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2008 Chrysler Town & Country repairs by problem area

Engine (22%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (6%)

Brakes and Traction Control (6%)

Suspension and Steering (11%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (38%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (10%)

Other (8%)

Chart based on 378 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country.

2008 Chrysler Town & Country engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (3%)

$500 - $999 (15%)

$100 - $499 (35%)

< $100 (47%)

Chart based on 74 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2008 Chrysler Town & Country

Engine not specified

49000 mi Replace Y fitting on coolant line 

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2008 Chrysler Town & Country 4dr Minivan, ext.

251-horsepower 4.0L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

26000 mi Loud ticking noise upon start-up that lasted for approximately 15-30 seconds. Transmission shifts harshly from 1st to 2nd at low speed, low throttle openings. 
46000 mi Engine turned off and car lost all power on freeway. A known problem with the 2008s, no real fix, design problem. Hoped it wouldn't happen to us, but it did. So traded it in immediately. 
67900 mi

US $1000
Car kept shutting off while drive. 
70000 mi

US $150
Wire ignition node module. car wont respond to key. Dealer says a grand to fix. Same problem fixed itself earleir using keyfob. I think dealer dishonest not letting him fix it. Having it towed back. 
10000 mi #5 Thrust Bearing Protection 
116000 mi

US $150
The plastic wye connectors for the heater cores cracked & had to be replaced. 
10000 mi

US $500
New ignition coils. 
40000 mi Radiator Cap seeping 
14260 mi

C $250
Loud whining sound coming from engine compartment. Pulley and tensioner was replaced, but sound still persists. Dealer thinks that it's the Alternator, parts ordered.  
15500 mi Key FOB stuck in ignition, new ignition NODE ordered and installed. It did not solve problem. The metal shifter release could not contact the key release. This piece was changed. Problem solved. Whining sound still present upon acceleration only. Dealer cannot provide a solution and was told they all do that. 
28520 mi

C $30
Sensor was to be replaced for radiator per the Rapid Response bulletin. Parts on order. Transmission PCM re-flash per Rapid response Bulletin 
126000 mi

US $100
replaced EGR valve 
1000 mi Computer sensor failed. Fuel injector system failed for 1 cylinder spraying fuel, causing engine to stall, strong fumes in cabin. Vehicle was towed to dealer with 1570 miles on it. 
5000 mi Metal on Metal grinding at startup, loud clunking noises, loud ticking noises at initial startup. They can never "replicate the problem" but we hear it every single time...... 

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2008 Chrysler Town & Country 4dr Minivan, ext.

197-horsepower 3.8L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

91000 mi

US $135
Replaced Radiator 
74000 mi

US $225
Emissions - EGR Valve replaced 
69000 mi

US $680
Heater hose assembly replaced due to leaking coolant. $680 including replacing all coolant. Oil pan gasket is leaking. I had previously asked why my oil was consistently 1 qt. low and was told by service writer at dealer that it was "normal for Chryslers." Now I have a $430 repair. 
85500 mi

US $880
Heater Hose Assembly broke, causing van to lose coolant and overheat. Hose Assembly replaced. Van had to be towed. 
98000 mi

US $400
Check engine light came on, scan indicated p0404, EGR Valve problem. Dealer replaced EGR valve. 
125000 mi

US $545
Van would intermittently not crank, starter and harness replaced. We are still having this problem, although not as much. Need to take it back in, wondering if the new starter is also faulty. 
127000 mi

US $906
Engine overheated, due to leak in radiator. Radiator replaced. 
127000 mi Van would intermittently not crank, even after the starter and a a wiring harness were replaced. 
9920 mi Radiator cap cracked. Dealer replaced. 
56000 mi

US $225
My wife noticed a coolant leak while using the van. We found the radiator leaking under pressure. I changed the radiator and hoses, high pressure heater hose and added the lost coolant. 
57000 mi

US $16
Service tech noted a possible oil leak. Area was cleaned and dye added during routine oil change to allow for later leak detection. 
77000 mi

US $250
Recurring OBD code for the EVAP part of the fuel system. We put the van in the shop in the beginning of Dec but got the CEL again the day after we received it from the shop. They took the van back right before Christmas and fixed it. 
100000 mi

US $500
Radiator inlet neck cracked. These vans have plastic and aluminium radiators that crack regularly. 
101000 mi

US $25
Replaced coolant T joint, and three rubber hoses, and clamps 
123000 mi

US $850
Original radiator began to leak in a seam on left side of radiator and was replaced. 
96700 mi radiator leak. plastic radiators cannot be repaired had to replace 
111000 mi

US $85
coolant leak 
119000 mi

US $787
Took car in because the dash lights lit up all over (engine light, oil pressure, temp gauge, etc. Took to shop and entire sensor system needed replaced. 
103000 mi

US $550
Once the condenser was out you could see the tank on the radiator was seeping, so I replaced that too. 
36980 mi

US $149
Oil light came on and oil consumption test was continued from last test. No repair at that time. Oil light came on and oil consumption test was done. PVC valve replaced per Chrysler recommendation. 
40000 mi Excessive oil consumption, waiting for tech support from Chrysler. Previous repair attempts were unsuccessful. 
84000 mi

US $90
Cooling line going to the heater core, the plastic Y split. replacment line is 90 dollars. replaced with an aftermarket Y and off the shell cooling lines for 10 dollars 
20000 mi Transmission shifts hard on take off or slow down. Dealer: Performed TSB 210170B update NGC for shift 
42000 mi

US $210
Replace heater line 
118600 mi

US $100
Coolant leak -- something within the radiator system. 
1000 mi Pretty serious coolant leak from a freeze plug in engine. 
37000 mi Faulty ignition switch would allow car to run, but electrical accessories like a/c, fans, lights, windows, would not work. Could wiggle key to get it to operate again 
57000 mi

US $100
Intermittent ignition problem where van would die on left hand turns and occasionally on hard bumps. Chrysler customer care paid for the repair. A recall for the same issue exists for 2010 and 2011 models. It's a faulty ignition switch. Rear heater hose failed and was leaking coolant at a poorly designed plastic connector. Part replaced was a huge hose assembly that cost $100. Come'on Chrysler. Van is really dissappointing. 
89800 mi

US $350
The check engine light was on. A gas tank vent pollution device had failed and it cost me $300 to have it fixed. Gas cap also replaced. Valve cover gasket replaced under warranty. 
102000 mi

US $45
Had to replace the "y" shaped cooling water hose. Factory defect with a poor design. OEM part failed a second time. Replaced with an aftermarket part. 
103000 mi

US $150
Had to replace a leaking radiator. 
127000 mi Expensive repair to fix a leaking plastic tee. Not happy. Its adjacent tee on the supply side has failed twice, this was the first failure for this part. Same poor design. Dealer performed a recall on the flaky Wireless Ignition Node and we got three nice, new replacement key fobiks at no cost, which was nice. 
100200 mi

US $300
Replaced the oil pan gasket under lifetime powertrain warranty. It was leaking enough oil to leave spots on the driveway. Replaced the ESIM valve again. This was replaced 2.5 years ago. Its the evaporative System Integrity monitor that checks to see if the gas tank vent and charcoal canister are working ok. Pretty dissappointing. 
137400 mi

US $240
The replacement radiator was leaking. My son and I replaced it in about one hour. I bought a lifetime warranty part, as the prior part had a 2 year warranty (aftermarket) and failed at 2 years and 8 days. 
130700 mi Had to replace the ESIM valve for the 3rd time. Bought the valve for $15 from autozone and repalced in 10 minutes. It fixed the problem. 
149000 mi

US $80
Had to replace the radiator again.. Advance auto parts lifetime warranty. Not cool. 
68000 mi

US $125
Replace PCV due to clog in it 
74900 mi

US $30
Replace PCV valve. 
90300 mi

US $32
Replace engine coolant temp sensor and thermostat. 
106100 mi

US $100
Replace spark plugs, wires and coil pack tracking misfire. 
123000 mi

US $180
Radiator leaking, replaced. 
8000 mi Transmission jerking when shifting. Dealer updated software.  
15000 mi

US $100
PCM re-flashed for rough idle and lousy shifting; 
28000 mi

US $75
Replaced EGR Valve after first trying to clean the one on the car. Check engine light came on, code p01404 
41000 mi

US $120
The EGR valve replaced 11 months prior, failed. 
19000 mi

US $109
part of the exhaust / fuel system became lose, which caused the engine malfunction light to light. 
79800 mi

US $190
EGR replaced. 
Intermittent crank but no start; could not replicate. 
9000 mi Intermittent unsolved electrical problems since delivery. Finally discovered it was a defective ignition switch getting stuck in the "crank" position. Ordered and replaced ignition switch. 

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2008 Chrysler Town & Country 4dr Minivan, ext.

175-horsepower 3.3L V6 4-speed shiftable automatic FWD

96000 mi

US $50
Leaky radiator 
129000 mi

US $200
Needed to replace a spark plug and coil because got cylinder 1 failure code. Car was shuddering when driven. 
158000 mi

US $25
Replace heater hose Y-junction to fix leaking coolant. 
14000 mi

US $593
Also there was carbon buildup in the exhaust system. The Chrysler dealer called the repair Emission System Service. They charged $58 for emission cleaner, $149.75 for CPD which I assume is for labor? and $12.25 for intake system cleaner.  
US $15 Replaced leaking leaking heater Y hose - Leak was failed Y fitting 
190000 mi

US $95
Plastic portion of radiator developed hairline fracture due to back pressure from bad thermostat. 
23500 mi heater seemed to be running even with heat off. Told me it was the engine heat being blown around by the window open. 
114000 mi

US $800
Radiator leak, needed replaced. 
13000 mi Car started and moved quarter of block then lights and gauges all started flashing then gauges quit working. Shut key off twice to try and reset which it finally did. Then took to dealer, could not replicate but never has done again. bcm may be problem. 
120000 mi

US $1050
engine mounts cracked and some other computer prob. 

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2008 Chrysler Town & Country 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

1000 mi I took it back in because I thought it had an oil burning smell. Turns out that’s the sealer they use on all the underbody parts and after another week it just went away. 

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