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2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Terrific Car. Solid and Dependable. I've driven it on 2500+ mile trips. Very very comfortable by Jimntempe



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I bought this car because it was the most car for the least money during the Cash For Clunkers deal. Traded in an old pickup that needed the transmission rebuit and some fuel system work. I was not expecting much out of this car based on all the horror stories I had heard about Chrysler products.

Reviewed: 2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser

4dr Wagon 150-horsepower 2.4L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser Love Letter

Outside - Some people like the looks, some don't. It's inoffensive enough. My kids think it looks like a mini-hearse. I did not buy it for it's looks. That said, the body is solid and everything fits extremely well. In 55000 miles it has not developed any rattles or squeaks. The doors still open and close like new. The paint is still fine EXCEPT on the rear bumper, which oxidized badly. This seems to be a common problem on every make of car. At least it's not another look-a-like jelly bean like most of the other inexpensive cars.

As for how does it drive - It's very comfortable, seats are supportive with decent back support. I've driven it on long trips with 15 hours behind the wheel. I had a 2005 Crown Vic and this PT is more comfortable on long trips. The Crown Vic left me buzzing, this does not. I can't explain it, it seems backwards, but that's my experiance. It also handles reasonabley well, no sports car but it will zip around low speed and high speed corners quite well. Also it's brakes are very good. I don't have ABS but they have never threatened to lock up, they just stop the car fast and straight with good pedal feel. Even at 90 mph it feels stable and solid.

Inside Fit, finish, looks - It looks great inside. Although it's mostly plastic it's a light gray/green (I say green, my wife says gray) with cloth seats. It looks far far nicer then most low to medium priced cars, which too often are a very dull black hard plastic. The plastic in this is well made with nice colors and textures. Nothing else I considered in the price range came close. And it all fits well and there are no sqeaks. The only part that sort of has a cheap ambiance to it is the center console, it looks like a bunch of snapped together plastic but nothing has broken. The instument Cluster is very nice looking and looks "quality" and even thought this is the base model it has a fairly complete Driver Information System of Compass, Timer, Trip Odometers, outside temp, average fuel mileage, miles till empty plus a graphic for warning if doors are not closed or if you left the keys in the ignition, low fuel, etc.

Only a few things broke during the factory warranty, nothing of significance and all were fixed without problem at the dealer. After the factory warranty was up the cooling fan went out. That was the only major thing that has broken. I had it fixed at the dealer under my extended warranty but it's a fairly simple DIY repair if you wanted to DIY.

If you are looking at used one, and that's all there is now, they don't make them anymore, and you find one you like at a price you like I would not hesitate to reccommend this car based on my experiance.


Based on my experiance I would reccommend the PT Cruiser with two things to keep in mind. 1)The gas mileage is only so so. I've got a 2000 Malibu with a V6 that gets better mileage but it's body style isn't as versitile. 2) It's kind of gutless. If you want to GO you really need to put the pedal to the floor and let it rev up. Again, comparing it to my Malibu the Malibu is a lot peppier and has suffers no mileage penalty. But when New the Malibu cost nearly $10,000 more than I paid for this PT.

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Response from Member5524

10:58 pm September 22, 2015

I have only owned Chrysler products all my driving life - 48 years.Most have been quite good with only one reallemon.When the PT Cruisers first came out, we rented one for a 4 1/2 trip - one way.Without a doubt, this is the MOST COMFORTABLE car I have ever driven. After 4 1/2 hours, I got out and felt liike I had driven 15 minutes. Wish all the vehicles I have owned over the years had the comfort of the Cruiser!


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Response from Sea-Dan

8:32 pm March 31, 2016

I have also had several PT Cruisers as rental cars. I agree with OP conclusion. Very comfortable, roomy, handles reasonably well, gas miles on the low side.


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