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2008 Kia Optima Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by fluno24

A member in Massachusetts, United States


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Reviewed: 2008 Kia Optima

4dr Sedan 162-horsepower 2.4L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Why the 2008 Kia Optima?

Reliability & durability

Good general reliability, which is backed by an excellent warranty

Materials & workmanship

Materials,compared to other cars I have owned, seem to be of a decent quality. This is especially true when one takes into consideration the overall cost off the car.

Feature availability

Very good, unless, you prefer the manual. There are no real options available with the manual transmission.

Fuel economy

Decent fuel mileage at this point for a mid-size sedan.

Why Not the 2008 Kia Optima?

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