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2009 Mazda Mazda5 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Family of four plus cargo by SonofThrain



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This minivan is a good upgrade for people who want the benefits of a compact car plus the ability to carry cargo.

Reviewed: 2009 Mazda Mazda5

4dr Minivan 153-horsepower 2.3L I4 5-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Why the 2009 Mazda Mazda5?


This minivan feels and handles very much like a car, smooth and refined. I really enjoy it on long trips.


Mechnically this minivan is quiet, except for severe rear-end rattles as the rear suspension wears out, and a few plastic cabin rattles. Wind noise is high at speed.

Powertrain performance

This van is quick off the line and accelerates smoothly after that, but passing on the highway takes a lot of gas and normally requires a second or two to kick into a lower gear.

Audio & nav systems

I was expecting much worse sound quality, but it does very well with the stock speakers, although the low-end bass doesn't match comparable American cars of the era. The stock stereo has only an audio jack, no USB or Bluetooth.

Interior storage compartments

Storage inside the center seats is very helpful when people have to leave their laptop or other small items in the car.

Why Not the 2009 Mazda Mazda5?

Warranty, maintenance cost

All the Mazda 5 line from the beginning to 2011 seem to wear out the rear suspension frequently, our own vehicle included.


WInd noise on the highway is excessive.

Rear seat room & comfort

The center seats are adequate for tall adults. Judicious positioning of the front and center seats should get you better results than a subcompact. The third-row rear seats are for kids only.

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