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2012 Subaru Forester repairs by problem area

Engine (51%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (3%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (9%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (15%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (6%)

Other (14%)

Chart based on 80 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2012 Subaru Forester.

2012 Subaru Forester repair cost distribution

$2500+ (2%)

$1000 - $2499 (7%)

$500 - $999 (5%)

$100 - $499 (18%)

< $100 (69%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 61 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2012 Subaru Forester

Engine not specified

Subaru Forester in Pennsylvania, United States
Nov 2012 - Dec 2012
Dec 2012

29000 mi
rear headrest not locking 
Subaru Forester in Florida, United States
Jun 2013 - Jan 2014
Sep 2013

10000 mi

US $100
Engine burning too much oil Car hard to start, need to try several times. Check engine light and traction watning light flashes while driving 
Jan 2014 Burning too much oil, approx 2.5 quarts every 1500 miles. TSB, dealer began process of resolution. I did not want to deal with going back and forth to the dealer, and so early. Replaced car. 

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2012 Subaru Forester 4dr SUV

turbocharged 224hp 2.5L H4 4-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Subaru Forester in Connecticut, United States
Nov 2013 - Mar 2015
Apr 2014

12800 mi
crack in windshield due to defective rear view mirror installation. 
Jun 2014

17000 mi
crack due to rear view mirror fixed with the installation of a new windshield; earlier repair not successful. 
Mar 2015

23000 mi
persistent leak at rear view mirror and resultant replacement of front wind shield.hopefully,this resealing of front windshield will end problem!! 

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2012 Subaru Forester 4dr SUV

170-horsepower 2.5L H4 5-speed manual AWD

Subaru Forester in New Hampshire, United States
Aug 2012 - Jun 2018
Jan 2016

32200 mi

US $262
Worn right front wheel bearing, starting to make noise and vibrate during left turns. Replaced wheel bearing and hub. 
Apr 2016

68000 mi

US $1200
A/C Compressor seized over the winter. Replaced. 
Jun 2016

75000 mi
Over the last 2 oil change intervals, my Forester has started burning oil at a rate of >1 QT/3,000 miles. None prior. Brought to dealer for an oil consumption test, performed over 1200 miles. Dealer overfilled >1/2 Quart at start of test. 
Dec 2016

82000 mi
Engine continues to burn oil at a rate of ~0.5 qts/1,000 miles. 
Subaru Forester in Alberta, Canada
Apr 2012 - Jun 2017
Jul 2014

14140 mi
Excessive oil consumption; 1 litre / 1200 km on one trip. Dealer recommended oil consumption test which is in progress. No repairs performed as of yet. 
Jan 2015

11840 mi
Oil Consumption Test Completed: 1 litre 0W20 synthetic oil used in 4,000km. Dealer sitting on fence as to whether this is "excessive". Looking into whether or not Subaru will allow use of 5W30 synthetic instead. 
Mar 2015

18600 mi
5W30 Synthetic now in car. Aprox. 1000K since oil change. Oil consumption appears improved. 
Sep 2015

25420 mi
Fuel cap tether broken 
Feb 2016

27900 mi
Short block replaced under warranty due to excessive oil consumption. Engine was consuming 1 litre of oil every 2000 - 3000 km despite switching to 5W30 from 0W20 synthetic oil. Dealer was very reasonable and helpful. 
Subaru Forester in Quebec, Canada
Mar 2017 - Jan 2019
Jul 2017

132060 mi
Car went into limp mode with check engine , cruise and traction control light on or flashing. 
Oct 2017

137020 mi
Oil consumption test recall from Subaru Canada. More than 1 liter per 2500km Engine will be changed under warranty in January 2018. 
Jan 2018

138880 mi

C $300
Engine changed under recall from Subaru Canada for excessive oil consumption. 
Subaru Forester in Tennessee, United States
Oct 2014 - Mar 2015
Oct 2014

72000 mi

US $60
Took car to dealer for oil consumption test. Burns 1 qt. of 0-20 every 2000 miles. Dealer over filled it with a thicker oil. No surprise, it burns less, about 1 qt. In 3000 miles. Subaru says 1 qt per 1000 miles is ok in their owners manual 
Subaru Forester in Maine, United States
May 2012 - Jun 2018
Jan 2017

20000 mi

US $500
Battery needed replacing. Extream cold weather would not crank 
Dec 2017

46521 mi
Loud clacking noise from engine compartment and significant oil loss with no external signs. Diagnosed at sticking PCV valve which was replaced under oil system warrantee. Currently in the midst of 1,500 mile oil consumption test. This happened once before. 
Jan 2018

47000 mi
Vehicle failed oil consumption test with rate of 43.760Z per 1,200 miles. Engine removed and new short block installed. 
Subaru Forester in New York, United States
Apr 2012 - May 2018
Feb 2015

24700 mi
Engine is consuming excessive oil. Dealer started oil consumption test. Consumed .5 quarts of oil in 600 miles. Dealer topped off the oil and will recheck at 1000 miles. 
Mar 2015

26000 mi
High oil consumption continues. Dealer did not accurately measure oil consumption in 1000 miles. Restarted test and will return to dealer in 1000 miles. 
May 2015

27400 mi
Dealer determined oil consumption of 1.25 quarts in 800 miles is excessive. Subaru replaced the short block (crank case, pistons, crankshaft) under warranty. Also given an extended warranty for 8 years, 80k miles at no cost. 

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2012 Subaru Forester 4dr SUV

170-horsepower 2.5L H4 4-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Subaru Forester in Utah, United States
Oct 2016 - Dec 2016
Dec 2016

78000 mi

US $2500
Head gasket failure resulting in coolant leaking along with a crack in another small part. 
Subaru Forester in Connecticut, United States
Aug 2015 - Aug 2021
Mar 2017

59000 mi
CEL, flashing cruise, traction control lit. Cruise in. Code indicated loose gas cap. 
Jul 2017

65000 mi

US $15
One headlight out, replaced both. 
Aug 2017

71000 mi

US $200
Replaced sticking caliper and worn rotor. New pads on all wheels. 
Jul 2021

131000 mi

US $250
CEL was on, which on a Subaru means cruise and traction control disabled. Scanned the codes which indicated the Bank 1 sensor was not responding correctly to lean and rich commands. Oxygen sensor replaced, codes reset, no further issues. $250 part at Autozone!!! 
Subaru Forester in Pennsylvania, United States
Jul 2015 - Jun 2018
Sep 2015

45000 mi
Vehicle would occasionally take unusually long time to start, not related to temperature or time since last drive. Dealer said there was a bulletin for the issue and applied a software update. Am waiting to see if the update fixes the issue. 
Dec 2015

47000 mi
Long/Slow start issue persisted after software flash. Took vehicle to different dealer, they indicated the flash was not done and performed the flash as well, this time it worked. Not sure if the first dealer actually flashed or not 
Subaru Forester in Hawaii, United States
Dec 2013 - Jun 2018
Dec 2014

13000 mi
Reloaded engine software but still have intermitant starting problems. Seal for timing belt cover leaking. 
Jun 2018

26000 mi

US $2200
AC would get very warm after 1/2 hour of operation. After AC shut down for 15 minutes, it would cool down again for another 1/2 hour. 
Subaru Forester in Ohio, United States
Oct 2013 - Dec 2014
Jan 2014 Engine at 18,000 miles was 2.5 quarts low on oil. It now has long cold start until key is recycled and serve piston slap. Has blown blue smoke, low coolant, blown fused, and cracked windshield. Our second Subaru to crack a windshield. 
Dec 2014

24000 mi
Motor oil consumption, misfires, coolant consumption. Blows fuses and the windows go up slowly when they go up at the same time. 
Subaru Forester in Pennsylvania, United States
Mar 2016 - Jun 2018
Mar 2017

76238 mi

US $250
Replacement of all rotors and pads, labor only cost, parts purchased seperately 
Dec 2017

82500 mi

US $100
Engine would turn over many times before starting, corrected with ECM reflash Rattle from under vehicle, clamp on heat shield replaced 
Apr 2018

84000 mi
AC not working (blows warm air). Replaced AC Compressor under extended warranty. 
Subaru Forester in Connecticut, United States
Oct 2015 - Aug 2017
May 2017

29000 mi
Air bag recall 
Subaru Forester in Ontario, Canada
Jun 2018 - Sep 2018
Jul 2018

41540 mi
Plugs and coil to correct check engine light 
Sep 2018

42780 mi

C $1000
Replaced LF AND RF wheel bearings. RR was done 3000km ago. 
Subaru Forester in Minnesota, United States
Apr 2012 - Jun 2018
Jun 2018

68000 mi
High oil consumption. Dealer did oil change at no charge and re-checked oil consumption after 1200 miles. Within acceptable consumption rate. 
Subaru Forester in Illinois, United States
Oct 2011 - Feb 2018
Nov 2017

87000 mi

US $800
Front half axle replacement 
Subaru Forester in Connecticut, United States
Sep 2012 - Jun 2018
Oct 2017

54000 mi

US $1200
Struts reached end of life and damaged tie rods. 
Subaru Forester in Alberta, Canada
Oct 2011 - Oct 2017
Aug 2012

10080 mi
Check engine light and traction light on, then off within 15second on itself. Called dealer, said not to worry because lights are off. Wo waited two weeks for service. Tech said system parameters setting wrong. Flashed system with new memory 
Subaru Forester in Washington, United States
May 2012 - Mar 2014
May 2013

14400 mi
Check engine went on, and the traction control sensor showed the system was defective, also the cruise control stopped working. It was the oxygen sensor causing the check engine to be on and other dfisplay irregularities 
Subaru Forester in Illinois, United States
Jul 2014 - Jun 2018
Feb 2015

42000 mi

US $120
Had transmission oil replaced. Car came from lease so maintenance intervals are maintained, but the gears (1st and second) are hard to shift in 40-50s or below weather even after 3-4 minute startup. Not a prob on 97 honda in same weather Fuel mileage at 17-18 in cold weather city drving. Dealership couldn't solve problem. Also, for the first time in life, the washer fluid lines froze though at least they didn't burst like other cars. 
Feb 2018

78000 mi

US $684
wheel bearing rubber bushing was going bad so I had to pay $550 there to allow the alignment to be done. Alignment was way out of line instead of close to zero for camber and caster. Dealer didn't fix it under warranty so for the last 3 years, I was so close to selling this car. It was a hazard to drive in winter with the car slip sideways. ABS would start it clacking but I would have to pump the brakes to stop the car. The car stopped using ABS in the the last snow that we had. I'll probably find out how much of a difference was made next winter. 
Subaru Forester in California, United States
Nov 2011 - Jul 2014
Nov 2013

40000 mi

US $200
Rearview mirror was loose. has been a problem since the car was less than a year old. 
Subaru Forester in New York, United States
Dec 2011 - Oct 2014
Jun 2013

13000 mi
While accelerating up a large hill, cruise light, service engine light and traction control light came in making cruise and traction control inoperable. Read on net 26 pages of this issue. Needed an ECM flash. all good and better mileage 
May 2014

26000 mi
Driver side rear gas strut that holds opened the rear cargo door failed loosing oil and making the door unable to stay open on its own. 
Subaru Forester in Florida, United States
May 2012 - Jun 2017
Aug 2014

21000 mi
gas cap tether broke. gas cap replaced. 
Mar 2016

31000 mi
starting problem. often doesn't start first time. usually good, second try. brought in... told a temp gauge at fault. repaired. same problem next day. going back. 
Subaru Forester in California, United States
Mar 2012 - Jun 2017
Jan 2014

6300 mi
Inside rear view mirror was loose since I purchased the car. It became looser so a friend tried to repair it, but could not. The whole mirror fell which was better than if I had been driving. Dealer was great and even washed my car. 
Mar 2017

36500 mi
Passenger airbag had to be replaced. 
Subaru Forester in South Carolina, United States
Jun 2012 - Sep 2017
Sep 2012

3000 mi
CEL, Traction Control, and Cruise Control lights blinking on dash. Dealer tech stated that the control module recorded two engine misfires. The module was re-flashed in compliance with a TSB. 
Aug 2013

13000 mi
CEL, Cruise & Traction control lights blinking. Dealer reset ECU. 
Nov 2016

51000 mi

US $385
Engine was repaired under Subaru's high oil consumption TSB. 
Subaru Forester in California, United States
Sep 2012 - Jun 2013
Oct 2012

US $400
Wheels were shaking whole car at speeds over 60mphand car is extremely swaying on curves at freeway speeds. (swaying has not been fixed - waiting for suggestion from Subaru of America - they don't care to much if you crash or kill someone) 
Subaru Forester in Wisconsin, United States
Jan 2012 - Jun 2017
Sep 2013

20000 mi
Faulty fuel cap, took 3 visits to diagnose & fix. Technician left clamp on line during 2nd visit causing 3rd visit 
Subaru Forester in Ohio, United States
Jan 2014 - Jun 2014
Jan 2014

8000 mi
The chrome strip had fallen off on of the HVAC grilles. Entire unit to be replaced. Carpet pulling loose and gapping at sill plate. 
Feb 2014

8200 mi
Part came in for piece that fell off the dash, they repaired it. 
Subaru Forester in North Carolina, United States
Dec 2011 - Dec 2013
Oct 2012

14800 mi
Backup camera and audio system would not work at times. The dealer claimed that if it did not show this at the dealership they were not allowed to replace the audio unit until if failed completely. 
Dec 2013

33000 mi
Backup camera and audio system would not work at times. 
Subaru Forester in Colorado, United States
Dec 2011 - Nov 2015
Oct 2012

3200 mi
Rattle in rear roof area. Dealer removed head liner and secured the sunroof rails. The repair did not work and I will be taking the vehicle back. 
Apr 2015

14200 mi
Check engine light. Codes read misfires in #1 and #2 cylinders. Has occurred twice when under acceleration,computer was flashed for upgrade,and told to use only premium fuel. Interior rear view mirror kept falling off. 
Nov 2015

16000 mi
Burning oil. Dealer states normal a qt.every 1,000 miles. 
Subaru Forester in Pennsylvania, United States
Apr 2013 - Mar 2017
Aug 2013

31100 mi
The lower part of the engine was replaced as a courtesy. My insurance, factory warranty (under 30,000 miles) did not apply, the extended warranty did not apply(under 30,000 miles) and my insurance policy did not cover the repair. 30,000 mile check-up. oil change and repairs as needed. 

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2012 Subaru Forester 4dr SUV

148-horsepower 2.0L H4 4-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Subaru Forester in Ontario, Canada
Dec 2011 - Dec 2014
Aug 2014

44100 mi
Noticed buzz from right side. Turned out to be a bad right wheel bearing. replaced under warranty 

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2011.5 Subaru Forester 4dr SUV

170-horsepower 2.5L H4 4-speed shiftable automatic AWD

Subaru Forester in New Zealand
Jan 2016 - Jun 2018
Dec 2017

41540 mi

headlight bulb replacement. 

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