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2004 Toyota Sienna repairs by problem area

Engine (25%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (5%)

Brakes and Traction Control (4%)

Suspension and Steering (19%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (24%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (6%)

Other (15%)

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Chart based on 474 repairs.
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2004 Toyota Sienna electrical repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (10%)

$500 - $999 (16%)

$100 - $499 (32%)

< $100 (42%)

Chart based on 106 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.

2004 Toyota Sienna

Engine not specified

39000 mi

US $2000
Also both seat heaters failed. 
41000 mi Changed brake light bulb. After changing a brake light bulb, van went into shut down mode. Nothing would work and all repair lights came on. Sent to shop and told it was repaired. Brake lights still not working due to missing fuse. Fault of shop. 

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2004 Toyota Sienna 4dr Minivan, ext.

230-horsepower 3.3L V6 5-speed automatic FWD

106020 mi

C $800
Power door failed - 2000 to repair, so forget it.  
124000 mi

US $122
A/C stopped blowing cold air wwhich was fixed with a Freon recharge. 
135000 mi

US $50
R134a Recharge-did it myself. 
163900 mi

US $1500
Replace compressor, AC switch and refrigerant recharge. 
168000 mi

US $119
The magnetic clutch relay for the AC went out. 
220000 mi

US $58
Replaced relay for air conditioning. This was the *first* out of warranty non-maintenance repair for this vehicle! 
108000 mi

US $300
Passenger side sliding door would not respond to automatic open/close unless manually forced. Driver side sliding door did not respond to full car lock/unlock, had to be (un)locked manually. 
108700 mi AC has stopped working. This trip was diagnostic. Turns out it's the compressor. Repair trip scheduled. 
81220 mi

C $150
rear window defroster. 
81220 mi

C $770
Air conditioning failure. System was fully charged, but not blowing cold. Electrical wiring problem. 
99820 mi

C $300
Replaced air conditioning magnetic clutch relay. 
61000 mi Parking Sonar Stopped Working - Alarm Sounds - All the Senors Positions Flash Red Not Repaired at this time Radio/Stereo Screen Shows Black Boxes 
131000 mi

US $1050
Replaced A/C compressor 
117500 mi

US $12
Replaced both headlight bulbs after one burnt out. 
195000 mi

US $20
Replaced both turn signals after driver's side burnt out. Driver's side turn signal is very difficult to get to because of tight clearance with fuse box. 
250000 mi

US $286
Diagnose lack of A/C and recharge, $216 
60000 mi

US $365
Rear View Camera Defective. 
176200 mi

US $900
rear AC system not working 
188000 mi

US $800
Rear window not working 
96000 mi

US $890
It was a Heater box problem. The motor that opens and closes the door to the heater box burned out and therefore the foor would not operate. No warm air would go to the driver's side of the car. 
121700 mi

US $600
Wire short & compressor went bad. 
128000 mi

US $130
replaced 6yr old battery 
111300 mi

US $400
AC Relay Replacement 
23000 mi Air conditioning performance was poor. Technician found some defective hose assemblies and replaced. Warranty Repair. 
191000 mi

US $500
Rear driver-side sliding door lock actuator malfunctioned, causing power door to not work with interior button. Took apart and replaced a very small, hard-to-access $10 actuator motor. 
225000 mi

US $500
Compressor needed to be replaced 
208000 mi

US $275
A/C not working, was recharged following dye test and two valves replaced. Drove ~500 miles and stopped working. Had to be recharged 2Xs more on cross country road trip. Will be taking in for big repair soon. 
130000 mi

US $80
AC was working intermittently. AC was 3/4 lbs low. 
140000 mi

US $100
Broken A/C Relay switch replacement 
155000 mi

US $160
Air-conditioner relay switch failed causing air conditioner to stop working. 
120000 mi

US $75
Would not crank, replaced alternator 
120700 mi

US $150
Part that controls clutch wouldn't engage 
158350 mi

US $45
Freon leaked and leak fixed. Freon recharged 
94400 mi driver side sliding door can not be remotely lock and unlock. 
95000 mi the lock of diver side sliding door doesn't work anymore. cost is too much, so give up the attempt to repair. 
130500 mi

US $230
Leak in the air conditioner system was repaired and the ac system charged. 
116300 mi The automated door track & motor for the passenger door was replaced as part of a recall. 
91000 mi

US $700
Bad power lock motor on sliding door. 
78740 mi Power lock on passenger rear-sliding door will not work. Manual locking/unlocking still fine. Power actuation of the lock has failed. Part costs over $600 plus labour to open up door. Will not fix given this very steep price. 
52080 mi Passenger power sliding door malfunction resulting in inability to open or close the door - including manually. I cut the drive cable which then allowed manual operation of the door. Parts unavailable at the time of the scheduled serviec trip to dealer. Dealer replaced drive motor & cable for passenger sliding door at no cost. Although original warranty had expired for this item dealer found a Toyota WAB (unsure of acronym or meaning) which covered 100% of costs (parts & labour). Would have been costl 
60760 mi

C $30
driving light - drivers side 
72540 mi

C $50
Recurring problem with drivers side driving light (not the headlight). This about the 4th time the bulb has been replaced so I suspect it is getting wet somehow. The peculiar thing is that there is no visible condensation around the bulb 
76880 mi

C $100
driver's side running light replaced - 5th time I believe since we purchased van new in 2004 
146000 mi Replaced AC Compressor and condensor, evacuated system and recharged. 
159000 mi

US $135
Replaced starter 
116000 mi Passenger Side Sliding Door Power Window stuck in down position. Broken switch tab on Driver Door Power Window Switch assembly. Driver Door switch assembly modified to prevent operation of of that window by driver, normal operation at PSSD/PW switch. 
150000 mi

US $221
Driver door lock motor intermittant. Replaced door lock assembly. 
165000 mi Unequal AC cooling driver(warmer) vs passenger side. Removed panels to observe/test AC system. Control and dampers working properly, assume probable low refrigerant issue. To be checked/resolved at independent shop.  
181000 mi

US $97
Poor AC cooling on drivers side and dehumidification. Old issue addressed. Remaining system charge was 50% of minimum spec charge. Leak test passed, just general bleed out over 7 years in service. Recharged system to max charge. 
188000 mi

US $21
AC Clutch relay failure, replaced. 
192500 mi Front passenger side window stuck down. Cracked switch on drivers door. Bypassed driver door switch. Window operational from passenger side. 
211300 mi

US $60
Right outside tailight capsule damaged during removal for bulb replacement, replaced assembly. 
222000 mi

US $535
Stalling AC Compressor, replace compressor. 
223400 mi Replaced AC Compressor noisy, replaced with another suppliers unit. 
237500 mi

US $144
Alternator output intermittent. Replace alternator and serpentine belt. 
48000 mi

US $670
Power sliding door had an accessory motor failure that affected remote operation. The power door would work if the exterior handle were manually tugged upon, but not if an interior button or key fob button was pressed. 
99000 mi

US $1000
Alternator broken and not able to charge a battery purchased earlier this year. 
42000 mi failed to fix the sensor on the rear hatch. had to replace entire electric motor 
76000 mi

US $1450
automatic sliding door motor and cable 
18 mi Replaced second row captain's chair seat belt receptacle. 
54000 mi

US $115
New battery 
78000 mi Rear gate lifters would not lift gate 
100000 mi

US $2000
Cable on R slider door snapped. Motor, actuator and door bracket replaced. 
199000 mi

US $430
Starter failed, replaced. Starter failed, part replaced Starter failed, replaced. 
91000 mi

US $420
Starter did not engage. Starter motor spun-up, but bendix failed to engage starter in flywheel. Starter replaced. 
115300 mi

US $570
Clock spring failure. (airbag lighton, no horn, no steering wheel radio controls) 
99300 mi

US $1100
Failed door lock actuators. One on passenger front door, and one on driver's rear door. 
39000 mi Motor for passenger side door is defective. There is a TSB for it, only if the part dies before 3yr/36k. It's about $2500 to repair the automatic sliding side door! 
41000 mi

US $100
Right passenger sliding door jammed in close position because of defective motor. When door was opened, I saw the broken motor--a Toy-car-ota bulletin was made, but only covered the 3 yr/36000 mile period. My door broke about 4 yrs after purchase. 
74000 mi

US $572
DVD player screen. 
88000 mi

US $155
Passenger side A/C temperature actuation door. 
90000 mi

US $36
Driver side fog light. 
92000 mi

US $356
Driver side electric door lock actuator. 
114000 mi

US $375
DVD Screen replace , second time in 3 yrs. Audiovox noted problem 
124000 mi

US $330
AC did not blow cool air. 
66000 mi Right power sliding door went out. The dealer replaced the hinges, motor, etc. on the door. This is the third time this has happend over the life of the car. The service dept. said there is an updated part that is more reliable then the origional. 
118000 mi AC lost charge, clearly has a slow leak. Recharged and will monitor 
36000 mi Radio/Headunit replaced due to inoperable cd player. - ordered part Radio/Headunit replaced due to inoperable cd player. 
137000 mi

US $500
Air conditioner wasn't working. Mechanic advised compressor was bad, needed to be replaced. He ordered the part and replaced it the following day. 
253000 mi

US $325
Removed and replaced air conditioning compressor and condensor core. 

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2004 Toyota Sienna 4dr Minivan, ext.

230-horsepower 3.3L V6 5-speed automatic AWD

105000 mi

US $200
Power sliding door cable. Power sliding door solenoid. 
124000 mi

US $400
AC Compressor replacement. 
127000 mi

US $5
Power sliding door solenoid. 
116600 mi

C $828
Blower motor in ventilation system making a noise. 
131300 mi

US $85
Driver side power window switch 
129000 mi

US $200
Power sliding doors not working with buttons 
149000 mi

US $15
Replaced little motor in actuator. Rear sliding Door wouldn't open with buttons only manually 
125000 mi

US $150
Bad washer on connection to condenser. Part replaced and recharged. Good since then 
5405 mi Replaced center row seat belt assembly that stopped retracting again. Relubricated door seals due to rattle/clicking of seals against windows over bumps. Covered Under warranty. 
36000 mi passenger sliding door failure - needed a whole new mechanism. tires wore down prematurely - need to put 3rd set of tires on at 37,000. 
86900 mi

US $100
Power sliding door broke and would cost 1200 to repair. Would not cover under extended warranty despite have replaced every other part of that same door over the years. 
81220 mi

C $10
No A/C, found puncture in condenser from small rock, patched with JB Weld. Seems to work holding 25 lbs pressure. 
20500 mi repaired daytime running lights, alignment for the 3rd time 
36000 mi

US $1500
repaired the laser cruise control- did not register other vehicles 
45000 mi

US $800
Laser cruise control does not work any longer. Cost $1200 to fix so we said "No thanks".  
98000 mi

US $25
Replaced overhead console light bulb for $5/each totaled $25 (all 5 light were out). 
143000 mi Laser sensor for cruise control failed. Unable to calibrate. Was damaged apparently during previous body work to bumper. Body shop paid for labor. Not repairable. 
201000 mi

US $1000
Front passenger seat warmer no longer works Since the shop tried to fix the passenger seat warmer, the front dash now clicks rhythmically off and on when car is on 
148000 mi

US $1679
AC failed. Replaced compressor.  
178000 mi

US $158
A/C not cooling. System Recharged might be signif leak. 
122000 mi

US $1400
A/C failure at least once per year for the past 3yrs on a row with cost from $800-$1400 for last repair. 

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2004 Toyota Sienna 4-door

6-cylinder automatic AWD

19000 mi The daytime running lights do not work. They have been unable to fix it three times. I need to take it back in again when they can talk to Toyota corporate. 
21000 mi Daytime running lights did not work. This was the 4th visit to get them repaired, but the dealer was unable to figure out how to repair it. 

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2004 Toyota Sienna 4-door

4-cylinder automatic AWD

54000 mi

US $900
CD player not working 

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2004 Toyota Sienna Electrical Problems

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