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2008 Toyota Corolla Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: My first Toyota and I'm amazed at its reliability (so far) by Donkster



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This is the first Toyota I've owned. I had always heard good things about its reliabilty. I think those things were true. Been driving it almost 5 years and 70K miles and not a single problem. The only problem I've seen is that one of the headlight covers has become clouded - which is ugly, and could possibly be a safety hazard. I don't know why car manufacturers use plastic headlamp covers. They should know by now that they often become cloudy and disfigured. I bought a 75K, 6 year extended warranty with the car and I intend to try to get them to replace the headlamp. I'll report the results on this website.
But other than the headlamp, this has been a totally reliable, worry free car, that still runs like it did the day we bought it.

Reviewed: 2008 Toyota Corolla

4dr Sedan 126-horsepower 1.8L I4 4-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2008 Toyota Corolla?

Fuel economy

Great fuel economy. Have never measured it, but it is sooo much better than our previous minivan.

Interior styling

The placement of the cup holders is simply perfect. Plus lots of little cubby areas and drawers for cd's, sunglasses, etc. Very roomy for a small car. The trunk (it's a sedan) is enormous.


The tires have lasted 5 years and 70K miles (but need to be replaced soon). Compare this with our Nissan Versa which we bought a year later. Its tires needed replacement after 37K miles. Toyota apparently uses a higher quality tire.

Interior storage compartments

As I said previously... there are lots of cubbys and cup holders, and they are perfectly placed.

Reliability & durability

As I said before... the reliability and durability of this car has amazed me so far - 70K miles and 5 years.

Why Not the 2008 Toyota Corolla?

Exterior styling

The only bad thing I have to say about this car is that they used plastic headlamp covers. These are notorious for getting disfigured and clouding up - which has happened to one of mine (oddly not the other one). :-)

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