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2003 Jaguar XK Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)

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TSB Date Problem Area TSB Text
03/23/17 NHTSA ID: 10096229
TSB ID: SSM51357

Issue: when investigating customer reports for incorrect fuel gauge concerns the dealer technician may diagnose that the fuel senders are open circuit. this diagnosis may be incorrect depending on the multimeter settings selected by the
09/13/16 NHTSA ID: 10079821
TSB ID: SSM-72805

Issue: a customer may raise a concern of their vehicle not passing state inspection in california and there is no warning light or other suggestion of a fault.
04/17/13 NHTSA ID: 10051872
TSB ID: SSM-63697

Jaguar: fuel injector concerns 5.o aj133 gasoline, leading to potential problemssuch as poor running poor fuel economy, hard starting, rough idle, misfires and engine detonation. *js
10/24/08 NHTSA ID: 10026403
TSB ID: S-846

Jaguar: a failure can occur at the outer crimp face of the oil cooler feed pipe/house that leads from the engine to the intermediate connector and return. these conditions can result in the possibility of engine loss and performance. *p
10/15/08 NHTSA ID: 10026283
TSB ID: S-509

Jaguar service campaign: see document search button for owner letter. csc letter was received for models xj and xk, model years 2001-2003. may require an increased effort to tighten sufficiently. replace fuel filler cap with revised desi
09/26/08 NHTSA ID: 10026069
TSB ID: S-509

Jaguar: fuel filler cap difficult to install. check engine mil on - revised fuel filler cap. model xj (x308) and xk (x100).
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07/29/05 NHTSA ID: 10015594
TSB ID: 481

Fuel filler cap difficult to install / check engine malfunction indicator lamp (mil) on - revised fuel filler cap - service action s509.
07/18/05 NHTSA ID: 10015429
TSB ID: 30369

Engine detonation (pinging) when accelerating from steady-state driving, typically at 70 mph.
01/25/05 NHTSA ID: 10011486
TSB ID: 211506

Power steering pump valve bore incorrect maching service action s506. *eh
01/14/05 NHTSA ID: 10011312
TSB ID: 30361

Fuel vapor odor in interior - convertible models only - repair procedure.
01/14/05 NHTSA ID: 10011310
TSB ID: 30366

Engine ping - check long and short term fuel trim - repair procedure.
01/14/05 NHTSA ID: 10011311
TSB ID: 30362

Ticking noise from left side footwell - evap canister purge valve - repair procedure. this bulletin replaced bulletin 303-62, dated 11/03.
01/13/05 NHTSA ID: 10011279
TSB ID: 10023

Drive belt noise after cold start - supercharger - revised drive belt available.
01/13/05 NHTSA ID: 10011268
TSB ID: 211506

Power steering pump valve bore - incorrect machining - service action s506.
01/13/05 Engine NHTSA ID: 10011280
TSB ID: 10024

Buzzing/knocking noise after start or with ignition on - adapative speed control module - repair procedure.
03/13/06 Transmission and Drivetrain NHTSA ID: 10019370
TSB ID: 30724

6 speed transmission - harsh shifts - adaptive shift strategy drive - reprogram tcm & ecm.
09/22/05 Transmission and Drivetrain NHTSA ID: 10016569
TSB ID: 30721

Inability to shift gears - selector lever moves freely through j-gate - repair procedure.
02/28/05 Transmission and Drivetrain NHTSA ID: 10012363
TSB ID: 30713

Driveline clunk/knock when downshifting - zf 6hp26 automatic transmission - repair procedure.
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02/28/05 Transmission and Drivetrain NHTSA ID: 10012362
TSB ID: 30715

Malfunction indicator lamp (mil) illuminating with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0741 (torque converter clutch stuck open) logged in the transmission control module (tcm) and engine control module (ecm). xk8 and xkr 2003.
03/21/17 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10096030
TSB ID: SSM71910

Issue: 2003-2006 xk (x100) vehicles may fail the state inspection in some states which require the completion of the comprehensive component monitor, such as in new jersey. cause: the accelerator pedal demand position sensor voltage is
03/20/17 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10095863
TSB ID: SSM71361

Issue: da-dongle/da-vina/da-st512 - j2534 vehicle communication interface device (vci) software requires updating to the latest level. da j2534 software driver level ¿ v4.0 (must be updated to this level on all sdd machines that use thi
05/13/16 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10065272
TSB ID: SSM71910

Summary to be provided on a future date.
02/25/10 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10032248
TSB ID: SSM-36224

Jaguar: directional indicator operating with the stalk in the central position. if condition is found, replace the directional indicator switch. no model years listed.
04/13/05 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10013219
TSB ID: 50155

Supplemental restraint system (srs) - flash codes & pid code definitions - diagnostics.
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02/28/05 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10012360
TSB ID: 414840

Dead battery - excessive quiescent drain with auto headlamp system on - service action s840.
02/17/05 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10012223
TSB ID: 41706

Condensation build-up in the headlamp assemblies. install revised lens. this bulletin replaces bulletin 417-06 dated 07/03.
02/17/05 Electrical and Air Conditioning NHTSA ID: 10012214
TSB ID: 41705

A build up of condensation in the headlamp assembly. repair procedure. this bulletin replaces bulletin 417-05 dated 12/01.
04/23/18 Other NHTSA ID: 10134968

Jaguar land rover shop foreman conference call
01/29/18 Other NHTSA ID: 10127619

Presentation from dealer shop foreman conference call
03/20/17 Other NHTSA ID: 10095852
TSB ID: SSM63597

Issue: jaguar land rover north america service diagnostics would like to make all sdd users aware of an emerging concern being tracked via the epqr system. users report dvd133 is unable to fully communicate with pcm on legacy jaguar veh
NHTSA's feed only includes summaries. For the full text of TSBs:

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11/07/05 Other NHTSA ID: 10017433
TSB ID: 50158

Head restraint inoperative - drive cable not fully engaged in gearbox - repair method.
03/03/05 Other NHTSA ID: 10012507
TSB ID: 10022

Vehicle specification changes and feature enhancements. product update.

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Jaguar XK TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins)

Some things are often misunderstood about recalls and technical service bulletins (TSBs). Plus a disclaimer.

  1. Recalls do not have to be issued only because something is prone to failure. NHTSA (a government agency) can only require a recall if a failure will affect safety, emissions, fuel economy, or compliance with some other regulation or law. Manufacturers can voluntarily recall cars for problems that do not affect these, though.
  2. Recalls often apply to only some cars of a specific model year, rather than all of them. You should receive a letter from the manufacturer if your car has been recalled. You can also check with the dealer, which will know which (if any) recalls pertain to your car.
  3. The primary purpose of TSBs is to inform dealers about known problems with a car and how to fix them. They are not the same as recalls. As with recalls, TSBs often only apply to some cars, not the entire model year.
  4. Dealers often will not provide a preventive repair just because a problem described in a TSB might happen to your car. They'll usually want to observe symptoms that the problem is already affecting your car.
  5. Even if there are symptoms, a manufacturer doesn't have to pick up the cost of a TSB repair if the car is out of warranty, though sometimes they do.

We provide the text of recalls and TSBs as provided by NHTSA. There can be errors in the text. If you sign up for notifications in My Garage, we will try to get these to do, but for various reasons (some beyond our control) cannot guarantee you will receive them. When in doubt about a recall or TSB, contact the dealer.

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