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2009 Mazda Mazda5 Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: The only micro-van available, great for small families (number and height-wise) by Timster



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This is a great car for a family with 2 adults and 2 kids. Once you get to 3 kids, the adults better be both shorter than 5'10" or the kids won't be fitting in the back row. Drives like a car, but those rear sliding doors are oh so nice for unbuckling car seats out into traffic.

Reviewed: 2009 Mazda Mazda5

4dr Minivan 153-horsepower 2.3L I4 5-speed shiftable automatic FWD

Why the 2009 Mazda Mazda5?

Exterior styling

It's not a minivan - it's a microvan. Car-like handling with minivan comforts, so they say. The rear sliding doors are a godsend! I can't stand getting young kids out into traffic with a conventional door. Why don't more hatchbacks have sliding doors?

Reliability & durability

No major repairs in the first 6 years/100,000 miles. Bought as a used rental car at 30,000 and have only replaced rear shocks (OEM's leaked out after 50,000 miles).

Why Not the 2009 Mazda Mazda5?

Exterior styling

What's with the debris shield under the engine? Why would a flimsy plastic part protect the engine from anything? Obviously, it doesn't, and broke at around 40k. Wire ties are still holding it together at 100k, but it drags at nearly every driveway transition.

Rear seat room & comfort

Not enough leg room overall in the car. As a larger driver (6'3"), I need to push the drivers seat back. So the kid behind me has to get pushed back. Well the third row can't move back, so I've I'm driving, no one can sit in the third row driver's side and have any leg room. This is the worst for kids in full-size car seats, because the seats position their legs higher and forward of where a small adult's would be with no car seat.


The stock tires (205/50 R17) always look flat at the front. The tire size, recommended pressure, and front end weight just make them always look soft. Also, this size is more expensive in my region, but can be substituted with 215/50 R17 with no rubbing issues.

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