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2010 Toyota Corolla Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: 1st time buyer: long time shopper by Puppypower



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Recently purchased a new car since high school.

Reviewed: 2010 Toyota Corolla

4dr Sedan 132-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2010 Toyota Corolla?

Safety & braking

My previous car was a '98 buick and it had really bad rust and other issues such as the breaks, intake manifold and radiator. I bought this car used when the previous owner had it leased. I test drove a new one to compare them both and the older car was still performing like new. I haven't noticed the break issue yet and I realize that there is a recall on them, but I don't see them needing to be looked at when I don't live in the north where the problem occurs.

Cargo capacity

I especially LOVE the 60/40 fold down seats so I didn't have to buy a truck. I understand the limitations of the capacity of my car and I use it to the best that I can. Not going to be loading up any mattresses or small appliances but I can definitely put some boxes in and a average size flat screen TV or two.


My previous buick had a payment of 120 per month full coverage. Right now with the corolla I'm doing 96 and some change for full coverage. It also (provided I don't wreck it) has a good trade in value still for close to the original MSRP.

Why Not the 2010 Toyota Corolla?


There is currently an issue with some(?) corolla's where you have to do micro-movements on the wheel to keep this in place. There's an actual TSB out on it that can get this fixed however. And plus I have both hands on the steering wheel and I'd like to think I'm more than alert when driving. So yeah there's that.

Price or payments

This may just be a little quirk with me/my location but I could not find it cheaper used anywhere in Texas. I guess on the other side though, it was one of the cheaper Pre-Owned Certified vehicles I was trying to find. Another one was a 2011 Honda Fit asking was 15k but had 40k miles for example. I bought this one for 13.7k (full bumper to bumper coverage for next 4 years) so you can't be too sure.

Controls and instruments

The clock is WAY at the bottom close to the stick and the panel to put in your charger/any other small things like an ipod. i wish this was moved because its a hazard if you want to look. I know its a brief moment but that brief moment can be a deciding factor.


I bought this car because while looking it was the best bang for your buck in probably a 200-300 mile radius. You can't go too wrong with a Toyota. For those who are not fans of toyota/the corolla you'd probably not like this car.

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