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2006 Cadillac DTS Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Great Ride & Comfort. Engine will send you to the poorhouse. Stay away! by hoppysport



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Great looking and comfortable car. The Northstar engine is a nightmare. Stay far away from this car, and the mediocre dealer repair shops.

Reviewed: 2006 Cadillac DTS

4dr Sedan 275-horsepower 4.6L V8 4-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2006 Cadillac DTS?

Exterior styling

Excellent looking car...Cadillac Art & Sciene design. Body will age well.

Interior styling

Superb interior. Extremely comfortable seats. Can sit for hours without fatigue. Very clean dash. Superb navigation. Cadillac did a great job on this interior.

Powertrain performance

Excellent engine performance. Awful engine. The Northstar is a piece of junk. Impossible to access anything in the engine. To change a water pump takes a day and costs $1400. Constant crankcase and oil pan leaks. Not even worth fixing them. Just live with them. The cost to fix them goes well over $2000. Not on your life.

Fuel economy

Great on the highway. At 65 I get a consistant 25mpg. The city is an entirely different story. In stop and go city driving, the best I've ever gotten is 10mpg. The average is 8mpg. The EPA estimates 17 in the city. They are off their rocker. This car sucks gas in city driving. Stay away unless you have tons of money or own an oil refinery.


Not bad considering what it is. I needed to replace the rear air shocks. Dealer wanted $2200 for all. Bought the Monroe shock/spring replacement for $117 a pair from Just Suspension. The car now handles so much better.

Why Not the 2006 Cadillac DTS?

Fuel economy

Terrible in the city. 8 mpg on average. At least it takes regular.


Car never aligns properly. Constantly changing tires due to abnormal wear.

Other Features of the 2006 Cadillac DTS

Exterior styling

I would stay far and away from this car. It drives well, and to its credit, has never broken down. But the Northstar engine is a very scary proposition. It they had put their excellent 3.8 litre V6 in it, I would drive it for 10 more years. But the Northstar is complete junk. Access to the engine is impossible. Access to everything is impossible. To change a headlight bulb, you have to drop the front bumper. Good grief! And the bulbs and ballasts cost over $1000 for the complete job. Too boot, the headlights throw out terrible light. One thing about the car...the parts last. I replaced my front hubs at 105,000 miles...and the car spends a lot of time on the beyond awful Manhattan roads. The thing that ultimately kills this car is the engine. A piece of junk. The dealers repair departments don't even know how to work on them.

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