, internals worn from age 
Jan 2019

192000 mi
Oil consuming much oil a known issue with this motor...Toyota won't cover. 
Jun 2019

199000 mi

US $5
Replaced PCV valve $5...notice that oil consumption seems lower since this was done. 
Apr 2020

218000 mi

US $185
Alternator replaced 
May 2020

218000 mi

US $350
Replaced cooling fans 
Toyota Camry in Idaho, United States
Sep 2013 - Mar 2016
Sep 2013

90000 mi

US $400
Radiator required replacement 
Jan 2015

94900 mi
Consuming Oil, about 1 qt per 2500 miles 
Toyota Camry in District of Columbia, United States
Oct 2007 - Mar 2010
Feb 2008

2000 mi
The CD player started to malfunction on occasion in December 2007, but essentially ceased functioning in early February 2008. It was replaced a week later after the part ordered had arrived. No problems since. 
Toyota Camry in California, United States
Sep 2012 - Jul 2017
Oct 2012

60000 mi

US $360
CV boot torn 
Jan 2013

81800 mi

US $500
replace Struts 
Jul 2017

98000 mi

US $2600
ABC Module failed and replaced 
Toyota Camry in California, United States
Jan 2014 - Mar 2017
Mar 2014

61000 mi
I cleaned the sensor on top of throttle body 
Jun 2014

65000 mi

US $25
Oil change. Car was still running rough. I cleaned throttle body. Took care of problem 

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2008 Toyota Camry 4-door

4-cylinder automatic 2WD

Toyota in Ohio, United States
Aug 2007 - Nov 2007
Oct 2007

5000 mi
complete and total loss of power in car. Could barely get through an intersection. clock and radio presets don't hold memory. ipod aux jack does not work. I should not have bought this car. power seat has failed. cupholder lid broke, after being used only three times. Presets, aux jack repaired. Power seat repaired. Cupholder replaced. 
Toyota Camry in Georgia, United States
Jun 2014 - Jun 2015
Jun 2014

46000 mi
Water pump was failing. CV axle boot was cracked. 

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