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2010 Toyota Sienna Pros and Cons at TrueDelta: Good value van to move people from A to B. by erwinsantoso



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Since I bought this car used, I feel that this is a very good value van. I believe there's still a lot of life of this car while the price was really enticing. The ride is very smooth without minimal compromise of maneuvaribility compared other minivans. Although the rear room is slightly smaller than Odyssey, I wouldn't think this is a deal breaker, unless you have family of 7 or 8. The only complain that I might have with this car is the way they design the stuff such that it would be harder for DIY-er to maintain the car: engine air filter is located in an enclosed placed that it took a while to change it; changing oil filter is messier than I'm used to; spare tire underneath body is harder to reach than usual.

Reviewed: 2010 Toyota Sienna

4dr Minivan, ext. 266-horsepower 3.5L V6 5-speed automatic FWD

Why the 2010 Toyota Sienna?

Ride smoothness

I used to own an 2007 Odyssey. I felt that Odyssey was smooth. But this Sienna is even smoother.

Reliability & durability

Toyota is perceived to produce reliable cars. I'm hoping this one proves right.

Front seat support & comfort

The Sienna LE that I have has full power driver seat which proves to bereally goodfor my back pain.

Fuel economy

This 2010 Sieanna consumes roughly 10-20% less gas than the 2007 Odyssey I used to own.

Why Not the 2010 Toyota Sienna?

Controls and instruments

Some control design seems odd. The cruise control stick is not ideal; I occasionally hit it whenever I do maneuver. The audio dials are not as big as I'd like to happen; bigger dials should help reducing driving distraction.

Interior storage compartments

I think it should add 1 more cupholder by the driver side. Also, I miss the under-the-floor compartment on 2007 Odyssey I used to have.

Materials & workmanship

The interior material feels cheap compared to Honda.

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