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2009 Toyota Prius repairs by problem area

Engine (24%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (1%)

Brakes and Traction Control (5%)

Suspension and Steering (20%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (41%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (4%)

Other (6%)

Chart based on 108 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2009 Toyota Prius.

2009 Toyota Prius repair cost distribution

$2500+ (1%)

$1000 - $2499 (7%)

$500 - $999 (9%)

$100 - $499 (43%)

< $100 (40%)

Chart based on 90 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2009 Toyota Prius

Engine not specified

Toyota Prius in Indiana, United States
Sep 2011 - Sep 2012
Mar 2012

39000 mi

US $300
Fuel indicator warned only when gas was empty. I drove on the hybrid battery until it was empty. Car didnt start after I refilled. Had to recharge the battery at a dealer. Still love the car, but refill early. Dont trust the fuel indicator. 

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2009 Toyota Prius 4dr Hatch

76-horsepower 1.5L I4 Hybrid CVT FWD

Toyota Prius in California, United States
Oct 2011 - Dec 2016
Jan 2014

US $305
Prius would not shift into drive sometimes on the first try. It turned out yo be one bad cell in the starter battery. The car is only driven on short trips, 3 - 5 miles per trip. 
Toyota Prius in Netherlands
Nov 2011 - Jul 2016
May 2014

101680 mi

Replaced front right wheelbearing. Clear pitting in the rolling-surface of the balls of the bearing. Also replaced front disks and pads, not added to the above mentioned price. 
May 2016

131480 mi

Other front wheel bearing broken too (left this time iirc). 
Toyota Prius in New York, United States
Apr 2012 - Oct 2017
Oct 2012

47500 mi
Needed several jump starts with no obvious cause. Went to my local shop and they couldn't find anything. Went to the dealer, they tested the starter battery and found nothing wrong with the system. Good thing I have jumper cables! 
Jan 2013

50300 mi

US $250
The starter battery needed to be replaced. Apparently if the car has been jumped once or twice the batter goes bad and will fail randomly when starting the car. 
Mar 2013

52000 mi

US $30
The black rubber casing around the windsheld was coming off. 
Dec 2015

104000 mi

US $20
They aluminum alloy wheels corrode and cause leaking tires. The tire was at the correct PSI the night before, but the next morning it was completely flat. Wheel was ground smooth again at the shop. 
Jun 2016

110000 mi

US $1200
The care was making slight noise when going over bumps. Replaced both struts, and a sway bar link on the driver's side. 
Jul 2016

111300 mi
After the dealer fixed the sway bar link on the driver's side wheel something came loose and started grinding terribly. We went to a local shop and they bent back a piece of metal that was out of place. The noise came back 100 miles later. 
Toyota Prius in California, United States
Oct 2012 - May 2016
Nov 2012

135300 mi

US $650
The main unit for the radio and GPS unit had to be replaced 
May 2016

248000 mi

US $2200
Multi Function Display went black 
Toyota Prius in Maryland, United States
May 2012 - Jun 2016
Dec 2013

127000 mi

US $250
Edge of hood had rust under paint. Toyota paid 1/2 (up to $250.00) to have rust removed and repainted. Also had stone chips buffed out. I think Toyota should have paid full price (by my reading of warranty) but I'll take what I can get. 
Apr 2014

134500 mi

US $230
Replaced both headlights. Had to get mechanic 2help get weather sield off drivers side headlight. Was getting pulled over because headlights were going out intermittently. Bulbs were still working but im resistance had increased over tim 
Jan 2015

149000 mi

US $245
12 volt battery needed to be replaced. Next time I'll do it myself, located in the trunk. Had several false transmission warnings that I believe was caused by low voltage. Can monitor battery voltage from message screen in diagnostic mode. 
Jul 2015

163300 mi

US $1100
Front struts Front right CV joint/ axle 
May 2016

185000 mi

US $400
The HID bulb on left died. New one is $130.00. Decided to convert to LED lamps, headlights and fog lights. Was only getting 3 yrs out of bulbs, thought they should last at least 10yrs for that price. All cars forward will be LED. 
Toyota Prius in Massachusetts, United States
Jul 2011 - Apr 2013
Jun 2012

28000 mi
The recirculating valve for the A/C unit (coolant side) opened slowly causing a check engine light. 
Aug 2012

30300 mi

US $300
Snapped wheel lug, probably because overtightened by dealer. 
Toyota Prius in Arizona, United States
Feb 2011 - Jun 2016
Apr 2014

100200 mi

US $382
replace inverter coolant pump 
Toyota Prius in Arizona, United States
Apr 2011 - Sep 2014
Mar 2013

90000 mi

US $700
Water pump failed (not the hybrid electric one). Caused all kinds of mischief with the electrical system, had to be towed to the shop. 
Toyota Prius in South Africa
Jul 2011 - Sep 2017
Apr 2013

37600 mi
Leaking rear shock absorber replaced under warranty while performing 60000 km service. 
Oct 2015

64060 mi

R 3000
The shock absorbers in the front strut assemblies were replaced. The shock absorbers were leaking and not performing like they used to due to normal wear and tear.  
Toyota Prius in Maryland, United States
Jan 2013 - Mar 2015
Oct 2014

81200 mi

US $149
Replace timing cover gasket due to engine oil leak. Replace valve cover gasket due to engine oil leak. OCV Sensor broken. Replaced. 
Toyota Prius in Great Britain
Sep 2012 - Apr 2017
Jul 2015

65500 mi
Exhaust mounting bracket weld had broken. Local private Tyre and Exhaust company was able to improvise repair with metal clamp which worked perfectly. fixed free-of-charge. 
Aug 2015

66700 mi

Air conditioning not working. Dealer recharged it, which seemed to fix it. 
Nov 2015

69400 mi

Both Halogen dipped headlight lamps replaced. One had failed the other was dim. 
Nov 2016

79400 mi

Replace leaking Air Conditioner radiator 
Toyota Prius in Vermont, United States
Jul 2015 - Mar 2017
Jan 2016

91300 mi

US $58
Left Xenon headlight bulb failed. Bought replacement part online, used youtube video to learn replacement thecnique avoiding front end disassembly, replaced at home. 
Mar 2017

98000 mi

US $1200
Diagnose check engine light: Water pump "failing" by report, and coolant temperature sensor inoperative. Vehicle held overnight, awaiting delivery of coolant temp sensor to Dealer. Water pump and coolant temperature sensor replaced on second day. Vehicle returned to us. The next day, check engine light is back. Car back to Dealer. Diagnose check engine light. Coolant flow control valve, and wiring for coolant temperature sensor replaced. Vehicle returned later the same day. 
Toyota Prius in Florida, United States
Aug 2016 - Dec 2017
Feb 2017

114000 mi

US $183
Battery died replaced. 
Toyota Prius in Alberta, Canada
Mar 2013 - Jun 2016
Jan 2013

80600 mi

C $350
The car didn't turn off completely in the morning and the battery was drained in the afternoon. I attribute this to the keyless entry not cycling to OFF properly. 
Toyota Prius in Massachusetts, United States
Nov 2013 - Sep 2017
Aug 2017

134000 mi

US $153
exhaust gasket broke and needed replacement. 
Toyota Prius in Minnesota, United States
Oct 2014 - Apr 2017
Jun 2015

180000 mi
Hybrid Cooling Pump recall hadn't been done; it left us stranded. Towed via AAA to nearest dealer and repaired at not cost. 
Dec 2016

202000 mi

US $275
TPMS error light illuminated. Testing revealed a failed TPMS sensor; replaced. 
Toyota Prius in Texas, United States
Oct 2014 - Dec 2014
Nov 2014

87000 mi

US $88
Bearings were bad, replaced both sides Continued to make noise when driving, strut mounts replaced both sides. Still making some noise when hitting potholes or road bumps Coolant valve stuck shut, engine overheated causing service light to come on Making noise when ac was on, blower motor defective. Replaced by dealer. Right headlamp burned out. Required taking front of car apart to replace. 
Toyota Prius in Pennsylvania, United States
Sep 2013 - Jun 2017
Sep 2013

86000 mi

US $215
Car would not start 
Nov 2015

142000 mi

US $300
Head lights kept going out. 
Toyota Prius in Ohio, United States
Oct 2013 - Sep 2017
Dec 2014

53000 mi

US $552
Rt headlamp was out, worked the next day. Headlight was a Xenon bulb, which displays those symptoms before going out. Since front end must be removed, both lights were replaced. Labor $200, Xenon Headlight bulbs $300, Rest=fees supplies tax. 
Apr 2016

61500 mi

US $300
FYI 12/2015 Optima8171-767YellowTop Prius Battery $157 Amazon+$125install. 3/2016 Engine light code id accelerator but dealer said battery low voltage was cause of false light. Dealer replaced battery $300. Amazon refunded $157 w/o return. 
Mar 2017

68000 mi

US $14
Replace left rear tail light. Car was in overnight due to other problem that I had to take to dealer. See later posting 
May 2017

68000 mi

US $633
Check engine light code P1121. Replaced Inverter coolant control valve. This is separate cooling system that cools the electronics associated with the high voltage battery system. Parts cost: valve, $89.32, replace supper long life coolant, $24.68. Labor cost: $462.00, environmental fee $17.00. Plus tax $40.03. Total $633.03, which seems high to me. I was told replacing a fail inverter is a $3,000 for the part. 
Toyota Prius in Iowa, United States
Dec 2013 - Mar 2015
Oct 2014

119700 mi

US $75
p1121 code from ck egg. lite. Replaced flow control valve 
Toyota Prius in Alberta, Canada
Mar 2010 - Jun 2017
Jul 2014

77500 mi

C $250
I had the check engine light go on, and when the dealership checked into it it was a stuck coolant fluid control valve. I basically paid $250-$300 for them to reset the code as they were replacing and flushing my coolant anyway. 
Apr 2016

98040 mi

C $400
Left front wheel bearing replaced. 
Jun 2017

115940 mi
Car stalled less than 5 min after picking up from oil change and windshield replacement. Shop foreman scanned vehicle and found P3190 and P0A0F current and P1121 and P1116 in history. Inspected all hoses and connections related to oil change and windshield repair. No fault found. Removed air cleaner housing to inspect throttle body and plate. Found excessively "coked". Cleaned throttle body and MAF sensor. Started engine to clear throttle body cleaner, then cleared codes. Shop suspects when air filter was inspected a small particle was dropped into the housing and drawn into the MAF sensor once engine load (venturi vacuum) increased, blocking the MAF sensor signal. 
Toyota Prius in Illinois, United States
Feb 2010 - Sep 2017
Dec 2016

92000 mi

US $320
It began as a loud noise from the drivers side tire. They replaced the wheel hub. 
Toyota Prius in California, United States
Jan 2009 - Sep 2017
Oct 2013

134800 mi

US $100
Evidence of crankcase pressure - had PCV valve replaced as precaution. 
Sep 2017

253000 mi

US $80
Replaced mass air flow sensor in response to OBD code. 
Toyota Prius in Ontario, Canada
Feb 2009 - Sep 2017
Sep 2013

63860 mi
leaking strut replaced 
May 2014

68200 mi

C $700
both front wheel bearings 
Apr 2017

100440 mi

C $450
front wheel bearing replaced 
Toyota Prius in Massachusetts, United States
Mar 2009 - Sep 2014
Jan 2014

92700 mi

US $239
The original 12V battery was dead. It would no longer hold a charge. I had it replaced. 
Toyota Prius in Oklahoma, United States
Mar 2009 - Sep 2017
Dec 2011

21000 mi
High beam on right headlight is out. Didn't fix it. Hardly ever drive at night which leads me to the question, how did it burn out if I don't use it. So, NO REPAIR. 
Jul 2012

25500 mi
Replaced the electric hybrid water pump. 
Sep 2015

47000 mi
Right headlight wouldn't go highbeam but it wasn't the bulb, but the mechanism for switching to high. This would cost $450 to fix. 
Jan 2017

26500 mi

US $250
Rear gate latch won't unlock. 
Toyota Prius in Illinois, United States
Dec 2008 - Apr 2012
Sep 2011

31000 mi
Fan (blower) completely stopped circulating air. A replacement blower was ordered and replaced. The part was covered under the original warranty so no cost to owner. Blower has functioned properly since replacement.  
Toyota Prius in Florida, United States
Jan 2009 - Jun 2017
Nov 2011

25000 mi

US $250
car would not start. auxiliary battery replaced. dealer personnel also said filters needed replaced. 
Mar 2015

48000 mi

US $800
coolant control valve 
Toyota Prius in California, United States
Sep 2008 - Nov 2010
Jan 2009

6000 mi

US $50
Intermittant problems with gas tank. Unable at times to fill tank completely with gas. Toyota says it's an 11.9 gallon tank, but I can never fill it up that much even when I drive on empty for 50 miles.  
Nov 2010

42000 mi

US $400
Tank - reset bladder tank 
Toyota Prius in North Carolina, United States
Jan 2009 - Jun 2013
Sep 2010

36000 mi
Irregular short in the radio face plate connection caused the face buttons to fail to respond to touch even though steering wheel controls worked fine then after time or pushing the problem would disappear. 
Dec 2011

57000 mi
Air bag warning light...harness replacement 
Toyota Prius in Florida, United States
Nov 2008 - Sep 2017
May 2013

37700 mi
All radio buttons stopped working 
Jun 2013

40000 mi
12 v battery replaced 
Aug 2016

67000 mi

US $450
Water Pump was showing a small leak. Replaced. 
Sep 2017

79194 mi

US $1500
CEL (Check Engine Light): Engine 3-way coolant valve - $613 Burping Sound: Replaced ABS Actuator Dealer reported Serpentine Belt heavily cracked - Replaced at owner expense Rear Hatch Lift Keyless Entry Sensor Rubber "melting" onto fingers in usage. Replaced $330 A/C not very cold - drain and recharged - $144 Check Tires Light came on right after leaving the shop after new tires installed. Replaced TPMS sensor. They wanted $300 - agreed to no charge. Marker Light 
Toyota Prius in Wisconsin, United States
Apr 2009 - Sep 2017
Jan 2013

66700 mi

US $349
Was having difficulty starting the car, particularly on cold mornings. Sometimes took 4 tries before car started. 12V auxiliary battery was replaced ($249). 
Toyota Prius in Texas, United States
Feb 2009 - Sep 2017
Aug 2012

36900 mi
inverter pump 
Jan 2013

40000 mi

US $512
coolant flow control valve 
Apr 2016

64500 mi

US $761
Replaced rear spoiler. 
Toyota Prius in Ohio, United States
Sep 2009 - Sep 2016
Dec 2009

26000 mi
Made a panic stop, then the abs,vsc, and brake lights came on would not go off. Dealer could not find anything wrong and reset. 
May 2012

80700 mi
Bad left front wheel bearing. No cost as I purchased extended warranty 
Toyota Prius in New Jersey, United States
Sep 2009 - Mar 2015
Apr 2010

12700 mi
The anti-skid light would sometimes come on when we were going over bumpy roads. This seemed to create a lag in our braking. The technician said that he would reflash the brake system per a TSB. 
Dec 2012

60000 mi

US $16
Service engine light went on. A scan indicated that the number 4 cylinder was misfiring. Ordered a used ignition coil from eBay and that fixed the problem. Note that a new ignition coil goes for over $100 plus mechanic's labor cost. 
Toyota Prius in Ohio, United States
Feb 2009 - Sep 2013
Jan 2013

25500 mi

US $20
Replaced headlight. A struggle. 
Toyota Prius in Wisconsin, United States
Dec 2009 - Sep 2017
Dec 2010

60000 mi

US $3
Taillight burned out. Replaced both rear tail lights. No other problems listed. 
Oct 2012

107200 mi

US $470
Front wheel bearing noisy and was replaced. 
Sep 2015

170000 mi

US $200
Noisy front wheel bearing- Replaced wheels bearing with new bearing assembly. 
Apr 2016

178200 mi

US $178
First time front brakes and rotors were replaced in 178,000 miles. Needed pads and rotors on front end as pads were finally worn out. Noisy front wheel bearing- Replaced wheel bearing with new bearing hub assembly. 
Toyota Prius in Minnesota, United States
Dec 2008 - Sep 2017
Jul 2010

25000 mi

US $355
right front wheel bearing only, saved the hub 
Oct 2015

139700 mi

US $350
HID Headlights 
Dec 2015

143000 mi

US $25
Rear hatch lifts. Replaced 
Toyota Prius in Utah, United States
Oct 2009 - Aug 2013
Jun 2010

31000 mi
Front Head lamp would let water in 
Toyota Prius in Florida, United States
Mar 2009 - Nov 2015
Nov 2015

55000 mi
AC system needed charge 
Toyota Prius in Connecticut, United States
Mar 2009 - Sep 2017
Feb 2010

5000 mi
Some problems w/brakes not "taking" when pressed. Concerned since the 2010 model was recalled for that. Dealer checked out for free; explained how ABS and regular brakes worked together. 
Apr 2013

19200 mi
Battery was dead. Dealer kept overnight to see if anything else was wrong. Replaced battery (non-hybrid kind). Everything worked. No charge. 
Toyota Prius in Texas, United States
May 2009 - Sep 2017
Sep 2013

50000 mi

US $255
Starting battery replaceed. NOT hybrid battery 
May 2014

61000 mi

US $100
Front left headlight developed moisture inside the lens. Not from a crack or seal break in the headlight assembly. 

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2008.5 Toyota Prius 4dr Hatch

76-horsepower 1.5L I4 Hybrid CVT FWD

Toyota Prius in Great Britain
Apr 2012 - Dec 2015
Jul 2014

107000 mi
Front left hand hub/wheel bearing replaced 
Apr 2015

113500 mi

Sway bar links worn making knocking noise on uneven ground. 

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