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2014 Chrysler Town & Country repairs by problem area

Engine (29%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (9%)

Brakes and Traction Control (7%)

Suspension and Steering (5%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (38%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (5%)

Other (5%)

Chart based on 58 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country.

2014 Chrysler Town & Country repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (10%)

$500 - $999 (16%)

$100 - $499 (29%)

< $100 (45%)

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind.

Chart based on 51 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2014 Chrysler Town & Country 4dr Minivan, ext.

283-horsepower 3.6L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Chrysler Town & Country in California, United States
Oct 2013 - Jun 2018
Mar 2018

17000 mi
Parking brake cable snapped; replaced. Memory seat loses memory. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Minnesota, United States
Aug 2017 - Jun 2018
Jun 2018

67500 mi

US $100
Power door lock on Passenger side sliding door quit working. Manual lock works. Power opening/closing door works too. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Texas, United States
Nov 2017 - Jun 2022
Mar 2018

88000 mi
Oil cooler replaced 
Dec 2021

103000 mi
Transmission totally went out, towed to house. As of June, haven't had time to get it fixed yet. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Missouri, United States
Jul 2017 - Jul 2018
Dec 2017

60000 mi

US $240
Replaced the front two tires for being bald and one was flat 
Jul 2018

66000 mi

US $800
Cracked oil container had to be replaced 
Chrysler Town & Country in Saskatchewan, Canada
Oct 2013 - Jan 2020
Dec 2017

115940 mi

C $300
Belt tensioner. Belt was squealing so repaired it before failure. 
Jan 2018

115940 mi

C $600
Leaking from oil filter housing. Had to tear top of engine apart to fix defective part. 
Jun 2018

124620 mi

C $1100
Changed struts Power steering line was leaking 
Chrysler Town & Country in New York, United States
Aug 2017 - Nov 2022
Sep 2018

89000 mi

US $7
Rocker Arm on #5 cylinder (Driver side Intake valve) was "clicking". Turns out the roller shaft was worn out on one side. Replaced rocker arm. Only one rocker arm needed replacing. 
Aug 2021

149603 mi

US $20
Replaced serpentine belt. Old one was OEM and was looking worn. 
Oct 2021

156609 mi

US $328
Front Struts replaced due to leakage (used pre-assembled struts). Also changed sway bar links while I was at it. 
Jul 2022

168000 mi

US $73
Right side parking brake did not release. Replaced Right Rear Caliper and pads on both sides (Left & Right). 
Nov 2022

171580 mi

US $1500
Belt tensioner seized and caused belt to break, which led to destruction of the water pump pulley. Tensioner, belt, & water pump needed to be replaced. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Florida, United States
Aug 2017 - Jul 2021
Apr 2019

36000 mi

US $100
A/C not blowing cold at idle and moving slowly. Dealership replaced valves and re-charged under extended warranty ($100 deductible). Also prolonged cranking during starts periodically. Technician could not duplicate, though observed by service adviser. Told to bring back if problem becomes more frequent. 
Chrysler Town & Country in New Jersey, United States
Mar 2021 - Jun 2022
Jun 2021

88000 mi
car stuck in 2nd gear, would not shift, replaced shift solenoids 
Chrysler Town & Country in Washington, United States
May 2015 - Jun 2022
Jun 2022

50000 mi

US $165
P0652 error. System voltage low. Replaced battery (non AGM) 
Chrysler Town & Country in New Jersey, United States
Aug 2016 - Feb 2022
Dec 2021

39569 mi

US $827
Oil leak, caused by cracked oil filter housing. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Alberta, Canada
Jul 2021 - Jul 2022
Jan 2022

75640 mi

C $1600
Oil filter housing cracked and leaking engine oil 
Jun 2022

77500 mi

C $300
corroded ABS sensor giving traction/stability code error. Repaired/cleaned by shop 
Jul 2022

79980 mi

C $300
replaces pads/rotors 
Chrysler Town & Country in Maryland, United States
Apr 2016 - Jun 2018
Nov 2017

61000 mi

US $300
Thermostat broke/stuck open. 
Jun 2018

64000 mi
Check engine light for PCM came on. Mechanic can’t fix it so we have to wait to go to the dealership 
Chrysler Town & Country in Florida, United States
Dec 2016 - Jan 2022
Apr 2017

54000 mi

US $55
tighten CV joints updated software for hard shift from park to drive or reverse 
Feb 2021

85000 mi

US $450
Chrysler Town & Country in New Jersey, United States
May 2014 - Dec 2017
Dec 2014

6000 mi
control module bad, causing headlight to be out 
Chrysler Town & Country in Pennsylvania, United States
Jul 2014 - Jun 2022
Jun 2016

10000 mi
Oil pressure sensing unit failed. OBD error code PO520 
Mar 2017

13000 mi
UConnect 430N radio software update failed, making radio NAV system inoperable. Replacement radio fails to keep resets. Next trip to dealer to ''flash'' radio still leaves station preset saving errors. Awaiting UConnect call for next steps. Still having problems with radio Profile 2 settings not saving correctly. Dealer & Tech was very helpful but this appears to be an unresolved UConnect software problem that happened as a result of updating the UConnect 430N radio software. Moral of the story - NEVER update software unless you have a specific problem. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Kentucky, United States
Oct 2013 - Jun 2015
Apr 2014

4700 mi
After the car was shut off. The radio was staying on after you exited the car. Some type of switch was replace only after my suggesting it to the mechanic who didn't want to believe me because it wasn't doing it for him.Solution on internt 
Chrysler Town & Country in Alberta, Canada
Oct 2013 - Jun 2018
Sep 2015

45880 mi
Replaced the O2 sensor, car was hesitating while at low idle 
Jul 2017

89280 mi

C $2000
The air conditioning stopped blowing cold air. I took it in and was told there was a leak in the rear a/c. When doing the repair, the shop found the lines seized and I had to replace the lines as well as the rear unit. Works fine now. 
Mar 2018

110360 mi

C $1000
Engine light came on and the thermometer housing was cracked so it was replaced 
Chrysler Town & Country in Texas, United States
Sep 2013 - Jun 2018
Mar 2016

20000 mi

US $350
Replace HID bulb 
Chrysler Town & Country in Saskatchewan, Canada
Jul 2014 - May 2015
Sep 2014

3720 mi
Nav system not working, replaced radio. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Ontario, Canada
Apr 2014 - Sep 2015
Sep 2014

4340 mi
Third row DVD player had noticeable rattle sound. Dealer had to replace the bracket that holds the player in place. 
Feb 2015

6820 mi
Sunroof was leaking, soaked the inside of the roof. Took to dealer who defrosted the vehicle and told us nothing was wrong. 
Jul 2015

12380 mi
Passenger window failed to work properly. Dealer had to open up door panel and replace stuff to make power window properly work again. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Ontario, Canada
Jul 2016 - Feb 2024
Feb 2017

20460 mi
Blind spot sensors not functioning Check engine light remained on. 
Jan 2019

54158 mi

C $145
Driver's seat side moulding had to be replaced. 
Jul 2020

77196 mi

C $274
Replace broken lower radiator hose clamp and replace coolant 
Aug 2020

77500 mi

C $54
Replaced lower right shield. 
Mar 2021

81549 mi

C $814
Remove and replace leaking oil filter housing unit. 
Jun 2022

97340 mi

C $650
Replace module for blind spot detection system. 
Aug 2022

99999 mi

C $581
Air conditioning not providing cold air. 
Sep 2022

101578 mi

C $539
Replace wiring harness for blind spot detection system. 
Sep 2023

120383 mi

C $269
Replace thermostat 
Chrysler Town & Country in Michigan, United States
Sep 2013 - Sep 2015
Dec 2014

17000 mi
Jerky shifting fixed by reprogramming computer. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Ontario, Canada
Jun 2014 - Jun 2018
Nov 2015

10820 mi
Blind spot system became inoperative 
Mar 2018

31000 mi

C $200
Blind spot module failed. Replaced under goodwill warranty by dealer. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Colorado, United States
Sep 2014 - Jun 2018
Dec 2015

26000 mi
Vehicle kept shutting off sporadically while in drive or in park. Starter and alternator were replaced under warranty. 
Chrysler Town & Country in Michigan, United States
Jul 2014 - Mar 2018
Apr 2015

14000 mi
rear vents would not open, the system was disconnected due to a known vent motor issue at the time of purchase 
Dec 2016

54000 mi

US $300
Key fob not operating doors properly 

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2014 Chrysler Town & Country 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

Chrysler Town & Country in Michigan, United States
Dec 2015 - Jun 2018
May 2017

72000 mi

US $750
Compressor Failed 

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