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2013 Chrysler Town & Country repairs by problem area

Engine (37%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (13%)

Brakes and Traction Control (13%)

Suspension and Steering (8%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (21%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (5%)

Other (5%)

Chart based on 63 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2013 Chrysler Town & Country.

2013 Chrysler Town & Country repair cost distribution

$2500+ (2%)

$1000 - $2499 (6%)

$500 - $999 (6%)

$100 - $499 (33%)

< $100 (54%)

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Chart based on 52 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2013 Chrysler Town & Country 4dr Minivan, ext.

283-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Chrysler Town & Country in Ontario, Canada
Apr 2013 - Jun 2017
Jun 2017

29140 mi
Check Engine Light was on. Code P0520 - Oil Pressure Sensor Switch replaced under warranty. TSB 18-034-14 applies. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Florida, United States
May 2013 - Jul 2017
Apr 2017

61000 mi
entire transmission failed on the road. They replace it with a rebuilt one 
Jul 2017

63000 mi

US $300
brake pads 
Chrysler Town & Country in Utah, United States
Jan 2017 - Jun 2017
Feb 2017

87000 mi
Left turn signal was not coming on resulting in EVIC warnings and turn signal flashing rapidly. Replacing the bulb did not work. I removed tape from the electrical harness for the bulb socket, removed the harness and reinstalled it. Problem solved, must have been a loose or bad connection. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Michigan, United States
Dec 2014 - Aug 2020
Oct 2015

27700 mi
replaced sunroof motor and sunroof fram 
Nov 2017

61086 mi

US $1000
replace front & rear disc brakes and rotors 
Aug 2018

68000 mi

US $653
Replace Left rear bearing hub - internal bearing failure 
Chrysler Town & Country in Pennsylvania, United States
Apr 2014 - Jun 2022
Jun 2017

39000 mi

US $139
A/C not cooling. 
Apr 2018

44822 mi

US $100
Rear evaporator, AC expansion valve, Receiver dryer/accumulator, system recharged. 
Dec 2018

47050 mi

US $106
Transmission was replaced. 
May 2019

48000 mi

US $200
AC lines leading to the rear evaporator were leaking and replaced. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Wisconsin, United States
Dec 2012 - Oct 2019
Sep 2017

35000 mi

US $76
ABS/Traction control warning lights on dash. Dealer found cut wire on left rear ABS wheel speed sensor. Cause unknown. Wire patched/fixed by dealer. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Ontario, Canada
Feb 2016 - Jun 2022
Nov 2021

112220 mi

C $100
Rear Drivers caliper stiff and caused intermittent heating of the rotor - replaced caliper with rebuilt 
May 2022

122140 mi

C $125
Left Rear caliper sticky again - inspection noted poor seal in dust boot on previous rebuild - replaced with a new caliper assembly 
Chrysler Town & Country in Virginia, United States
Jan 2018 - Jun 2018
Feb 2018

75000 mi
Complete transmission rebuild. Had new torque converter. Clutch plates burned out. 
Chrysler Town & Country in New York, United States
Nov 2015 - Jul 2022
Jun 2017

88000 mi

US $10
Gas cap gasket failed causing check engine light. Replaced gas cap. 
Jun 2022

139000 mi

US $35
Replaced thermostat because it was getting stuck open. Problem seen predominantly on cold days. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Florida, United States
Aug 2015 - Jun 2022
Nov 2015

30500 mi
Creaking noise when turning the steering wheel. Replaced front struts, mounts, isolator springs and absorbers. Front windows make a grinding noise when going up and down. Replaced window regulators and window motors on passenger and driver doors. 
Feb 2016

37000 mi
Rear lift gate supports are not lifting the door all the way which causes the close button to not work and the lift gate to be low. Brake fluid low causing the BRAKE light to come on while driving. No leak detected. Fluid topped off. 
Jul 2017

58000 mi

US $15
Drivers side windshield washer spray nozzle cracked off just above elbow under the hood which caused it to no longer spray on the windshield. Ordered replacement part 5116079AA for $14.86 and replaced myself. 
Nov 2017

66000 mi

US $52
Passenger side door pillar cover broke off the vehicle while driving down the interstate. Replacement part 5020664AC ordered. Replacement only took a few minutes. 
Jan 2018

68000 mi

US $600
Drivers side front caliper was leaking brake fluid. Both calipers should be replaced at the same time. While the calipers were off I replaced brake pads, rotors, brake lines and flushed brake fluid. Rotors still had plenty of life left, but it was easier to get it all done at once since the system was already taken apart. A family friend mechanic did the work. Total brake job cost $900. Calipers were probably about $500-600 of that. 
May 2018

73017 mi

US $935
Vehicle had a severe rattle from the front left wheel. Dealership found that the tie rod ends were in need of replacement. This was not causing the rattle, but tie rod ends attach to the rack and pinion steering and are important to have in working order for a safe vehicle so they were replaced. Alignment is needed after replacing tie rod ends. Vehicle had a severe rattle from the front left wheel. The problem was found to be a problem with the strut. The strut was replaced and the noise went away. Parts required were 68156980AC strut, 6508274AA hex nut, 4721547AC strut mount, 4721602AB strut mount bearing, 4721581AA isolator spring, 68210979AA isolator spring. Labor cost was waived by service manager. 
Nov 2019

95000 mi

US $2388
When accelerating lightly around 40mph 2000 rpm the engine would surge to 2300 rpm, then drop back to 2000 and repeat. Other non-stable rpm notices at other speeds, but not as major. The check engine light came after experiencing the problem for a few months. Dealer diagnosed as bad torque converter and valve body. Replaced both parts and transmission fluid. $1440 labor. $609 for valve body (Part # R5078723AF). $319 for torque converter (Part # R8070538AC). Transmission fluid part # 68218057AC. Sealer part # 5010884AD. The repair made the vehicle shift smooth again. Not repairing would have led to transmission failure per the service advisor. 
Oct 2020

103651 mi

US $440
Heater hose assembly (y hose) AZ626-315HP was leaking coolant. Required 1.5 gallon coolant to top off. Thermostat housing cracked. Coolant leaking. Replaced thermostat housing. Had to stay at the shop overnight so they could get the part in. 
Oct 2021

117000 mi

US $1000
Transmission was leaking out of two different locations. The transmission had to be removed to be resealed. About $900 labor and $100 for parts. Replace Rear Evaporator Coil - leaking refrigerant. 
Apr 2022

123542 mi

US $4340
Transmission codes P1790, P0735, P0792, P0732. Replaced transmission with remanufactured transmission. Transmission $2828., 5qt ATF+4 $55, 2 Washer $12, 2 Axle Nut $23, Shop Supplies $23, Labor $1102. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Michigan, United States
Jul 2015 - Jun 2017
May 2016

31900 mi

US $100
Oil pressure sensor and maf sensor replaced 
Chrysler Town & Country in Georgia, United States
Dec 2013 - Jun 2018
Dec 2016

36000 mi
oil sensor 
Chrysler Town & Country in Florida, United States
Sep 2013 - May 2014
Apr 2014

23000 mi
Car has a loud pinging noise originating in the exhaust system after the car has been driven enough to heat up the system and then turned off 
May 2014

23000 mi
Traded for a new car because Dealer Chrysler refused to fix the problem 
Chrysler Town & Country in Alberta, Canada
Aug 2013 - Jun 2018
Jan 2016

23180 mi

C $159
Tire pressure monitor 
Mar 2016

33480 mi

C $187
Evaporate leak. Check engine light stayed on till gas cap repair. 
Apr 2016

33680 mi

C $306
Replaced engine light sensor. 
Aug 2017

42160 mi

C $300
Car wouldn’t start, or sometimes not go into gear, traction control warning light on dash. system replaced 
Chrysler Town & Country in Wisconsin, United States
Mar 2014 - Jun 2018
May 2014

3000 mi
faint squeeling noise 
May 2015

6000 mi
#2 Repair passenger front seat passenger side. Said to be a broken "clip" Part ordered and installed week or so later under warranty. 
Nov 2015

13000 mi
oil pressure sensor 
Jun 2018

38000 mi

US $321
Replace HID headiite bulb 
Chrysler Town & Country in North Carolina, United States
Apr 2014 - Feb 2020
May 2015

59600 mi

US $400
Center air vents become closed when fan is on full speed. Air vents were replaced, and problem solved. However, drivers side air vent developed same problem a week after the repair. Have not gone back but apparently a manufacturing defect. 
Aug 2015

63600 mi

US $35
Defective oil pressure sensor. Dealer offered to replace for $330; I purchased part locally for $35 and used instructions on Youtube to effect repair. 
Jan 2016

57000 mi

US $602
Ignition coil for #3 cylinder defective and replaced. Plug was fouled. All six plugs were replaced since intake manifold needs to come off to replace one, and we were most of the way to scheduled replacement at 100K 
Nov 2016

82000 mi
Check engine light revealed code P06DD "Engine Oil pressure control circuit performance/stuck off," right after oil change/filter had been done. Apparently common after filter changes. Cleared code with code reader and it hasn't returned. 
May 2017

90000 mi

US $400
Then the drivers side power mirror stopped working. Return trip is scheduled. Power lock actuator on driver's door stopped working. Unit was replaced. 
Jun 2017

94000 mi
power drivers mirror not working. This was caused by an incomplete repair on the drivers door power lock -- they forgot to plug the mirror back in, and I needed to bring the car back for another day. 
Mar 2018

101000 mi
Check engine light for oil pressure sensor. Cleared code after verifying that oil pressure was reading correctly. This sensor reading always happens a day or two after changing the oil. 
Nov 2018

109000 mi
Check engine light came on. I keep a scanner nearby for this car, and it indicated a failed oil pressure sensor -- the same warning it gives every year or two. Erased the code. The car does provide reliable oil pressure information in the instrument panel, but I get the same warning every 18 months or so, which I subsequently erase. 
Jan 2020

118000 mi

US $50
Negative ground to battery stopped working. New negative wire had to be spliced in. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Illinois, United States
Feb 2015 - Dec 2017
Feb 2015

6000 mi
Engine moans on startup. Dealer unable to fix 
Jun 2017

58000 mi
Replace radio for 10th time. Still failing with same symptoms 
Chrysler Town & Country in California, United States
Nov 2014 - Jan 2016
Jan 2016

29000 mi
Both automatic doors need fixing 
Chrysler Town & Country in Florida, United States
Nov 2014 - Jun 2018
Jan 2016

59800 mi
Left cylinder head was misfiring. Had to be replaced 
Nov 2017

96000 mi
Engine would just stall at low speed or stopped. Sometimes would also not start. They never found what the problem was other than there was a faulty code with an inverter I was using inside the car. I removed the inverter and it was still happening after that. During that time, it was happening almost every day. It has not happened for a few weeks now but since the dealership never did anything, it might happen again who knows. I also heard the new Chrysler Pacifica has similar issues. If you research this problem on the internet, it seems to be a problem that has been there for a long time with Chrysler minivans and Chrysler never addressed it. 
Dec 2017

98000 mi

US $2500
Engine Mounts were broken - Needed to be replaced Thermostat and all cooling pipes 
Chrysler Town & Country in Wisconsin, United States
Feb 2013 - Sep 2016
Apr 2013

1000 mi
Noise from front end during highway travel, dealer traced to bad seal. Needed to order parts. 
Jun 2013

3000 mi
Front wheel bearing replaced. 

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