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2019 Kia Sedona 4dr Minivan, ext.

276-horsepower 3.3L V6 8-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Kia Sedona in Ontario, Canada
Jan 2021 - Jul 2022
Jun 2022

33541 mi
Vehicle twice had a drop in engine power when on highway. A few seconds when trying to accelerate, then picked up. Second time, engine light came on during the loss of power. Took to my local mechanic on way home, he ran codes for me - code P0088, fuel rail system pressure too high. He said take to dealer as should be under warranty. Took to dealer next day, they found code, ran vehicle, said it was probably an intermittent blockage in fuel rail. Pressure and injector pulse width normal at the time. Picked vehicle up same day. 
Jul 2022

34387 mi
Two days after being checked at dealer (previous repair trip), issue returned during longer road trip. Regular drop in engine power when accelerating. I realised that it occurred when reaching about 2,400 RPM. Power dropped, I had to put on hazards, pull to side of road for perhaps 5 seconds if in traffic, coast until power picked up. Made it home but had to accelerate slowly off stop lights, had difficulty up two longer inclines, and one hill if engine wanted to change gear. Engine light came on early in the drive. Took to dealer, same P0088 error code. From work order: Fuel pressure too high, actual vs fuel pressure set point, actual 239907 hpa, set point 6002 hpa, regulator has failed. Required new high pressure fuel pump assembly, parts ordered, installed two days later and vehicle ready to go. OK since. 
Kia Sedona in California, United States
Jun 2019 - Apr 2023
Jun 2021

25000 mi
Third row foldable seat latch broke. Replaced under warranty. 
Apr 2023

40000 mi
Driver side sliding door motor replaced. 

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