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2012 GMC Terrain Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 2012 GMC Terrain (the Drain) by deetles98



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I don't reccommend this vehicle.

It's yet another GM model we have had significant problems with. First of all, I never cared for the "tinny" flimsy doors, the loud engine, the transmission that shifts very hard when you least expect it(and scares the you-know-what- out of you). For the money we paid for this it feels very flimsy, cheap & is too loud & can idle rough at times.
Car performed alright up until 45,000 miles when it started to shake really bad at red lights, engine light came on & I was lucky enough to get it home. Had to have it towed to the dealer .... dealer had to do a total engine rebuild! Oil was being consumed by the engine due to a mechanical failure & the timing chain was barely still attached. Service dept at dealer did acknowledge this is a problem in these cars. Google search "problems with GMC Terrain" and see all the issues this thing has. I've read many reviews of this vehicle and not very many mention the problems this car has...I can't understand why especially when I run that google search & see so many other people having HORRIBLE issues with it & the Equinox.
I really wish GM would get its head out of it's butt & make a vehicle that doesn't have major issues way earlier than it should. Yes, this was covered by warranty but I do have an extended warranty...I will not buy GM with out it. PLEASE be careful when considering this car for your next purchase...if you do buy it, get the extra warranty (you can haggle the warranty price when purchasing it at the same time of purchasing the vehicle)...otherwise you may really be sorry. I will not by another Terrain or Equinox ever again.

Reviewed: 2012 GMC Terrain

4dr SUV 182-horsepower 2.4L I4 6-speed shiftable automatic FWD

2012 GMC Terrain Horror Story

Tinny, cheap

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