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2004 Honda Pilot repairs by problem area

Engine (32%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (7%)

Brakes and Traction Control (5%)

Suspension and Steering (19%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (27%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (6%)

Other (3%)

Chart based on 175 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2004 Honda Pilot.

2004 Honda Pilot engine repair cost distribution

$2500+ (4%)

$1000 - $2499 (13%)

$500 - $999 (21%)

$100 - $499 (38%)

< $100 (25%)

Chart based on 53 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2004 Honda Pilot

Engine not specified

26040 mi

C $360
small leak at oil pressure switch, replaced switch, no more leak 

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2004 Honda Pilot 4dr SUV

240-horsepower 3.5L V6 5-speed automatic AWD

171000 mi

US $425
Replaced two ignition coils. 
138500 mi Replaced front motor mount 
178000 mi

US $600
Replaced all motor mounts 
197300 mi

US $150
Leak on fitting in EVAP system. Smoke tested and replaced fitting. 
110000 mi

US $870
Replace two engine mounts. 
128700 mi

US $800
Oil pan screws got stripped and was leaking. Had to replace oil pan and to do so, take off muffler where a bolt was frozen on. Unclear how much dealer at fault. Aluminum pan easily stripped. 
167000 mi

US $2750
Timing belt and tensioner replaced Replaced external drive belt 
106400 mi

US $400
Needed a new heater core when we replaced the timing belt and water pump. 
149000 mi

US $391
replaced front engine mount 
238000 mi

US $350
Accelerator cable sticking 
114500 mi

US $2150
At 114000 miles the engine developed a knock in the bottom end and the engine was replaced with a slightly younger one from a 2005 Pilot with only 82000 miles on it and a 12 month warranty covering parts and labor. 
245200 mi

US $2200
Timing Belts, waterpump, oil change, front and side engine mounts, brakes and rotors, alignment. 
147200 mi

US $500
Valve adjustment 
0.0 mi Throttle Body replaced under warranty Throttle Body replaced under warranty 
104036 mi

C $1545
Timing belt and water pump replacement change rear Diff fluid change Automatic Tran fluid change Throttle Body service Break Fluid Flush replace rear sway bar link 
192000.0 mi

US $160
replaced engine mount 
14.0 mi sluggish acceleration. dealer replaced egr valve. sluggish acceleration. dealer replaced egr valve. 
137000 mi

US $400
2 broken engine mounts 
116560 mi Air cleaner box broke and had to be replaced. 
161000 mi

US $1100
Oil seals leaking; timing belt deemed worth doing at same time as oil seal replacement given labor costs 
172000 mi

US $350
Key cylinder replaced 
110000 mi

US $300
engine mount replaced and labor ignition control switch, the car won't start with the key, need to replace/reprogram the key and the replace the switch 
138000 mi

US $400
Needed to replace the muffler. 
102000 mi

US $500
Need front and passenger side engine mounts replaced. 
77000 mi

US $205
The "D" on the transmission would blink to indicate a problem. The issue was a bad pressure switch and a bad connection at a crank sensor (poor pin fitment). 
124000 mi

US $150
One Motor mount the dealer replaced,  
112500 mi One motor mount I replaced a month later when it too showed it was leaking. 
158000 mi

US $3500
Replace Engine 
177940 mi ignition switch siezed, $500 to tow in & repair. I pulled the cylinder & offending tumblers myself. 4hrs $0 
198400 mi fuel return line rotted out at the coupling under rear passenger seat, after it was replaced, min line leaked as well. replaced line with high pressure noprean to tank under rear seat 
62000 mi

US $350
Replaced hydraulic engine mount. 
63000 mi

US $500
Engine mount replaced. 
88300 mi

US $200
Engine motor mounts have failed and I will be replacing them myself due to the cost. 
106000 mi

US $800
passenger side engine mount 
125000 mi

US $530
Idle air control defective. Replaced and intake cleaned. 
128100 mi

US $525
Front engine mount broken and replaced with new. 
119000 mi

US $40
MIL with idle control code stored. Throttle body and idle air valve was cleaned, and idle relearn performed. 
111000 mi

US $700
Replaced timing belt, water pump, hydraulic tensioner, idler pulley, dry belts, spark plugs as part of 105k mile service. Tensioner was leaking, water pump was not. Idler pulley had significant wear marks. Replaced coolant as part of service 
199400 mi

US $250
Gas mileage low, spark plugs 
120000 mi

US $689
Valves were adjusted to eliminate clicking. Still clicking. 
169200 mi

US $2000
Timing belt either broke or skipped; major valve damage, bent rods, engine is completely AFU. No repair due to cost ~$4500. Update: turned out cost was $2,000, repaired. 
170500 mi

US $114
Alternator bracket broke causing battery not to charge and A/C not to function; local mechanic replaced bracket and reset serpentine belt. 
127000 mi

US $1600
Car jerks intermittently while driving, VTM-4 light and engine light come on and car feels as though it has less power. Diagnosed as a throttle problem, not a transmission problem by dealer. 
215000 mi

US $400
Ignitiion lock tumbler replaced 
88400 mi

US $1100
Timing belt replacement @ 8.5 yrs 
51900.0 mi

US $65
O-Rings for coolant crossover pipe. Honda covered all but the $65.00 cost to me. O-Rings for coolant crossover pipe. Honda covered all but the $65.00 cost to me. 
52000 mi

US $65
crossover pipe O-Rings developed a slow coolant leak 
84000 mi replaced front and passenger side motor mounts 
46226.0 mi

US $245
Replaced leaking coolant passage gasket Replace coolant passage gasket to stop anti-freeze leak Replace coolant passage gasket to stop anti-freeze leak 
85000 mi

US $27
Check Engine light on. AutoZone read code P1457. Replaced gas cap. Light off for a while, then came back on. Suspect failed vent solenoid. 

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2004 Honda Pilot 4-door

6-cylinder automatic AWD

97700 mi

US $50
2 Broken Engine Mounts 

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2004 Honda Pilot Engine Problems

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