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2002 Honda Odyssey repairs by problem area

Engine (27%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (15%)

Brakes and Traction Control (3%)

Suspension and Steering (24%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (21%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (2%)

Other (7%)

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Chart based on 372 repairs.
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2002 Honda Odyssey electrical repair cost distribution

$2500+ (1%)

$1000 - $2499 (4%)

$500 - $999 (17%)

$100 - $499 (32%)

< $100 (45%)

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Chart based on 71 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2002 Honda Odyssey

Engine not specified

236000 mi

US $25
The cables connecting to the battery were no longer staying on. We had changed the battery out and think it had to do with a small change in the size of the poles. We purchased new cables specifically made for the battery. 
180000 mi wiper motor 

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2002 Honda Odyssey 4dr Minivan, ext.

240-horsepower 3.5L V6 5-speed automatic FWD

219000 mi

US $100
driver window would not operate. Motor replaced. 
184100 mi

US $300
sliding door issues, and lock issues 
157500 mi

US $600
broken alternator took out battery too 
154000 mi

US $400
134700 mi

US $700
A/C compressor, condenser, expansion valve 
118000 mi

US $950
Replace A/C compressor 
205000 mi

US $750
Repair blower fan controller 
175100 mi

US $300
motor failed for sliding door, wouldn't close all the way. 
184000 mi

US $500
Driver's side sliding door wasn't closing all the way. Dealer replaced closing motor, but didn't solve problem. Claims also need to replace connections in door. 
163000 mi

US $3200
An intermittent wiring issue that disabled the power left rear door and the rear heater fan at the same time. The right rear door was okay. Guess is that Tranny fluid got in connector... 
129580 mi Daytime Running Light module failed, had to open it up and re-sauder connections. 
141360 mi Brake fluid level sensor false warning. Tried cleaning it but that didn't completely eliminate the false warnings. 
215700 mi

US $300
Replaced A/C system hose with leak and recharged A/C 
200700 mi

US $15
Right Headlight bulb burned out. R&R'd bulb. 
216000 mi

US $420
Replaced Alternator 
221000 mi

US $12
Right headlight bulb replacement 
222000 mi

US $7
Replaced Battery 
222000 mi A/C Cooling inop 
46523 mi

US $2
Clock light replacement 
11243 mi replaced alternator 
236363 mi

US $47
The passenger window regulator broke and the window would not go up. Bought Carquest replacement from Advance Auto Parts. YouTube repair video by 1A Auto was the perfect guide. Very easy job and took less than 30 minutes. 
190000 mi

US $400
Passenger power window does not work, power door locking system does not work on driver's side door. switch replaced on passenger power window, now works but not from drivers door. Replace drivers door lock actuator, wiring harness from driver's door to car, but power door locking system does not work. Problem likely caused by installation of trailer brake actuation system. 
120900 mi

C $100
Daytime running module was bad, no turning on daytime lights. Replaced the module. 
59000 mi AC needed charging and so my father-in-law and I did it. He had the necessary equipment and coolant. 
60000 mi Bad AC blower 
64000 mi

US $1280
AC compressor went out and snapped a belt. Major repair. 
114940 mi

C $120
alternator stopped charging 
165000 mi

US $300
Starter went bad, replaced 
309000 mi battery and terminals replaced 
166000 mi

US $125
Starter replaced by owner. 
204000 mi

US $214
Alternator replaced, part warranty from Autozone. 
130000 mi

US $530
Sporadically all warning lights would come on (1 week). Alternator went out and left me stranded at an intersection. Would not start, could not put in neutral to push it. Van had to be towed. Replaced alternator and it works fine now. 
134000 mi SRS light has come on several times over the past 2 years. Finally diagnosed as driver seatbelt buckle sensor. Had it replaced free. 
74000 mi Audio control buttons on steering wheel intermittently fail (send wrong signal). Dealer described as a known problem based on a ground fault. Research indicates TSB 03-022. Dealer refused to pursue goodwill warranty, wanted $225 labor to repair. I decl 
86000 mi

US $180
Brake pedal switch that locks out transmission shifter was intermittently failing. Dealer could not replicate, but we decided to replace anyway. Also, the driver's door switch (controls interior lights) had failed. 
148000 mi Steering wheel audio controls worked only intermittently. We just lived with the problem and used the head unit controls. 
133300 mi

C $500
Alternator failed. Car running just on battery. Computer started to act up. 
115000 mi The driver seat belt attachment defective and dashboard SRS light came. Replaced under lifetime warranty. 
167400 mi recharge air conditioning 
217000 mi

US $600
Alternator replaced 
98000 mi

US $70
AC issue diagnosed to be multiplex module problem. Item replaced. 
114000 mi

US $480
driver side window motor replaced 
43400 mi SRS light comes on regularly. Dealer installed shunt as suggested by a TSB, then performed reset of system, but within 15 minutes of driving away the light came back on again. 
44020 mi

SRS light problem resolved by replacing the driver's side seat belt buckle - a common fault for which a TSB exists. 
204800 mi

US $1000
Alternator replaced. 
257300 mi

US $550
New condenser 
258800 mi

US $561
Replaced two AC hoses and re-charge. 
88000 mi

C $165
Ventilation valve replaced. Was only blowing luke warm air when on full heat. 
127000 mi SRS "Supplemental Restraint System" (Air Bag) trouble light. Independent shop referred me to dealer since appears this problem is caused by seat belt switch which should be under warranty. I drove to the dealer once, but they couldn't look at it then. 
186400 mi Horn honking on it's own. Rattling noise in steering column. This was caused by the previous work to replace the airbag inflator under recall. 
187000 mi

US $94
Replace clock lamp. Replaced rear vent motor. Replaced control knob for rear AC 
138260 mi

C $141
SRS light on. Replaced driver's seat belt buckle. 
98580 mi One of the solders in the daytime running light module went bad. Re-soldered it and it fixed it. Got the idea of the problem and solution from the web. Seems to be a common problem, not just to Odyssey but many Honda vehicles. 
145700 mi Power in the whole van faded and stalled the car. Replaced alternator 
186000 mi

US $100
Alternator died and was told that most likely the electrical system damaged as a result. Sold the car. 
75000 mi

US $70
Rear window motor broken. 
81000 mi

US $100
heater fan resistor assembly failed 
89000 mi

US $2000
AC compressor broken, replaced. AC compressor broke. Replaced. AC vacuumed, leak repaired. 
99600 mi

US $600
alternator seized.  
121000 mi

US $200
Drivers window did not operate. Replaced window motor and some other parts. 
132000 mi Smoke from AC system, no cooling. Overpressure, Relay failure, needed compressor, recharge, clutch, coil, relay 
133100 mi L front Power window failed open. Parts replaced 
162000 mi

US $5
Door switch, responsible for turning on the dome lights broke - replaced switch, less than 5 minutes to repair 
176000 mi

US $400
All dash lights came on, battery was losing charge due to failed alternator which was replaced 
65000 mi Diagnosed leak in AC system, ordered part, no charge at this time. 

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2002 Honda Odyssey 4-door

6-cylinder automatic 2WD

91000 mi

US $625
Rear vent motors intermittent, pulled the fuses vs repair at $225 each. Clock light out, 1 hr labor to pull entire dash to replace. Problem minor, cost ridiculous. 
137000 mi

US $10
D4 light bulb out, clock illumination bulb out, replaced both bulbs. 
141000 mi

US $65
AC high pressure hose leak, hose replaced, AC system evacuated and recharged. 
81840 mi

C $200
Power door locks would not work. Found Multiplex unit faulty (i.e. the controller). Parts ordered. Will DIY the repair. 
82000 mi

US $100
Also rear window motor was not operating properly and had to be replaced. 

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2002 Honda Odyssey 4-door

4-cylinder automatic 2WD

191000 mi

US $293
Starter failed. 

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2002 Honda Odyssey Electrical Problems

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