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2010 Ford Taurus repairs by problem area

Engine (16%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (9%)

Brakes and Traction Control (7%)

Suspension and Steering (10%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (25%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (26%)

Other (8%)

Chart based on 315 repairs.
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2010 Ford Taurus engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (0%)

$500 - $999 (0%)

$100 - $499 (9%)

< $100 (91%)

Chart based on 32 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2010 Ford Taurus

Engine not specified

920 mi Raw fuel smell in the drivers cabin. Wrench light on "Limp Mode" operating on 4 cyl not full 6 cyl. The vehicle entered the Ford Freeway Dealership Service Department 5 times and they could not resolve the "Raw Fuel Smell" entering the drivers cabin. The vehicle was been monitored for Combustible Gas detection and results prove positive. 

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2010 Ford Taurus 4dr Sedan

turbocharged 365hp 3.5L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

18000 mi No heat at idle - cause air in system. Replaced Separator Plate per TSB. Plate and gasket assembly. 
10000 mi Cruise control shutting down, transmission appears to hunt for correct gear. Latest event, turned on transmission/AWD error wrench. Went into limp home, which cleared after getting to side of road and restarting. Rest of trip uneventful 
13000 mi

US $60
Recurring problem. Same as above.  
52000 mi Both turbo's leaking oil at seam. 
52000 mi Leaking oil near rear turbo.  
56000 mi Oil leak required second repair attempt. 
56800 mi Rear turbo oil leak. Dealer finally jumped through enough hoops that Ford let them change the turbo. That was really the overall issue. 
52300 mi Transmission sensors replaced 
2800 mi Turbo sensor failed, resulting in very rough driving. Sensor replaced and all is well... so far. 
8000 mi Another dealer was able to identify and make repair that was first reported in April. Dealer performed TSB that resolved the issue with the transmission slipping out of gear. 
23000 mi After thousands of miles with a burning oil smell, out was determined that the front seal was bad. 
5000 mi transmission would seem to be in neutral at a stop and then slam into first gear.Sensor was replaced in trans. This is a known problem--the dealer even has the part in stock. Fix seems to correct problem.  
6200 mi the wires from the air intake sensor became frayed and were shorting out. 
17000 mi

US $300
bank 1 pre cat.oxygen sensor no signal. 
126000 mi shop replaced thermostat two days later blown radiator core, replaced radiator and all hoses 
126000 mi 3 weeks later...both turbos toast. $8000 in 5 weeks. DONE! 
56000 mi

US $300
Missing had to have software upgraded. 
6700 mi 2 Main recurent problems, still unresolved is push to touch start does not work. Car is unstartable w/o a 2nd remote or leaving the car for 6 hours allowing onboard pc's to sleep mode.  Other issue is speed sensor in the tranny. 
10000 mi Buyback. Rough idle issue. First attempt reflashed PCM. Second did spark plugs per TSB. Thirdeplaced fuel injector, coil, wiring harnesses, PCM etc and removed the heads. Total of 74 days. Replaced with a 2011. 
7000 mi Excessively long transmission downshift delay. Reprogrammed module. 
36000 mi replaced ring gear sensor 

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2010 Ford Taurus 4dr Sedan

263-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

7800 mi Capless gas filler not sealing. 
49000 mi

US $25
Bolt broke where the exhaust manifold connects to the catalytic converter. Causing a loud engine noise. Connection repair. 
11000 mi TSB to flash transmission. 
183000 mi coolant in engine oil, dealer diagnosed as blown head gasket, cracked head or failed water pump. Did not have car repaired, debating fixing or salvaging car 
8000 mi Car stalled and bucked after everytime the gas tank was filled. They replaced the gas tank, hoses and vapor valves. After two more fill ups every thing seems to be fixed. 
10000 mi Engine light staying on; Diagnosed bad sensor; Sensor ordered. 
11000 mi Engine light on; part (sensor) ordered in Nov & replaced in Dec. 
12000 mi Same problem with engine light coming on; called dealer and the same sensor replaced as in Dec. 
16000 mi Fluctuating idle; "Check Engine" light and dash "wrench" light activated. Throttle Body - replaced. 
2200 mi Transmission shifting poorly..was told at 1,450 miles I needed to let the transmission "learn" my driving habits more. They reset software to "ground zero" and I am starting from scratch and will see what happens. Wish me luck. 
4000 mi Transmission "slipped" or hard shifted when going from first to second gear at very slow speeds...dealer reflashed transmission and problem seemingly gone (I hope). 
5000 mi Transmission reflash to correct low-speed slip shift 
27700 mi Vehicle exterior lights were flickering, then inside lights when unlocked door opened. Power front seat had moved all the way forward, dash lights flickering too. When push button start (key-less) pushed engine would not start. 
10000 mi Continuing problem of false warning lights and chimes, especially CEL. A couple of loose connectors were finally located during diagnostic testing and dealer consultation with factory engineers. Shortly after reporting what I had hoped would finally be a permanent fix my car was back to the dealer for the same problem. They have actually admitted that this set of problems would most likely never be fixed. 
15000 mi Ford engineer worked on this 18 month old problem. Head Up Display module was replaced. It appears to have now finally been fixed as there have been no recurrances of the check engine light or other warning signals. 

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2010 Ford Taurus 4dr Sedan

263-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed shiftable automatic AWD

96000 mi

US $250
O2 sensor #1 bank 1 threw engine code. This is the sensor between the intake and firewall. I replaced all four o2 sensors. The most difficult was the lower sensor accessed through the RH wheel-well. Had to cut the wires/use a deep socket. 
22320 mi

C $50
Vehicle shut off 2 different times, engine light come on and engine oil light came on,car had to be restarted with button, brought to local dealer and could not find and faults, hard to find a mechanic to diagnose a problem with no codes. 
33660 mi Check engine light on sometimes, car has major ignition knock, dealer diagnosed vacumn leak in booster pump, parts on order car is still driveable for now. 
36580 mi car shuts off seems like after deceleration sometimes, check engine light still on, dealer says car is running lean sometimes and says not o2 sensors, currently has flight recorder installed, we shall see what happens 
37280 mi Check engine light coming on every 3 weeks, finally replaced 2 oxygen sensors and so far so good. Car keeps shutting off at stop light, stop sign, dealer doesn't know why. Car starts right up again no problem. 

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2010 Ford Taurus 4dr Sedan

263-horsepower 3.5L V6 6-speed automatic FWD

13640 mi Starter: car would fail to start, battery fully charged. dealer reprogrammed computer and issue dealt with. 

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2010 Ford Taurus Engine Problems

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