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2007 Mazda Mazda5 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Owner Pros and Cons by schoolboybrian



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Reviewed: 2007 Mazda Mazda5

4dr Minivan 153-horsepower 2.3L I4 5-speed manual FWD

Why the 2007 Mazda Mazda5?

Exterior styling

Sharp, sporty, compact

Interior styling

versatile, contemporary, great use of small space

Fuel economy

average combined mileage is about 30mpg/9 litres per 100 km

Feature availability

Love the telescopic steering, rain sensing wipers, auto headlights, sliding rear doors with power closers, 17" alloys, foglights and under-seat storage/table.


Agile, sharp, quick, stable for such a short wheelbase

Why Not the 2007 Mazda Mazda5?

Dealer practices

Prices too high, no focus on customer service, too long between parts order and delivery,


Tires howl like a banshee, wind noise at highway speeds

Color choices

I have seen Black, White, Grey and Silver everywhere, but no Blue, only a few Spice Red, two Purple and one antifreeze Green. Ande where are the Fire-engine Red, Yellow, Brown, Orange, and froest Green metallic?

Driving position & visibility

No room on the floor between the gas and clutch for size 11 feet, and visibility out the read is blocked by the headrests and the window pillars.

Reliability & durability

Dash has a high-frequency rattle/buzz on deceleration, accessory belt squeels constantly in the rain, tires are visibly wearing away at a quick rate

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