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2011 Honda Pilot repairs by problem area

Engine (13%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (6%)

Brakes and Traction Control (4%)

Suspension and Steering (25%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (23%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (21%)

Other (8%)

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Chart based on 141 repairs.
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2011 Honda Pilot body repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (0%)

$500 - $999 (0%)

$100 - $499 (4%)

< $100 (96%)

Chart based on 27 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2011 Honda Pilot

Engine not specified

27100 mi

US $45
This was for an oil change and to change out an exterior trim piece that fit over the hinges on the rear hatch door. They were poorly aligned when the car was purchased, replaced under warranty. 

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2011 Honda Pilot 4dr SUV

250-horsepower 3.5L V6 5-speed automatic FWD

1000 mi Sunroof was improperly trained so it would not close automatically - you had to hold the button the entire time. It was repaired by retraining the computer to know that correct force required to operate the sunroof. The front bumper was missaligned and had scratched paint of of the bumper and the front fender... 
2000 mi Sunroof draining battery, and not functioning correctly. 
7000 mi Drivers side sun visor would not stay up. 
21000 mi Replaced weather stripping at front of the sun roof as it started falling off. 

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2011 Honda Pilot 4dr SUV

250-horsepower 3.5L V6 5-speed automatic AWD

29340 mi Body panel behind driver's door misaligned, stuck out far enough to have paint damage from dust, sand, etc. The fix required body panel alignment, touch-up paint, and a strip of plastic stone guard to protect the panel. 
19700 mi Chipping paint near driver door kick panel. Will be repainted by dealer at end of July. 
94000 mi

US $250
Large bubbles and delamination on drivers door panel 
13500 mi Repaired the roof gasket. Repaired the roof gasket. 
89000 mi Sunroof drive was binding 
Rattle when driving on roads that have potholes or are not smooth. Thought it was the roof, noticed same sound if I tapped on it. Dealership said it could have been a loose child car seat, they tightened that & the center console clip too. 
12300 mi A-pillar cover was rattling. Basically the plastic cover that attaches to the front right roof support post was vibrating and rattling. Dealer removed and installed insulation behind it. 
19700 mi I put a folded piece of paper between the headliner and the windshield. The noise stopped. Back to the dealer, worked with the mechanic. He removed the sun visor and put some soft foam strips between the metal roof and the headliner. Seems fixed. 
46900 mi This was a 2nd attempt at a repair that was originally a recall notice. Initial repair was preventive. But then within 3 - 6 months I could see rust marks originating from under the center trim piece of the tailgate. 
6820 mi Glove Box rattle. Honda said there may have been a TSB. Repaired at dealership. 
6000 mi Squeaking noise coming from pass side dash area. Tried to locate noise myself. Dealer kept vehicle all day and stated that improper welds from fractory were chafing against dash when accelerating-stopping. Problem appears to have been fixed 
8000 mi Clicking noise when stopping car coming from brake pedal. Noise from dash back again! "spot welds?" Took Honda rep for ride and noticed they all do "it" Not happy with Pilot.  
23700 mi Paint bubbling around chrome trim above licence plate.Dealer repainted hatch,replaced chrome molding. Still need to have creaking dash repaired. Also replaced for second time, steering cable! This truck is a POS. Never buy another Honda! 
27000 mi Problem with clicking from steering wheel is back for third time. Also complained to service manager about creaking noises coming from pass side dash when braking or taking off from stop. Waiting for area service manager from corp. Honda! 
27700 mi Area rep for Honda authorised repair to squeaking dash and steering clicking. Repair appears to be successful at this time. Gave me rental during repairs. Dealer was great to work with. Majestic Honda, Lincoln RI 
5000 mi The sunroof didn't operate properly. I reflashed the software using instructions I found online and the problem was resolved. 
3000 mi Weak spring in moon-roof air deflector. Replaced deflector unit, problem resolved. 
8000 mi Sunroof not automatically closing. Recall. Bad weld/frame creak in passenger side front door frame. 
16000 mi Loud tinging rattle from passenger side airbag area. They tore the dash apart and sound deadened until they got it. 
61000 mi rust through on rear lift gate due to improperly installed trim 
45000 mi Large chrome trim piece on tailgate rusting around both edges & above license plate. Rust forming where trim came in contact with painted tailgate, trim seemed to be "wearing through" paint. Rust 1st showed up after 1st winter. 
50700 mi Tailgate/hatch was rusting YET AGAIN around chrome trim above license plate. Problem is same as Nov. 2012, chrome trim rubbing and wearing through paint and causing very obvious rust at both ends of trim, which then stained tailgate slighty. 

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2011 Honda Pilot Body Problems

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