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2002 Toyota Tundra repairs by problem area

Engine (30%)

Transmission and Drivetrain (14%)

Brakes and Traction Control (13%)

Suspension and Steering (27%)

Electrical and Air Conditioning (5%)

Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (2%)

Other (9%)

Chart based on 56 repairs.
See TSBs and recalls for the 2002 Toyota Tundra.

2002 Toyota Tundra repair cost distribution

$2500+ (0%)

$1000 - $2499 (11%)

$500 - $999 (13%)

$100 - $499 (49%)

< $100 (26%)

Chart based on 53 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance.
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2002 Toyota Tundra

Engine not specified

Toyota Tundra in Vermont, United States
Apr 2012 - May 2012
May 2012

210000 mi

US $100
Left rear axle seal, brake shoes and hardware 

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2002 Toyota Tundra 4dr Extended Cab 6ft bed

245-horsepower 4.7L V8 4-speed automatic RWD

Toyota Tundra in Washington, United States
Feb 2013 - Dec 2015
Apr 2013

79200 mi

US $220
Replaced oxygen sensor 
Toyota Tundra in North Carolina, United States
Jul 2014 - Apr 2017
Jun 2016

220000 mi

US $600
Truck wouldn't stay running immediately after starting. Took it to a shop and had to replace the spark plugs and a couple coil packs. Also had the throttle body cleaned as well as some normal maint. like drive belt and air filter replaced. 
Toyota Tundra in Florida, United States
- Oct 2011
Oct 2011 Transmission replaced, paid by insurance 
Toyota Tundra in Texas, United States
Sep 2011 - Apr 2017
Apr 2017

94000 mi

US $1100
Replaced radiator, timing belt, thermostat 
Toyota Tundra in California, United States
Sep 2011 - Aug 2015
Oct 2013

91300 mi

US $300
Brake pump and master cylinder were both failing; both replaced. 
Toyota Tundra in Ohio, United States
Sep 2011 - Oct 2014
Mar 2014

82000 mi
ignition switch was hard to operate. They took it apart and lubricated. Had to have new key made. 
Jul 2014

83000 mi
Steering (power) rack corroded and leaking fluid 
Sep 2014

85000 mi

US $100
Bad coil was replaced 
Oct 2014

85000 mi
steering rack leaking fluid. Toyota is aware of this problem caused by corrosion but is not extending warranty as it did previously with the frame corrosion issues. 

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2002 Toyota Tundra 4dr Extended Cab 6ft bed

245-horsepower 4.7L V8 4-speed automatic 4WD, part-time w/low range

Toyota Tundra in Minnesota, United States
Sep 2011 - Jun 2013
Jul 2012

147500 mi

US $170
hood latch and lock failed, requiring replacement 
Oct 2012

150500 mi

US $120
Check engine light caused by failure of vacuum hose. Heater box blend door seized. Replacement estimated at $1836.86. Mechanic knocked door over to heat side for winter. Will require knocking back in spring. 
Toyota Tundra in Nevada, United States
Sep 2007 - Sep 2017
Aug 2007

78911 mi
Flat repair 
Sep 2008

93247 mi

US $500
Front brakes - new prem rotors, pads, calipers  
May 2011

123777 mi

US $240
Replace windshield 
Jul 2011

126775 mi

US $100
New camper shell window 
Jun 2015

143000 mi

US $1900
Replace rack & pinion Replace shocks & struts all 4 corners. LF strut broke 
Aug 2015

143600 mi

US $1475
Power steering belt, pump, tensioner 
Toyota Tundra in New Mexico, United States
Dec 2015 - Jun 2017
Nov 2016

40700 mi

US $120
shocks replaced 
Toyota Tundra in Minnesota, United States
Sep 2011 - Jun 2017
Jan 2012

337000 mi
cv boot 
Mar 2015

338000 mi

US $45
replace serpentine belt 
May 2016

341000 mi

US $200
rebuilt alternator 
Toyota Tundra in Maine, United States
May 2012 - Dec 2016
Jul 2012

121500 mi
Leaking front axle seal replaced 
Jul 2013

127000 mi

US $750
Both front calipers seized, requiring replacement of entire front brakes (calipers, rotors, pads). Seeping oil leak in rear differential housing (axle) due to excessive rust. 
Toyota Tundra in Wisconsin, United States
Sep 2011 - Jun 2014
Jan 2012

171200 mi

US $500
The parking brake cables and bellcranks were frozen and needed replacement. Likely from non-use prior to owning vehicle. 
Oct 2012

169700 mi

US $400
Had my third failed caliper in 14 months. Replaced the front right caliper which was replaced 14 months ago. The front left failed 9 months ago. 
Apr 2013

176800 mi

US $450
Caliper stopped working on front drivers side. Both front calipers have failed twice in 2.5 years. Most recent time brake lines were replaced to calipers. Hope brake line replacement fixes issues. 
Nov 2013

188000 mi

US $150
Had to replace the coupler that connects the steering shaft to the rest of the steering system 
Dec 2013

191000 mi

US $15
Nuts that held the post cat O2 sensor in place on the drivers side rusted off and O2 sensor came out. Was able to fix by buying a new gasket and nuts. The studs were in near perfect condition and just need a die nut run over them to clean. 
Mar 2014

195000 mi

US $140
Lower balljoint on drivers side needed replaced 
May 2014

195000 mi

US $185
Almost had an electrical fire under the dash. Despite trip to shop, nothing was found to be the smoking gun despite the cab partially filling with smoke and the sound of crackling when vehicle was shut off. 
Toyota Tundra in California, United States
Dec 2011 - Jan 2012
Jan 2012

87000 mi

US $1500
O2 sensor went out 
Toyota Tundra in Kansas, United States
Sep 2014 - Sep 2016
Jun 2016

225000 mi

US $200
Brake caliper pistons frozen 
Toyota Tundra in Maine, United States
Sep 2011 - Jun 2017
Dec 2011

65000 mi

US $65
Corrosion on the rear differential cross member. Extensive rust. Used the product POR-15 process which involves prepping the area with solution and using a paint bush covering the rear differential area with a thick coating of POR-15. 
Dec 2013

73000 mi

US $220
Leaky transmission oil pan gasket. Repair shop removed pan a resealed the pan. 
Jul 2014

86300 mi

US $962
Steering rack was leaking fluid. Steering rack had to be replaced with non OEM part replacement. 
Jun 2015

98000 mi
I asked the dealer to replace the entire exhaust aft of the catalytic converter due to age (13 years) and rust condition of those parts. But they only replaced the muffler. 
Aug 2015

99400 mi
Dealer only replaced the muffler earlier. So I had to reschedule another service to replace the resonator and associated piping, including the mid-pipe. 
May 2016

104600 mi

US $177
Right front CV axle boot torn, slinging grease. Axle replaced with non OEM part. 
Jun 2016

105000 mi

US $877
Shocks and struts were getting too bouncy for smooth highway travel. Replaced front struts and springs. Replaced rear shocks with Monroe parts. 
Sep 2016

106000 mi

US $161
Left CV axle boot torn and slinging grease. Entire left axle replaced. 
Dec 2016

108000 mi

US $1178
Steering rack failed. Replaced steering rack, pressure hose, fluid. Alignment 
Mar 2017

110000 mi

US $316
Right front stab bar link broke in half. Preventively replaced the left side as well. 

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2002 Toyota Tundra 4dr Extended Cab 6ft bed

190-horsepower 3.4L V6 4-speed automatic RWD

Toyota Tundra in California, United States
Mar 2013 - Jun 2013
Apr 2013

38200 mi

US $1800
Replaced universal gear. It seemed like a metal washer was missing from the original 
Toyota Tundra in North Carolina, United States
Mar 2014 - Jun 2017
Mar 2015

154000 mi

US $450
Radiator leaking 
Jan 2017

US $125
Replace battery 
Jun 2017

174000 mi

US $240
replaced front pads, resurfaced rotors, cleaned rear brakes 

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2002 Toyota Tundra 2dr Regular Cab 8ft bed

245-horsepower 4.7L V8 4-speed automatic RWD

Toyota Tundra in Texas, United States
May 2015 - Aug 2015
May 2015

169000 mi

US $500
Rear o2 sensor went out and needed to be replaced. 

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2002 Toyota Tundra 2dr Regular Cab 8ft bed

190-horsepower 3.4L V6 4-speed automatic RWD

Toyota Tundra in Delaware, United States
Sep 2011 - Dec 2016
Mar 2012

97000 mi
Oct 2012

99200 mi

US $150
Feb 2016

128000 mi

US $120
Spark plugs and wires replaced 
Mar 2016

129000 mi

US $90
anti sway bar connection rusted trough 

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