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2014 Cadillac CTS Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Oh-So-Close To Real Audi Competitor by tinyelviss



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Coming from a 2009 A8L I am qualified to compare. The Caddy beats Audi in several areas while still catching up in some others. The Good: 1] Stupendous handling - this chassis is set up so well they really needn't bother with the Sport Mode. 2] Interior comfort - sorry Audi, but Cue is the way of the future. Caddy seats equal to if not better than the 22-way adjustable Audi. 3] Sharp styling - also an intended pun! The we-mean-business creases in the hood and body panels elevate the car above every other sedan on the road. 4] Lighting, in and out. Adaptable bi-xenons more adept than Audi. Interior/sill/approach lights are highly functional and very stylish. The Catch-Up 1] Acceleration is on par but not RIGHT NOW like the A8. The 3.6 pulls great, does not run out of breath even at 80+mph, but also does not match the 4.2L's MPG's on the highway. 2] Front struts - tend to allow the harshest of jarring bumps into the cabin. 3] CUE is slow..heard it's been fixed with the 2016's. In fairness, the comparison should be between the CTS4 and an Audi A6, which I did. The A6 seemed a bit dowdy, the styling bland, and the interior (while impeccable) kind of boring like German cars can be. The Caddy is more inviting, fits better, and beckons you to get in. Once inside, the Audi says ">yawn< let's go" while the Caddy says "Let's Roll" Then there is the cost factor. Both stickered well north of $60,000. The Caddy takes regular, the Audi premium. The 5 year cost-to-own at Edmunds was much kinder to Caddy. I'm sure Audi's resale value will hold better. My Audi dealer got a bit snooty towards the last year of our relationship; my Caddy dealer almost cleans my footsteps as I approach the door.

Reviewed: 2014 Cadillac CTS

4dr Sedan 321-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD


This car is a real player. It's not perfect, the styling is highly subjective, but my real-world seat-of-my-pants comparison gives the Caddy the nod. I've learned they are not selling particularly well, and the CUE has a lot do do with it, so it's kind of nice to have an exclusivity factor with an American made car. Recent jaunts from Western PA to the East Coast have confirmed this car wants to run.....wants to play....

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Response from NormT

7:20 pm August 24, 2017

The Alpha platform in our ATS and CTS, that Camaro is using it. I have a XTS too and don't mind CUE.


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