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2020 Toyota Camry Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Wonderfull overall experience. by smac



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Rides like on rails on the highway, super comfortable for my long legs and arms, easy to have room to spread out and move around while on long trips. Very good ergonomic setup. Love the efficiency and low cost of operation. The Toyota hybrid drive train really surprised me as everytime I'm in an auto transmision car I'm amazed at how rough they seem with the shifts.

Reviewed: 2020 Toyota Camry

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2020 Toyota Camry Love Letter

In highway driving in Texas, averaged 50.5 mpg on mixed driving. That drops lower on extended 80+ mph highway trips, usally down to 46-48 mpg. The worst mileage is short stop-go trips in very cold weather, because the heater uses the engine for heat. After moving to Ohio, in winter time I can get as low as 43-45 mpg. In the great Texas snowpocalypse of winter 2019-2020, I drove around 1,000 miles in snow and ice, some very difficult conditions. Got as low as 32 mpg. Driving on remote highways over this snow "hump" left in the middle of the road by big trucks, a huge amount of snow/ice got caught in the plastic underbody panels, pulling them down and causing them to drag, which lead to an interesting visit to a shady mechanic shop with no power and a very suspect "mechanic" who used literally a trench shovel to pry the panels the rest of the way off so that I could get back on the highway.


I am very happy with this car. I especially recommend it to taller drivers looking for roomy space for legs, which is getting hard to find these days.

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